Economy and Pennsylvania will decide this race.

Now, it has coming down to this. Sen. Barack Obama and Sen. John McCain have been battling each other through the country. The polls have been up and have been down. Then comes Joe Biden the pit bill into the scene only to be overshadowed by Gov. Sarah Palin and her short-lived bump. Then comes the financial bank lending and foreclosure crisis hitting its Depression-level peak. The free-market conservatives have now become socialists begging for a bailout. Treasury secretary Henry Paulson now has the long face and is pushing the American people to quickly hand him 70 trillion taxpayer dollars to save the wheeling and dealing, gambling Wall Street lending, stock firms that have gotten drunk with power…and are now paying the price. And he wants the bailout without any regulation or anything to help all the working and middle class people that have lost their houses and their jobs due to the foreclosure crisis. The anti-regulation dogma of the Bush-McCain people have failed and they are now wanting to take the tax money and run without helping you. You can almost hear the words “recession” slip out of everyone’s mouths. And the dower look on McCain’s face is his inability to try to change the subject…the reality that now, it is all about the economy, stupid. Now, if Obama wants to become president, he better come over to this area where all the skeptical voters are and explain how in exactly detail he is going to help all these laid-off, foreclosed-on, homeless, social mobility-losing folks who are the victims of the failed, do-nothing policies of the McCain-Palin-Bush ideology.

Obama makes fun of McBush’s tire pressure agenda

ELKHART, Ind. – While campaigning in Indiana, Barack Obama swung right back at McBush’s attacks and called him out on the tire pressure cannon fodder that he tried to use in a character assassination attempt and to move attention away from the economy and American pocketbooks. McBush tried to ridicule Obama for advising the public to make sure that their tires were properly inflated  and that it saves gasoline. I don’t see what’s so comical about Obama mentioning that, considering that the American Automobile Association (AAA) and NASCAR recommends it too. McBush tried to make fun of Obama at the Sturgi’s Bike Rally about mentioning tire pressure saying, “My opponent doesn’t want to drill, he doesn’t want nuclear power, he wants you to inflate your tires.”

Obama struck McBush’s label of being a “maverick.” While there are issues that the Arizona senator has broken with his party on, he “reversed himself on position after position” to secure his party’s nomination, Obama asserted.

“That doesn’t meet my definition of a maverick.”

Evan Bayh joined him during the campaign on 2 spots in the state.

Our innovative, new energy choices

The American people’s environmental and economic interests have been ignored, because of cable media’s misleading, pro-Big Oil, talking head spin and John McCain’s old-style politics. And it doesn’t help when cable media persists to give McCain undeserved, favorable news coverage regarding energy policy. The McCain campaign has tried to muddle the conversation on energy policy. They have engaged in archaic, below the belt politics that have tried to distract from focus on more productive energy initiatives to solve our economic problems. The McCain campaign has engaged in flagrant flip-flopping, character assassination, divide-and-conquer political maneuvers and cannon fodder as an alternative to focusing on the real issues that have caused real pain at the pump and an empty wallet.

John McCain has only talked about oil drilling, reversing his long opposition to it, and more nuclear power. However, he has refused to go into talking about other choices of energy that are cleaner and more useful. The cable news media has also assisted the campaign’s manipulation of dialogue and information by creating a monopoly on what we talk about on the energy subject. Oil drilling is not the be-all, end-all of what we need. In fact, oil drilling is a choice that would take, according to experts, 10 years to come to fruition. Even when it does it would only give a break of only a few cents, and would swiftly be swallowed up by the oil speculation and price gouging of the oil companies. Even if they started tomorrow, it wouldn’t help. Bush’s own Energy Department reports that off shore drilling would produce no relief until about 2030. The McCain campaign needs to be realistic about the real problem and the fact that Americans are truly suffering. I guess we should not expect that much when McCain’s former energy adviser, Phil Gramm,  said a little while ago that America was having a “mental recession” and that we are a “nation of whiners.” That doesn’t sound understanding of our energy problem and needs.

We have more immediate choices by demanding President Bush to release the oil in our strategic national reserves and to demand that Congress discontinue the corporate welfare tax subsidies given to the oil companies that they do not need. John McCain has talked about creating 40 new nuclear power plants when we don’t even know what to do with the nuclear waste created by the ones we have now.

Have we forgotten the problems of nuclear power? It takes 10,000 years for the waste to break down, there is no place to dispose it in, and it is terribly harmful to humans, animals, plants and our food/ecosystems. Have we forgot the horrible disasters that nuclear power has the potential to cause, especially the damage that it has caused to lives and the environment in Chernobyl (genetic mutation to the survivors), in Japan, and what almost happened at Three Mile Island in the 70s? Why go down that road when there is fresh, innovative energy in front of us that can be made fast and easy?

Wind power equipment can be constructed really fast. Nuclear power plants cannot be built as immediately. And wind power has potential to deliver as much power as nuclear power can without the excessive environmental damage and looming threat to our way of life. Then there is geothermal energy for our home.

