November 30, 2011

Police rousted Occupy Philadelphia yesterday arresting fifty people.  Perhaps if Mayor Nutter had taken some time to visit with and listen to, those camped outside City Hall he’d be more compassionate about their issues and concerns.  People have a constitutional right to assemble, speak and have redress of their grievances.  There are no limits on those rights.

Occupy Los Angeles was also routed by police.  People need to begin acting to recall or replace every Mayor working to protect the 1%.

One of Rush’s callers called him a “brainwashed Nazi.”  Correction:  Rush is the brainwasher, not a brainwashee.

A new NLRB rule requires all employers to display a poster detailing worker’s rights.  To listen to the right wing you’d think informing workers of their rights is dangerous:

Steve Welch, a former Democratic supporter, has a “mockumentary” aimed at Bob Casey.  Welch is one of a myriad of candidates running for Casey’s Senate seat.  The mystery of this video is how Bob Casey could have been born in Kenya to socialistic parents, something widely believed by moronic Pennsylvania Republicans.  If he and Obama were separated at birth that would have to be true wouldn’t it?

Rumors say Sen. Dominic Pileggi may also jump into that crowded field.

A Judge has blocked “pro life” license plates in North Carolina.  I wonder if everyone who would display such plates is against the death penalty?

Former Philadelphia schools superintendent Arlene Ackerman has applied for unemployment.  Considering her $900,000 severance package this is the height of arrogance.  She also would be ineligible for benefits until that severance deal runs its course.

Congressman Joe Pitts is the latest to get mic checked at a town hall:

Rep. Jennifer Mann announced she is not running for re-election next year in Allentown.  She has served 13 years and ran for statewide office.  I expect we’ll be hearing much more from Ms. Mann in the future.

The Liquor Control Board has reversed its long standing policy against Pennsylvanians having booze and wine shipped to their homes.  For many years the people of Pennsylvania have desired to be able to order wine from suppliers from out of state.

The first lawsuit has been filed against Jerry Sandusky, Penn State and The Second Mile.

Police Fail to Evict Occupy Philly

The Philadelphia Police Jackboots showed up as scheduled at 5 PM to evict the Occupy camp and were met by 1,000 supporters refusing to leave Dilworth Plaza.  The City wants to begin a $50 million reconstruction project and told the protesters they had to leave.  They didn’t and remain there.  The night turned into a giant party as they conga lined and danced before police brownshirts afraid to do anything which would turn into a new UC-Davis type video.

It’s a shame that police officers everywhere are now being chided as Nazis for their terrorism directed towards peaceful protesters.  That’s the price they pay for siding with the 1% however.

News & Notes November 22, 2011

Tonight’s GOP debate on national security should be interesting.  What great tidbits will we learn this time?  How much pounding of the war drums towards Iran will occur?  How many gaffes can Herman Cain make in one night?  Newt’s advantage tonight is that it’ll be tough to spin his adultery and ethics issues in a discussion of foreign policy.  Someone will try however.

Rick Santorum and Ron Paul have yet to gain their moments in the spotlight as front runners.  The former Senator is aghast at this as it would mean people would be Googling him.   Paul is afraid his white supremacist past will show up in internet searches.  What these guys need is a good white sheet.  Paul to wear and Santorum to contain all of that spreading stuff.

Ron Paul got mic checked in New Hampshire.

A Farleigh Dickinson poll shows that New Jerseans who get their news from Fox are less informed than those who don’t follow the news at all.  This, of course, is a result of their programming which feeds its viewers lies and propaganda instead of facts.

Rush Limbaugh called Michelle Obama “uppity.”  It seems she had the audacity to attend a NASCAR race.  The entire issue of being “uppity” is what fuels all the racist hatred against the President and First Lady.  Having those titles is the height of being uppity for African-Americans of course.  How dare they think they’re as good as white people?  At least conservatives no longer feel any obligation to hide their true feelings.  They do know there’s an election next year though, don’t they?

And, by the way, Obama didn’t call Americans lazy.  Check the context folks.

If corporations insist on being persons then their executives need to go to prison for the same offenses as you and I would.  Three executives from West Chester discovered this the hard way this week.

When Mitt Romney left the Governor’s mansion he had all of his aides wipe their hard drives so no documents were left.  He says he did this to prevent his political opponents from getting any dirt to use against him.  What, exactly was Mitt doing there in Massachusetts that necessitated such a grievous attack on open and transparent government?  More importantly what does that say about the type of president he’d be?

Alabama’s new anti-immigrant law has snared someone who may come back to haunt them:  a high executive of Mercedes-Benz.  Daimler Benz has a factory there and the German didn’t have all of his “papers” with him so was arrested.  hmm, will Alabama soon kiss all of those good jobs good-bye?  Serves them right for their bigotry.

Republicans are blaming the President for Congress’s failures.  Haven’t they read the constitution about all those separation of powers?  The Executive Branch is actually separate from the Legislative.  Of course Cain feels that, as president he can simply override the Supreme Court.  How, by assassination?  Perhaps he’d simply feed them some Godfather’s Pizza, give them an offer they can’t refuse.

