Congress’ UnAmerican Detention Bill

1984 is headed our way if a bit late.  Already living in a surveillance state where we are on camera everywhere we go and where we readily surrender all of our privacy in exchange for a few cents off purchases, we are now ready to allow our government to violate ALL of our civil rights.  The National Defense Authorization Act would allow the feds to arrest and detain anyone and detain them indefinitely under the guise of terrorism.

Of course one person’s terrorist is another’s freedom fighter.  What if some official decided all of the Occupy protesters are terrorists?  They could do this very easily and all of them would be rounded up and shipped to Gitmo or some other unknown destination…indefinitely and without trial.

First, the committee’s proposal accepts prosecutors as the arbiters of guilt. We have courts in America to check executive power.  Impartial judges limit over whom the state may exercise its coercive power to deny freedom.

Or consider this analysis:

A provision of S. 1867, or the National Defense Authorization Act bill, written by Senators John McCain and Carl Levin, declares American soil a battlefield and allows the President and all future Chief Executives to order the military to arrest and detain American citizens, innocent or not, without charge or trial. In other words, if this bill passes and the President signs it, OWS protesters or any American could end up arrested and indefinitely locked up by the military without the guaranteed right to due process or a speedy trial.

The bill was drafted in secret without any public hearings.  It would, essentially, establish a police state and turn us into Amerika.  Why did we fight the Cold War for forty years just to turn around and become the Soviet Union?