Gen. Wesley Clark goes for the jugular on the specifics of McSame’s military record

4-star General and NATO Commander Wesley Clark questioned McSame’s war experience this weekend on whether he was really qualified to run for the presidency. So McBush chickens out on answering the American people about his lack of judgment and recruits Bud Day of 2004 Swift Boat deception infamy to assault the military veteran (I’ve heard he’s creating a new group called “Truth Squad”). And you bet Day would politicize Vietnam in his attack. “General Clark spent a month in Vietnam, got badly wounded and was evacuated, that was his experience. I say let’s hold the two of them up and compare them.” Well, Clark realizes something McSame has failed to and it is that his compassion is so great that he understands how damaging war is to the psyche of the American trooper. 3-4 endless tours to Iraq to perpetuate an endless invasion for the Administration’s evil deception and greed for oil. Not to mention that McBush wants to continue the failed policy of sending lawless, Wild West-oriented mercenaries and contractors, Blackwater USA, to murder Iraqi families on the streets and McBush wants to continue the Administration’s policy of paying the contractors 3x more than our soldiers- to the detriment and neglect of our homeland and our ports (which are being sold to foreign countries)in a 3rd Bush term. All while the neo-cons totally ignored the war in Afghanistan and lied to the American people about who really attacked us on 9-11, which wasn’t Saddam, it was Osama bin-Laden. And did Bush capture bin Laden? No, he doesn’t even talk about it. He’s a liar with flawed and corrupt judgment, and so is his cabana boy, John McSame! Keep fighting and putting the heat on him for the American people, General Clark!

The GI Bill passes the House overwhelmingly, beating a Bush veto, and McCain was far away from it.

A few days ago in the Senate, McCain not only did not vote for the GI Bill to provide education opportunity and affordability to our troops he stayed away from its voting session. It passed so overwhelmingly it beat an attempted Bush veto. Obama voted for it and tried to hold McBush accountable to his refusal to vote for our troops’ opportunity towards more affordable education for serving our country. McCain proceeded to attack Obama for not having a military service background, even though our past presidents, Reagan and Abraham Lincoln, have never served in the military. It sounds like a pompous attack to me to judge someone who holds you accountable for not considering the hardships and struggles of our troops by not voting for their education and then to attack a rival for not having a military service background. I think he is too focused on himself to care about anybody, let alone the troops.

Former insider/White House Press Secretary Scott McClellan exposes Administration lies in new book

Breakthrough: Former White House Press secretary/Bush insider and inner circle member Scott McClellan exposes and reveals deception by the Administration in his new book, What Happened. He personally accuses and points out that Republican campaign architect Karl Rove and Vice President Dick Cheney forced him to lie on the podium to the press and tried to push a “propaganda war.” This man is a part of the Texas crew of insiders and loyalists closest to the president. He doesn’t accuse President Bush directly, but he says that Bush’s advisors helped push hard for going directly to war with Iraq under false pretenses and no WMDs. He also talks about how Katrina was the most devastating thing to happen to the Bush Administration’s credibility, because he explains how for weeks they were under a state of denial about it. This bombshell will definitely influence what happens during the presidential election. This damages the “Victory” and “Never Surrender” platform Bush-McCain is trying to peddle in the race. This is a history-making event: This book will ultimately define Bush’s legacy in history books in the future. The Administration, Karl Rove specifically, is scrambling to dismiss and label McClellan as a disgruntled ex-employee and sweep this landmark incident under the rug, but this will permanently follow them from now on. Meanwhile, McCain is having secret meetings with Bush hoping the press won’t notice his attachment to him and need to have him push for him.