The idea of proportioning our presidential electoral votes is finally dead.  It finally occurred to Republicans it could cost them several Congressional seats.

Rioting in Egypt is collapsing yet another government.  The military regime which took over hasn’t allowed democracy to the people took Tahrir Square once again.  Today they are engaging in a million man sit-in.  Imagine if a million Americans sat down on Wall Street or Capital Hill?

Occupy Philadelphia has decided to move.  The city wants to rebuild the plaza and the folks camped there decided not to stand in the way of good jobs.  Philadelphia gave them an ultimatum:  no more tents and protesting can only happen from 9 AM to 7 PM.  We’ll see how that flies…

Opponents of gas drilling rallied in Trenton yesterday.  The Delaware River Basin Commission postponed a controversial vote so people decided to have a rally anyway.  Gasland director Josh Fox called Gov. Corbett from the steps and got…no answer.  The lights are on at the Governor’s Office but no one’s home.

A report from NEPA about the dangers and risks of gas drilling hit the newspapers over the weekend.  This is must reading for anyone considering signing a lease.  This whistleblower tells what happened at one site near Dimock.  Cabot is now refusing to supply water for the people’s whose wells they poisoned.  What good are jobs and royalties if they’re going to kill us?

Why has New Mexico had relatively safe hydrofracturing for thirty years without all of these accidents, explosions and spills?  Regulations and taxes which fund the proper regulation and inspection of wells.  When I was in santa Fe last August I had a conversation with Dan Fuqua, the state geologist.  I simply walked into the offices of the New Mexico Land Commissioner and asked for an appointment.  They took me right up to see Mr. Fuqua.  Would that ever happen in Harrisburg?  No.

By the way he said if anyone from Pennsylvania wants to learn about what they do they’re welcome to come to Santa Fe and see him.

News & Notes November 15, 2011

Following Rick Perry’s big gaffe last week Herman Cain couldn’t recall why Libya was important in an interview with the Milwaukee Sentinel.  This isn’t one of those gotcha questions about the leader of Uzbekistan-stan-stan.  Libya has been quite in the headlines all year.  Maybe Cain needs to get important stuff twirling around in his head instead of in his pants.

Anonymous continues doing important work by taking down over 40 child pornography websites.

Elizabeth Warren has her first introductory ad out.  Karl Rove is targeting her for supporting OWS.  This is a clear race between the 99% and the 1%.

Congressman Allen West has fessed up and admitted he was in a white supremacist motorcycle gang.  West denied this repeatedly in the past.

The coordinated efforts against the Occupy movement continued as protesters were raided by police in both New York and Philadelphia last night.  Mayor Bloomberg was ignoring a court order allowing them to return. College Humor is satarizing the 1% in a comical video here.

The Supreme Court agreed to hear a legal challenge to ObamaCare.  The White House said it welcomed the review:

Earlier this year, the Obama Administration asked the Supreme Court to consider legal challenges to the health reform law and we are pleased the Court has agreed to hear this case. Thanks to the Affordable Care Act, one million more young Americans have health insurance, women are getting mammograms and preventive services without paying an extra penny out of their own pocket and insurance companies have to spend more of your premiums on health care instead of advertising and bonuses. We know the Affordable Care Act is constitutional and are confident the Supreme Court will agree.

Eric Cantor got mic checked at Rice University:

The state legislature is debating about extending hunting to Sundays.  Aren’t six days enough to disrupt our peace?  The Sunday escape from gun nuts trampling all over our open lands firing at anything which shoots is quite sufficient.  If we want to paddle during hunting season Sunday is the only safe time to be out on the water.

Bill O’Reilly is in a tither because his new book about Lincoln has been cited for numerous factual errors.  The Christian Science Monitor called it “a sensationalized, suggestive, and overly simplistic tale of Lincoln’s life.”  That pretty much sums up the totality of O’Reilly’s life’s work.

Police Using Force Against Occupy Movements

The next step for American police is to begin using live ammunition against peaceful, non violent Occupy protesters and then how will America be different from Syria?  The abusive and forceful police tactics being unleashed across the country in what is obviously a coordinated effort to destroy the movement is alarming.

Mayor Michael Nutter is now threatening the very peaceful protest at Occupy Philadelphia and has stepped up the police presence there.  It might help greatly if Nutter actually went outside City Hall and listened to these people for a few hours.

Police in Portland, Oregon violently threw the Occupy protesters out of their park yesterday.  This was all over Twitter and facebook but vividly absent from TV news.

The police brutality in Berkeley is evident in this video from last week:

Let us remind ourselves that these are peaceful, non-violent protests which are completely within the legal rights expounded in the constitution.   The Bill of Rights guarantees the right of peaceful assembly and for the redress of grievances.  Ocupiers don’t need permits, their permit is the Bill of Rights.  The use of force by police is unconstitutional and a frightening example of the police state tactics we witnessed in other lands this year.  How can Obama condemn them and allow this?

