Herman Cain’s Sexual Infidelity

Ginger White went on Atlanta news last evening to disclose she had a 13 year intimate affair with the very married Herman Cain.  She says he broke it off about eight months ago which would probably coincide with his decision to run for president.  He denies the adultery but says the private sex lives of people are their own affair (pun intended) and not for public consumption.

This is the case for public persons who don’t claim the moral high ground, don’t comment on the sexual affairs of others, who don’t judge other people’s private sexual affairs or who don’t adopt “family values” as a political position.  Let us take the issue of gay marriage for instance, Cain opposes the right of gay Americans to have their loves and relationships equal with those of straight Americans.

Cain actually has a section on his campaign site dedicated to “family values.”  The difference between Bill Clinton’s infidelities and Cain’s is hypocrisy and that’s what makes it relevant.  If you’re going to stand and claim to be holier than thou you’d better be.  Ask Joe Paterno about it.  Bill Clinton never claimed to be a saint and we all knew he wasn’t so when Monica’s blue dress came out who cared?

Herman Cain can’t run on family values and against gay marriage when it appears he’s a sexual harasser and had a 13 year adulterous relationship.  We aren’t talking about a fling here but a long extramarital relationship.  He announced yesterday he will attend a family values conference in Arizona.  Gloria Cain went on Fox News after the sex harassment allegations defending her husband.  I wonder how she feels this morning?  Does she know who “that person” is today?  We do.

The issue here isn’t adultery it is hypocrisy.  I don’t actually care who Cain has slept with or what they did in bed though I know Rick Santorum will.  Cain cannot claim same sex relationships are immoral however when he is an adulterer.  He cannot run on “family values” knowing he had a 13 year affair with Ginger White.  The man is a lying phony who lives by the principle of “do as I say not as I do.”  He has no moral authority to dictate to me who I sleep with or what I do privately or whether I can be equal with him under law.  He’s nothing but a lying hypocrite.

Random Thoughts

A new woman has come forward claiming a 13 year affair with Herman Cain.  No word from Mrs. Cain but Herman says it is no one’s business if he committed adultery.  Say what you want about Newt’s serial adultery but at least he married them.

Tobey Maguire is returning money he won fair and square in a gentleman’s poker game.  Just because some fool lost hundreds of thousands in high stakes poker doesn’t mean he (or his estate) doesn’t honor their debts.  If you can’t risk losing you shouldn’t be playing.  There’s no evidence any of the players knew he was losing money he’d stolen in a Ponzi scheme so why should they have to repay investors?  Is nothing sacred any more?

Barney Frank isn’t seeking re-election next year.  This frees him up to accept unlimited bribes from Wall Street banks.

A judge has rejected a $285 million settlement against Citibank.  He thinks it isn’t sufficient and that the public should be informed what the bank did, this time, to get such a slap on its wrist.

What idiot would claim there’s no such thing as income inequality?  This one:

There are so many absurdities on this spiel one hardly knows where to begin.  Teachers “are allowed to exist?”  News flash:  we don’t need stock brokers in order to have teachers.  Without teachers those morons on Wall Street wouldn’t even know how to add and subtract or how to commit massive fraud.

A gay couple on layover in Denver were called “faggots” by a United Airlines supervisor.  Don’t fly United folks.

Bob Casey aggressively courted the gay community in 2006 despite a career of gay bashing.  He promised he’d seen the light and would support equality.  Now it’s time to pay up on the DOMA vote.  We’re watching Bob.

The GOP Clown Show Drags On

The Republican presidential road show rolled into DC last night for a show under the Big Top.  They rolled out their clowns for a performance on national security hosted by CNN, The Heritage Foundation and AEI.  Wolf “Blitz” Blitzer hosted.  Since the poll came out illustrating how folks who watch no news know more than those who watch Fox News I understand why these candidates are so ill informed:  they watch Fox in addition to being on the network.  The clear winner was Barack Obama because Jon Hunstman is the only sane person on these stages and he has no chance at the nomination.  You have be either insane or act it to get the modern day GOP presidential nomination because what’s left of the Grand Old Party are the crazies.

Michele Bachmann bragged about “winning the peace in Iraq.”  We lost that war and slaughtered hundreds of thousands of Iraqi civilians.  That isn’t “winning the peace” because it will come to haunt us in the future.  Asked what unmentioned threat could loom before us Rick Santorum mentioned Central America.  That was a veiled reference to Hugo Chaves who is no threat but his brand of populist socialism is.

Santorum seemed to take credit for every bill sponsored in Congress while he was a Senator.  Herman Cain was almost as laughable as Rick Perry in his lack of knowledge and non responsive answers.Calls were made to invade both Iran and Pakistan among questions from Bush war criminals David Addington and Paul Wolfowitz.  Cain said terrorists have entered the country through Mexico, several agreed we should put a no fly zone over Syria (why, they aren’t using aircraft?), Bachmann confused billions with trillions, and all agreed that when generals ask for more troops never question them.  Lincoln would still be sitting around waiting for George McClellan to do something if that were the case.  At the onset Newt asked about the rules because he wanted to play by them.  That’s a first.

News & Notes November 15, 2011

Following Rick Perry’s big gaffe last week Herman Cain couldn’t recall why Libya was important in an interview with the Milwaukee Sentinel.  This isn’t one of those gotcha questions about the leader of Uzbekistan-stan-stan.  Libya has been quite in the headlines all year.  Maybe Cain needs to get important stuff twirling around in his head instead of in his pants.

Anonymous continues doing important work by taking down over 40 child pornography websites.

Elizabeth Warren has her first introductory ad out.  Karl Rove is targeting her for supporting OWS.  This is a clear race between the 99% and the 1%.

Congressman Allen West has fessed up and admitted he was in a white supremacist motorcycle gang.  West denied this repeatedly in the past.

The coordinated efforts against the Occupy movement continued as protesters were raided by police in both New York and Philadelphia last night.  Mayor Bloomberg was ignoring a court order allowing them to return. College Humor is satarizing the 1% in a comical video here.

The Supreme Court agreed to hear a legal challenge to ObamaCare.  The White House said it welcomed the review:

Earlier this year, the Obama Administration asked the Supreme Court to consider legal challenges to the health reform law and we are pleased the Court has agreed to hear this case. Thanks to the Affordable Care Act, one million more young Americans have health insurance, women are getting mammograms and preventive services without paying an extra penny out of their own pocket and insurance companies have to spend more of your premiums on health care instead of advertising and bonuses. We know the Affordable Care Act is constitutional and are confident the Supreme Court will agree.

Eric Cantor got mic checked at Rice University:

The state legislature is debating about extending hunting to Sundays.  Aren’t six days enough to disrupt our peace?  The Sunday escape from gun nuts trampling all over our open lands firing at anything which shoots is quite sufficient.  If we want to paddle during hunting season Sunday is the only safe time to be out on the water.

Bill O’Reilly is in a tither because his new book about Lincoln has been cited for numerous factual errors.  The Christian Science Monitor called it “a sensationalized, suggestive, and overly simplistic tale of Lincoln’s life.”  That pretty much sums up the totality of O’Reilly’s life’s work.

Perry Implodes in Debate

Rick Perry’s presidential campaign imploded last night on the CNBC debate.  He began reciting the three federal agencies he’d destroy and couldn’t remember them.  He doddered along saying Commerce and Education and couldn’t remember the third.  He finally couldn’t even remember Education.  If this is how he thinks on his feet we’re all doomed.

As if Herman Cain hasn’t made enough of a fool of himself last night he referred to the former Speaker of the House as “Princess Nancy.”  It has appeared more and more that he has no respect for women then he utters that?  He’s already been caught lying about knowing Sharon Bialek after a picture of him with her at a Tea Party event just last month surfaced.

Likely nominee Mitt Romney also had a bad day when he began distancing himself from support of the radical ballot measure in Mississippi.  That would have criminalized abortion, contraception and miscarriages and he had previously described his support for it as “absolute.”  Now the grand flip flopper has flip flopped yet again.

Fourth Cain Accuser Details Harassment

A fourth woman ha snow come forward alleging sexual harassment by Herman Cain.  This time we have specifics including groping.  The GOP presidential candidate still has not properly addressed this issue and his pattern of lying and avoiding accountability is troubling for someone seeking the White House.  Meanwhile his supporters, probably the same people who condemned Bill Clinton, are pouring money into the Cain effort.

