News & Notes December 28, 2011

Sen. Ben Nelson, a conservative who infuriates progressives, announced his retirement yesterday.  Successors are rumored to be Scott Kleeb or Bob Kerrey.  Kleeb ran once before in Nebraska and Kerrey is a former holder of the seat who now resides in New York.  Either way this will be a tough seat for Democrats to hold.

A truck accident near Salladasburg resulted in fracking fluid spilling onto Route 287.  Seeing how fast these drivers run these trucks on rural roads in the northern tier I’m just surprised this doesn’t happen more frequently.  The risk of spilling toxic chemicals into our streams, rivers and lakes isn’t worth the energy.

Not all Christmas carolers were welcome at Bank of America this season:

At Planned Parenthood we’re proud of the services we provide and for those who stand with us.  Here’s a message from Cecile Richards:

The Iowa caucuses are next Tuesday.  I predict low turnout as Republicans cannot find any presidential candidate to support.  This field is so ridiculous few can take any of them seriously but it does accurately reflect the current state of the GOP.  These are the types left in that lunatic fringe movement.

I don’t understand all the hoopla over Bill Maher’s Tebow Tweet.  If these “holier than thou” athletes are stupid enough to think their god takes sides in football games and determines the outcomes then they, conversely, have to believe he made them fail.  Wake up people, it is your own efforts and failures which determine the outcome.

Senate Republicans Kill Jobs Act

Senate Republicans who ran on creating jobs in 2010 killed the American Jobs Act tonight by a vote of 51-48.  Sixty votes were needed to overcome the GOP filibuster.  Without the filibuster the bill might have passed.  It sought to save hundreds of thousands of teacher’s jobs among other things.  Republicans and Democrats Ben Nelson and Jon Tester voted against it because it levied a surtax on millionaires.

Job creation is one of the most crucial issues facing this nation and will be issue #1 in 2012.  How Republicans will gain votes of third party and independent voters after voting to support those earning $1,000,000/year over those 20 million Americans looking for work will be very, very interesting.  Usually they create some diversionary issue like Commies, terrorists or gays.

Tonight the GOP presidential candidates debate at Dartmouth College on economic issues.  The top economic issue is jobs and tonight their Party killed the President’s jobs bill.  Republicans have introduced legislation only designed to kill jobs for the past two years.  This should be embarrassing.