Random Thoughts

A new woman has come forward claiming a 13 year affair with Herman Cain.  No word from Mrs. Cain but Herman says it is no one’s business if he committed adultery.  Say what you want about Newt’s serial adultery but at least he married them.

Tobey Maguire is returning money he won fair and square in a gentleman’s poker game.  Just because some fool lost hundreds of thousands in high stakes poker doesn’t mean he (or his estate) doesn’t honor their debts.  If you can’t risk losing you shouldn’t be playing.  There’s no evidence any of the players knew he was losing money he’d stolen in a Ponzi scheme so why should they have to repay investors?  Is nothing sacred any more?

Barney Frank isn’t seeking re-election next year.  This frees him up to accept unlimited bribes from Wall Street banks.

A judge has rejected a $285 million settlement against Citibank.  He thinks it isn’t sufficient and that the public should be informed what the bank did, this time, to get such a slap on its wrist.

What idiot would claim there’s no such thing as income inequality?  This one:

There are so many absurdities on this spiel one hardly knows where to begin.  Teachers “are allowed to exist?”  News flash:  we don’t need stock brokers in order to have teachers.  Without teachers those morons on Wall Street wouldn’t even know how to add and subtract or how to commit massive fraud.

A gay couple on layover in Denver were called “faggots” by a United Airlines supervisor.  Don’t fly United folks.

Bob Casey aggressively courted the gay community in 2006 despite a career of gay bashing.  He promised he’d seen the light and would support equality.  Now it’s time to pay up on the DOMA vote.  We’re watching Bob.