The charges of sexual harassment are drowning out a deeper and more serious scandal however.  The Milwaukee Sentinel reported that Cain’s deep ties to the infamous Koch brothers and their Americans For Prosperity front group resulted in violations of election and campaign finance laws.  Campaign manager Mark Block, previously convicted in Wisconsin for election law violations so serious he was banned from political activism for three years, formed non profits used to pay for Cain campaign expenses.  Non profit organizations are barred from spending funds on presidential campaigns.  The non profits were connected with Americans For Prosperity.  They paid for iPads and campaign travel to the tune of $40,000.

Cain already is under attack for using political funds to buy copies of his book from which he personally profits (royalties).  In my opinion this is far more serious than the sexual harassment because it reveals a pattern of corruption.  When you combine it with that it raises serious questions about character.

Bob Scheiffer Takes Cain to Task

Yesterday on CBS News “This Morning” host Bob Scheiffer took Herman Cain down for his internet ad featuring a smoking campaign manager.  The ad is being mocked and spoofed everywhere but the news host, a lung cancer survivor due to smoking, was clearly offended by the ad.  Calling it irresponsible he repeatedly admonished Cain for trying to make smoking seem “cool.”  Cain finally promised to remove the ad after much badgering.

Scheiffer then got on to issues such as the electrified border fence and Cain’s allegations that Planned Parenthood engages in genocide.  The GOP presidential frontrunner keeps flip flopping on whether he’d electrocute those trying to cross the border illegally.  No arrest, no trial but straight to an execution.  Yes, that’s the American way in Tea Party terms isn’t it?

As for the abortion issue Cain insists that because many Planned Parenthood clinics are located in urban areas we’re engaging in the genocide of the Black race.  If that’s the case you should also say it about any merchant who sells cigarettes, booze or drugs in urban areas.  We’re in urban areas because that’s where we can serve the most numbers of poor women.  95% of what we do at Planned Parenthood is routine ob gyn medical care, cancer screenings, family planning and education.  Does he think educating women, poor, middle class, white, Black, Asian or Hispanic, about reproduction is genocide?  Does he think providing cancer screenings is genocide?  Just because we also do abortions doesn’t mean we’re trying to wipe out the African-American race and illustrates his penchant for extreme positions and running off at his mouth.

Herman Cain has a serious problem with diarrhea of the mouth and should always carry bathroom tissue to clean up after he utters one of his outrageous statements.  The shit which flows from his brain to his mouth is shocking and he’s constantly backtracking on his public statements.  Not only he is “not ready for prime time” he’s a potentially dangerous person to put in the Oval Office.  Every statement uttered by a President has the capacity to move markets, instigate wars, engage enemies in economic or cyber warfare and other threats to our national security.  We cannot afford to elect someone with who doesn’t think before opening his mouth.

News & Notes October 14, 2011

The US House passed a bill yesterday allowing federally funded hospitals the right to refuse to perform abortions.  Of course our law says it is a woman’s right to have an abortion and this law would actually kill women.  When severe complications from problem pregnancies threaten a woman’s life hospitals would be able to deny her life saving treatment.  Republicans in Washington just became a death panel.

Herman Cain is topping the GOP presidential polls.  I sure hope he becomes their nominee because we’d have a field day with his flat tax proposal.  Flat taxes mean even more income redistribution to the richest Americans while shifting the tax burden to the poor.  Here’s a news flash:  trying to close the deficit by taxing the poor won’t work for one simple reason:  they don’t have any money.  This man is a total idiot and his 9-9-9 plan reduces taxes for the rich from 35% to 9% and would not fund Social Security, Medicare or Medicaid.

The eviction of Occupy Wall Street was called off by the corporation which owns the park.  Regardless NYPD paratroops marched to the protest scenes outfitted in anti-riot gear to engage in yet more police brutality of behalf of bankers who stole their pensions.  

The ComputerGate trial continues in Harrisburg where former State Rep Brett Feese authorized work for Republican House campaigns as head of the HRCC according to testimony.  

State Senator Bob Mensch was found not guilty by Judge Thomas Eshelman in Berks County on charges he showed a gun to a passing motorist on I-78.  I sat through the first trial in Bernville and there’s no way a person could hear and see the testimony and find him not guilty.

The National Respurces Defense Council is targeting Congressmen Tim Holden and Lou Barletta for votes supporting polluters:

There was a state dinner at the White House last night and, again, I wasn’t invited.  Was it something I said???

