First LGBT Couple Weds in PA

Loreen Bloodgood and Alicia Terrizzi of Pottstown were married yesterday after Montgomery County announced it would begin issuing marriage licenses to same sex couples.  Register of Wills D. Bruce Hanes with approval of Commissioners Josh Shapiro and Leslie Richards, decided that recent Supreme Court decisions rendered Pennsylvania’s state level DOMA law unconstitutional and decided not to await court orders outlawing the ban.

The Pennsylvania ACLU has sued the Commonwealth of the law representing a dozen carefully chosen plaintiffs.  They hope to take this case all the way to SCOTUS and overturn all of the state laws banning marriage equality.  Montgomery County chose not to wait and yesterday the lesbian couple from Pottstown got a waiver of the three day waiting period and wed immediately.

MontCo GOP Fails to File Campaign Finance Report

The Montgomery County Republican Committee has failed to file the required campaign finance report for cycle 5 as required by state law.  This is especially interesting because the Commissioners team of Bruce Castor and Jenny Brown has given them $305,000 in the last month.  Where was that money spent, on what and to whom?  This is a major County Commissioner’s race and a substantial amount of campaign spending is being hidden from voters in MontCo.  It doesn’t bode well for the sort of ethics and management the people of Montgomery County could expect from a Castor/Brown majority.

From MontCo Dems:

“They are hiding something, and the voters of Montgomery County deserve to know what that is,” (Marcel) Groen said.  “Campaign finance laws are there to make sure the public knows from whom the candidates and the parties raise their money, and how they spend it.  To thumb your nose at the law and the voters like that is just plain wrong.”

              Groen said that the campaign of Bruce Castor and Jenny Brown made three contributions to the Montgomery County Republican Committee totaling $305,000 over the past month.  The first transfer of $75,000 took place on October 6.  Another $100,000 was transferred on October 11, and a final $130,000 was transferred on October 17.

              “With the Brown Castor campaign transferring that money to MCRC and then MCRC not filing their report, it amounts to a massive shell game on the voters of Montgomery County,” Groen said.  “I call on (Montgomery County Republican) Chairman (Robert) Kerns to file his report immediately and stop breaking the law.”

Josh Shapiro and Leslie Richards have a new ad out:

News & Notes October 13, 2011

The City of Harrisburg has filed for bankruptcy.  Mired in disagreements about implementing Act 47 requirements which gut negotiated union contracts the Mayor and City Council have been at an impasse.

Josh Shapiro and Leslie Richards, running for MontCo Commissioners, released a non discrimination policy and were endorsed bby Equality Pennsylvania.

In Berks County Christian Leinbach, darling of the local Tea baggers, has erected billboards saying “promises made, promises kept” for his four years as County Commissioner.  The problem is he didn’t keep his central promise from four years ago.  Leinbach ran then criticizing the $80 million rainy day fund established and nourished by Judy Schwank and Tom Gajewski.  He promised to return those funds to the taxpayers via a tax decrease.  Not only did he not do that he never even introduced a resolution to do so.  Leinbach’s current campaign message is as hollow as his promises were four years ago.

As our state legislature is debating Marcellus shale impact fees several provisions being discussed are very disturbing.  One would allow forced pooling which seizes your rights as a property owner and transfers them to the gas companies.  The other would prohibit local governments from any restrictive ordinances targeting drilling.  This means your municipality has no say about what happens there.  Both of these efforts would severely reduce your rights in a “democracy.”  Wake up, democracy died in America.

Tim Burns and Steve Welch both are expected to officially enter the 2012 Senate race for Bob Casey’s seat.

Sen. Pat Toomey, after running for Senate promising to create jobs, voted against the American Jobs Act.  He’s more interested in keeping the rich rich than in getting you a job.

Patrick Murphy has raised a million bucks in his AG race.  The Pennsylvania Progressive Summit (no connection with us) will host an Attorney General debate in February.

The Obama Administration still has yet to prosecute a single crooked banker for the massive fraud which cost you your home.

Another of those pesky government regulations hampering business says restaurants must maintain refrigerated food at a certain temperature so it doesn’t spoil and kill you.