Romney Protested In Philadelphia

Mitt Romney came to Philadelphia today to attend a $10,000 fundraiser in Rittenhouse Square.  Keystone Progress, MoveOn, Fight For Philly and Americans United led a protest.  Yesterday Romney attended a Koch brothers Americans For Prosperity convention in DC where he said that jobs can wait.  In his speech he brought up President Obama’s call for action on jobs because “the economy can’t wait.”  Mitt replied about three GOP filibusters on the jobs situation “Yes we can (wait).”  Do you think waiting to address the jobs situation is OK, pro-American or moral?  No, it isn’t.  People are losing their jobs, their homes, their security and Republicans are only interested in winning elections.

Lyndon & Shawna

Lyndon and Shawna are living in a tent at Dilworth Plaza outside Philadelphia City Hall as part of Occupy Philly.  They lost their home to foreclosure and Shawna just lost her job.  It is cold but someone gave them a tent and meals are served daily.  Three and a half months into their situation they have a lot to say about the state of things in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and America.

Several things in this interview are disturbing.  They say they have seen Mayor Nutter at windows looking down upon what City officials are calling the “City Hall projects.”  he has not come and spoken with any of the people however.  No one from the City has come to talk with them about why they are here and what they need and want.  Perhaps by watching this they might be educated.  Also disturbing is that City officials have come to video the people there.  Perhaps this is an attempt to document something as a basis for removing the protesters.

I stopped at a nearby restaurant with a public restroom and an employee mentioned the issues they are dealing with as a result of the Occupation.  Many of the protesters are using the sole restroom to clean up and some are there doing drugs (they may be protesters, maybe not).  Regardless the restroom often isn’t available for the use of customers wishing to wash up before eating.  I noticed a sign at one of the headquarters tents at the Plaza listing public restrooms and theirs was listed.  It certainly would help if the City or someone provided some portable toilets.

The interview with Lyndon and Shawna is very interesting, I urge everyone to watch it.  This is their story, one of homelessness in America, the anger and frustration of hunger in a land of plenty.  I asked them what they want.  Watch for their answer.

Breaking Up With Banks Philly Style

On Guy Fawkes Day many such masks were in evidence at Occupy Philadelphia.  There are currently 450 tents at Dilworth Plaza outside City Hall.  The City is seeking to convince the protesters to move so it can rebuild the plaza.  The sentiment of those I spoke with today is that they aren’t relocating.  There seems to be a feeling that if those millions were spent for the homeless, for the hungry, for the schools or some other worthy purpose the City would be better off.

One man said he’s been there 15 times now as he stood waving an American flag.  Everything was quite peaceful and clean except for falling leaves.  The tents are lined up and several tents acting as information, housing, food and other purposes are spread throughout the area.   It all seems very well organized.  I saw no police presence until people began gathering for the march.  It began at the Plaza as everyone mingled around the march leaders and they set off for nearby PNC Bank.  From there they went to Bank of America.

Outside PNC Bank a couple next to me commented about “breaking up with your bank” and noted, in jest, that people don’t date their banks.  I mentioned that yes they do since they get screwed by them.  We shared a laugh about that.

Update:  I found this video and it seems appropriate for Occupy Philly:

News & Notes November 4, 2011

Occupy Oakland shut down the nation’s fifth largest port in a general strike.  Imagine what will happen when the successor to the Cat Food Commission uses its new Politburo powers to decimate our social safety net?  The Occupy Movement can shut down any major city in the country, perhaps all of them…

Occupy Philadelphia went to Comcast headquarters to protest the concentration of unbridled media power in the hands of this company.  Ten protesters were arrested.

Kathryn Boockvar has a new TV ad out highlighting her distinguished career standing up for the people.  Her opponent works against all of us on behalf of corporations.  Boockvar is pro-union, Covey anti-union.  Which one would support collective bargaining rights?

Thirty corporations have paid no taxes for three years.  These are some of the biggest corporate behemoths in the world.  In that time they have earned $160 billion.  If they want to be persons they should have the same responsibilities as persons, including being put to death for murder.  It is time to revoke the notion of corporate personhood:

The redistricting maps are out and are hoorendously in favor of Republicans.  This, of course, is the outcome of last year’s elections when liberals and progressives stayed away from the polls in protest.  So if you didn’t vote don’t complain.

News & Notes October 9, 2011

Occupy Philadelphia continues.  Yesterday the “mob” marched to Independence Hall and Washington Square.

Bill Maher is back on the air and telling it like it is:

Former Perzel Chief of Staff Brian Preski suddenly pled guilty in the middle of the ComputerGate trial in Harrisburg last week.  Testimony wasn’t going well for the three defendants accused of using a taxpayer funded state database for GOP campaigns.  

Judge David Wecht is running for Superior Court.  I caught up with him at the June Pennsylvania Democratic Party meeting:

I awoke this morning and there’s no Phillies box score to check…  Ryan Howard damaged his left Achilles tendon and may be out for an extended period.  This team has regressed from winning the World Series to losing it, to losing the league championship series and now to bowing out in the first round.  They’ve grown old and Howard can’t come through in the clutch.  Utley, Rollins and Polanco are done and need to be replaced with younger talent.  Their legs have been going and that’s always a sign of age.  

The Morning Call has finally replaced their sorry website with something newer.  That old one was horrible.  Still it bugs me to go to a newspaper website and have to click on “news” to find any.