Congress passed yet another job killing free trade deal this week.  Jim Gerlach spoke in support of this new measure which will cost yet more American jobs.

A pesky government regulation requires airlines to do periodic maintenance on all of their planes.  This keeps them from falling from the skies.

The Pennsylvania Superior Court candidates will be debating on PCN today.  The event is at Widener University.

OCCUPY WALL STREET: Separating Fact from Media


By Walter Brasch

Newspaper columnist Ann Coulter, spreading the lies of the extreme right wing, called the Occupy Wall Street protestors, “tattooed, body-pierced, sunken-chested 19-year-olds getting in fights with the police for fun.” She claimed the protestors, now in the thousands in New York, are “directionless losers [who] pose for cameras while uttering random liberal clich├ęs lacking any reason or coherence.” (Several hundred thousand of these “directionless losers” are expected to attend rallies in more than 650 cities, Oct. 15.)

Rep. Eric Cantor (R-Va.), House majority leader, called the protest nothing more than “growing mobs,” completely oblivious to his myriad statements that he supports “mobs” when they are from the Tea Party. Republican Presidential candidate Mitt Romney, tacking as far right as possible to avoid anyone thinking he was once a moderate, called the protest “dangerous.”

Republican presidential contender Herman Cain, in a moment that demonstrated how out of touch he is with the economic reality of the five-year recession, argued, “Don’t blame Wall Street, don’t blame the big banks; if you don’t have a job and you’re not rich, blame yourself!”

Glenn Beck, too irrational even for Fox News, which terminated him less than two years after it tried to make him a TV superstar, told his radio audience, the protestors “will come for you and drag you into the streets and kill you.”

Lauren Ellis of Mother Jones, at one time a cutting edge magazine for social justice, believed that the protestors have a “lack of focus.” Washington Post columnist Charles Krauthammer, wrote, “A protest without an objective is like a party or a picnic of the unemployed and the indolent. Unless you have an objective, what are you doing out there?”

First, let’s see just who these protestors really are. And then, let’s see what they stand for, since the mainstream media, of which Fox News is an entrenched part, don’t seem to be getting the message from the people.

The protestors rightly say they are part of the 99 percent; the other one percent have 42 percent of the nation’s wealth, the top 20 percent have more than 85 percent of the nation’s wealth, the highest accumulation since 1928, the year before the Great Depression. Even the most oblivious recognize the protestors as a large cross-section of America. They are students and teachers; housewives, plumbers, and physicians; combat veterans from every war from World War II to the present. They are young, middle-aged, and elderly. They are high school dropouts and Ph.D.s. They are from all religions and no religion, and a broad spectrum of political views.

Support has come from senior politicians with very different philosophies. Vice President Joe Biden believes the protests are because “In the minds of the vast majority of the American-the middle class is being screwed.” Rep. Ron Paul (R-Texas), unlike a vast majority of Republican politicians, stated, “If they were demonstrating peacefully, and making a point, and arguing our case, and drawing attention to the Fed-I would say, ‘good!'”

Second, like all protests, there are different opinions within the ranks. But, there is a core of beliefs. The protestors are fed up with corporate greed that has a base of corporate welfare and special tax benefits for the rich. They support the trade union movement, Medicare and Social Security, affordable health care for all citizens, and programs to assist the unemployed, disenfranchised, and underclass. A nation that cannot take care of the least among us doesn’t deserve to be called the best of us.

They’re mad that the home mortgage crisis, begun when greed overcame ethics and was then magnified by the failure of regulatory agencies and the Congress to provide adequate oversight, robbed all of America of its financial security. During the first half of this year alone, banks and lending agencies have sent notices to more than 1.2 million homeowners whose loans and mortgages are in default status, according to RealtyTrak. Of course, less regulation is just what conservatives want-after all, their mantra has become, “no government in our lives.”

The protestors are mad that the wealthiest corporations pay little or no taxes. They point to the Bank of America, part of the mortgage crisis problem, which earned a $4.4 billion profit last year, but received a $1.9 billion tax refund on top of a bailout of about $1 trillion. They look at ExxonMobil, which earned more than $19 billion profit in 2009, paid no taxes and received a $156 million federal rebate. Its profit for the first half of 2011 is about $ 21.3 billion.

