A break in HIV research in a Texas laboratory that may stop HIV infection

There may be a break in the HIV virus in Texas laboratory.

Dr. Paul and Dr. Miguel are talkign about destroying HIV permanently with loading immune system with new breakthrough. They discovered a weak spot in HIV in a key protein in its structure that doesn’t mutate. They strike it with something called an abzyme. This could be used to control HIV in people that already have it, prevent infection for those at risk of catching virus, and stop the virus from mutating. It has held up in lab testing and animal testing. they still need funding for human trials, this is where problems happen, because clinical trial are expensive. This is where they may find a preventative vaccine for the virus that causes AIDS.

Don’t even ask about funding from the Bush Administration on this breakthrough. they fight progress on anything helpful to the American people.

Here is the full story on Al Gore’s own Current TV’s website: