News & Notes September 8, 2015

U.S. Senator Tom Cotton has committed treason yet again pledging fealty to a foreign leader while undermining his own.  It’s time for the DOJ to file charges.  Imagine the field day the DSCC will have when he runs for re-election.

Kathleen Kane has protested the actions taken against her by the state Supreme Court to strip her of her law license.  That would force her out of office before any possible impeachment or criminal conviction would.  Her argument is that doing this now deprives her of her due process rights.  For once I agree with Kane.  Let’s allow the legal and political processes to proceed before taking this action.  Yes, she’s completely incompetent, a vindictive pathological liar whose faults have landed her in deep hot water.  Her AG’s office is totally dysfunctional but she was elected to office and the proper channels must be followed in removing her from that office.  This is about the rule of law.

The situation in Rowan County Kentucky is also about the rule of law.  Kim Davis swore an oath as a public official to uphold the law and she refused to do so.  Now it’s landed her in federal prison for contempt of court.  This is about the rule of law.  We are not a theocracy.  If Davis wishes to live and work in one she should move to Iran.

Most of the GOP presidential field has rushed to her side supporting her patently illegal actions. How can one credibly run for President and swear to uphold the constitution after openly opposing the rule of law?  After all, the President’s job is enforcing and upholding the laws of the land.

Donald Trump’s racism is creating a divide in this country between morality and immorality.  While we sit and watch European nations openly welcoming refugees from Syria Trump and his allies would be there burning them at the stake.  These aren’t Christian people and we aren’t a Christian nation according to our words and deeds.

News & Notes September 14, 2011

I was busy closing the pool for another season, always a sad day.  This means the end of summer, my favorite time of year.

Looking at this Republican presidential field and their aversion to science I’m reminded we will not be able to compete this century if our nation doesn’t believe in science.  Not only that our entire species will be threatened unless we awaken to all the extreme weather we’re having and be willing to do what is necessary to combat climate change.

These GOP candidates seem, to a person, wo want to return us to the dark ages.  The Age of Enlightenment doesn’t have to end.  Ending gains made in minority rights, women’s rights, civil rights for all and education for all are not negotiable.  The new poverty statistics say 15% of Americans are now living in poverty.  That is abysmal and the result of conservative economic policies.  Electing another Republican will only make that number larger because they are still trying to fix the economy by cutting taxes for the rich and the corporations instead of providing good, middle class jobs for the people.

The Vice President will be in northeastern Pennsylvania Friday to tour flood damage from TS Lee.  I missed the hurricane but got home in time to see the damage from Lee.  In fact the final leg of my flights from Albuquerque got quite rough from the turbulence.  We’ve been sucking water from the carpets in the lower level rooms for a week.  The flood damage along the eastern branch of the Susquehanna has been massive though not as bad as in 1972 from Agnes.

I was disappointed to see CNN partnering with the Tea Party to run Monday night’s debate.  Not having TV for several weeks while in Santa Fe means I didn’t have to watch their increasingly slanted coverage.  I had it on for ten minutes in my hotel room before turning it off because CNN is getting more and more like Fox.  At least Fox is unabashadly slanted.  CNN’s bias is more insidious because they pretend to be objective.

The horror which came out of that debate about the uninsured shows how America is retreating from our status as a civilized country.  When people cheer about someone dying because they are uninsured it is a blight on our entire country.  No person should have to die because they don’t have access to medical care.  This is insane.  CNN should be condemning its partners for this shameful conduct.

The other awful part of that debate had to do with the life saving HPV vaccine.  It does not cause mental retardation and will, in fact, save lives as young women do not come down with cervical cancer.  Since when is cancer prevention something to condemn?  This is yet one more refusal of conservatives to embrace science and scientific advancements.  They’d rather spread old wives tales.

Congressman Peter King, who ran biased hearings about radicalization of Muslims is someone who has embraced terrorism in the past.  Even this week he defended the actions of the IRA while in London.  You cannot condemn one group of terrorists while embracing another.

Pennsylvania Republicans are attempting to alter our electoral college rules by allocating presidential votes by Congressional District.  This is a way conservatives are trying to rig the electoral college.  Winner take all has been the basis for our national elections since the dawn of the republic.  If they don’t like it perhaps it’s time to just do away with the system once and for all and go with whoever wins the most votes.  That would weaken the two party system and be better for all I believe.