They rightfully note that it is slimy when General Electric, whose CEO is a close Obama advisor, earned a $26 billion profit during the past five years, but still received a $4.1 billion refund.  

They’re mad that the federal government has given the oil industry more than $4 billion in subsidy, although the industry earned more than $1 trillion in profits the past decade.

They’re mad that Goldman Sachs, after receiving a $10 billion government bailout, and a $2.7 billion profit in the first quarter of 2011, shipped about 1,000 jobs overseas. During the past decade, corporations, which have paid little or no federal taxes, have outsourced at least 2.4 million jobs and are hoarding trillions which could be used to spur job growth and the economy.

They’re mad that corporations that took federal bailout money gave seven-figure bonuses to their executives.

They’re mad that the U.S., of all industrialized countries, has the highest ratio of executive pay to that of the average worker. The U.S. average is about 300 to 475 times that of the average worker. In Japan, Germany, France, Italy, Canada, and England, the average CEO earns between 10 and 20 times what the average worker earns, and no one in those countries believes the CEOs are underpaid.

They’re mad that 47 percent of all persons who earned at least $250,000 last year, including about 1,500 millionaires, paid no taxes, according to Newsmax. If you’re a Republican member of Congress, that’s perfectly acceptable. They’re the ones who thought President Obama was launching class warfare against the rich by trying to restore the tax rate for the wealthiest Americans. They succeeded in blocking tax reform and a jobs bill, but failed to understand the simple reality-if there is class warfare, it is being waged by the elite greedy and their Congressional lackeys.

Herman Cain, Fox TV pundit Sean Hannity, and others from the extreme right wing said the protestors are un-American, apparently for protesting corporate greed. The Occupy Wall Street protestors aren’t un-American; those who defend the destruction of the middle class by defending greed, and unethical and illegal behavior, are.

[Walter Brasch is an award-winning syndicated columnist, and the author of 17 books. His latest book is Before the First Snow, a social issues mystery set in rural Pennsylvania.]


Walter M. Brasch, Ph.D.

Latest Book: Before the First Snow: Stories from the Revolution





News & Notes September 25, 2011

A Marcellus shale gas company (Chief Gathering LLC) is suing three families in Luzerne County for blocking a pipeline.  The people are opposing the construction through their development on covenant grounds.  Energy companies have gotten aggressive using litigation to steamroll their way through the Commonwealth.  This isn’t the way to gather public support for something many oppose.

Speaking of gas it appears wells drilled on state forest land procured with federal dollars may be illegal:

The law establishing the Land and Water Conservation Fund protects public park, forest and recreation lands acquired or developed with the program’s money from “conversion” to non-recreation use, like oil and gas wells, without prior approval by the Park Service. If such a conversion occurs, the state must buy land of at least equal value to compensate, and it must use any revenue from leases or royalties on such conversion lands for conservation and recreation purposes only.

A lot of wells in rural Pennsylvania have been sunk on our public lands.

Congressman Lou Barletta http://www.timesleader.com/news/Barletta__lsquo_raging_rsquo__over_loan_rate_09-22-2011.html”>is angry over the 6% interest rate being charged by the Small Business Administration for loans to those cleaning up following last month’s storms.  This is the same Congressman who has steadily cut government programs.  You can’t have it both ways Lou:  either government is good or it’s bad.

Herman Cain won the Florida straw poll.  I actually saw a car last week with a Cain bumper sticker.  How crazy must you be to support this man much less advertise your stupidity to others?

Speaking of the insane Republican presidential field did you see the “deer in the headlights” look of Rick Perry at the last debate?  He was barely able to string coherent sentences together.  Suddenly Rick “Man on Dog” Santorum is looking like a contender in this sorry field.  Obama’s only hope of a second turn is the extremism on the GOP side.

State Senator Jane Orie has lost an appeal attempting to delay her retrial on public corruption charges.  Her day in court is scheduled for October 3rd.

Powerful State Representative Dwight Evans has been unmasked as a ruthless Mafia type backroom politico by Mayor Nutter’s office.  Anyone who has spent any time in Harrisburg already knows this but front page headlines in The Inquirer reveal how he forced a private company to back out of a contract it won to convert MLK public school to a privatized one.  Here’s yet one more example of how privatizing government and public services is an invitation to corruption.  The non profit Evans supported has provided him with campaign contributions, surprise, surprise.