November 30, 2011

Police rousted Occupy Philadelphia yesterday arresting fifty people.  Perhaps if Mayor Nutter had taken some time to visit with and listen to, those camped outside City Hall he’d be more compassionate about their issues and concerns.  People have a constitutional right to assemble, speak and have redress of their grievances.  There are no limits on those rights.

Occupy Los Angeles was also routed by police.  People need to begin acting to recall or replace every Mayor working to protect the 1%.

One of Rush’s callers called him a “brainwashed Nazi.”  Correction:  Rush is the brainwasher, not a brainwashee.

A new NLRB rule requires all employers to display a poster detailing worker’s rights.  To listen to the right wing you’d think informing workers of their rights is dangerous:

Steve Welch, a former Democratic supporter, has a “mockumentary” aimed at Bob Casey.  Welch is one of a myriad of candidates running for Casey’s Senate seat.  The mystery of this video is how Bob Casey could have been born in Kenya to socialistic parents, something widely believed by moronic Pennsylvania Republicans.  If he and Obama were separated at birth that would have to be true wouldn’t it?

Rumors say Sen. Dominic Pileggi may also jump into that crowded field.

A Judge has blocked “pro life” license plates in North Carolina.  I wonder if everyone who would display such plates is against the death penalty?

Former Philadelphia schools superintendent Arlene Ackerman has applied for unemployment.  Considering her $900,000 severance package this is the height of arrogance.  She also would be ineligible for benefits until that severance deal runs its course.

Congressman Joe Pitts is the latest to get mic checked at a town hall:

Rep. Jennifer Mann announced she is not running for re-election next year in Allentown.  She has served 13 years and ran for statewide office.  I expect we’ll be hearing much more from Ms. Mann in the future.

The Liquor Control Board has reversed its long standing policy against Pennsylvanians having booze and wine shipped to their homes.  For many years the people of Pennsylvania have desired to be able to order wine from suppliers from out of state.

The first lawsuit has been filed against Jerry Sandusky, Penn State and The Second Mile.