Geothermal energy is natural energy that can used without damage to the environment. What about titanium solar, hydrogen fuel cell, and plug-in electric energy? They can be made with the fraction of the price of what it would cost to build the older, more wasteful forms of energy. And we can create domestic jobs that can put our American worker back into employment and build our American image as a strong competitor of independent energy that won’t be exported from Saudi Arabia or other nations that support terror with our money. Those are better choices than continuing to feed the Big Oil monster that has the struggling American worker over its knee.

We cannot take at face value information coming from the McCain campaign; when John McCain has recently received campaign contributions from the very same oil industry that is making record profits at our expenses. For example, Exxon has received 11.7 billion dollars in profits over the last 3 months. The Arizona senator has been pocketing more than a million in contributions from oil executives and the money is going into an ad that promises he’s taking on the oil industry. McCain is trying to make a fool of your judgment. What about the Obama energy plan?

The Obama plan will cut U.S. oil consumption of foreign oil by 2.5 million barrels of oil per day, take 50 million cars worth of pollution off the road, and save American consumers more than $50 billion at the gas pump. At a time when Americans are paying record gas prices, John McCain proposes an additional $1.2 billion tax break for big oil companies.

Barack Obama brought together supporters and opponents of gas mileage standards to support bold legislation doubling fuel economy standards in 18 years. Obama’s plan establishes concrete efficiency targets while giving industry the flexibility to meet those targets. The Illinois senator has been one of the strongest proponents in Congress for increasing the national supply of home-grown American renewable fuels. Obama introduced the American Fuels Act with Senator Richard Lugar (R-IN) to increase domestic production, distribution, and use of biofuels. Obama also championed successful legislation to make gas stations eligible for tax credits to install E85 ethanol refueling pumps.

Barack Obama will also establish a 20 percent Renewable Portfolio Standard (RPS) to require that 20 percent of electricity consumed in the U.S. is derived by clean, sustainable energy sources. This requirement will create thousands of new American jobs, especially in rural areas.

We, as a country, need to demand that the talk on our energy policy is as transparent, whole, and as constructive for all of us as possible. In a time when we are facing an environmental crisis, like climate change, we need to be more pragmatic about energy choices that doesn’t destroy our shores, beaches, our national wildlife refuges, or cause more damage to our planet. It is possible to have productive energy choices while protecting our planet for our children and their children.

Okay, here a laundry list of stories of Bush-McShame F**k-ups

I cannot write stories for all of these, because it would take too long. However, I can make a list of f**k-ups that have been done over the past week. So here it is:

1)Bush Administration is trying to define birth control as abortion – which would put a country-full of women sh*t out of luck. “Dubya” is trying to push a bill that defines birth control as abortion and allows pharmacy employees to refuse to sell birth control if they think it’s abortion and insurance companies to stop covering it- which violates the laws on the books of 26 states that make it mandatory for insurance companies to cover birth control.

2)Good news: A very conservative Federal district Ct. judge declared in a ruling that Congress has a right to subpoena White House aides to testify- so they cannot hide behind executive privilege. Bad news: the White House may try to run out the clock b/c the subpoenas are only effective until Congress leaves session and goes on vacation.

3)Attention to all Cuban voters: John McCain’s wife is doing business with a company in Yuma, Havana. Cindy’s beer company is selling beer to Castro’s regime.

4)Cheney and the neo-cons in the Administration are talking about their idea to provoke American troops into attacking Iran. Seymour Hersch uncovered the scheme that Bush-Cheney were discussing and the media isn’t covering that much. The outrageous plot is that they want to dress troops as Iranian soldiers and have them shoot at their own American soldiers- which would start an international incident.

5)KBR/Halliburton scandal- Soldier gets electrocuted in shower because of faulty wiring from outsourced contractors.

6)Fox joking about killing Obama

7)Fox attacks Obama by calling him Osama

8)Exxon/Mobil made record-breaking profit at your expense ($1,500 per seconds)with speculators’ manipulation of the markets.

9)Alaskan Senator Ted Stevens Indicted and still running for his incumbent seat that’s at risk this year.

10)Ex-Vice President of George H.W. Bush, Dan Quayle, making more of a fool of himself by participating in TV program, Dancing With The Stars.

McShame desperate to paint Obama as celebrity narcissist, worrying GOP negativity scaring voters

GOP, with empty pockets, are desperate to paint Obama as a celebrity narcissist, but some in GOP are nervous that McBush is getting too negative and not showing blue collar voters reason to vote for him. The GOP had strategized the maneuver for months and in April launched Audacity Watch. The one-liner of a narcissist celebrity nominee that can’t wait to be president started penetrating the mainstream when David Letterman did his skit “Top Ten Signs Barack Obama Is Overconfident.” That is when this started turning into a potential liability. the McBush stopped trying to hit him so much with the issues and started trying to nail Obama’s character. That is when the McBush campaign played their newest TV ad depicting Obama as nothing but a celebrity- putting his image with the Berlin crowd of 200,000 alongside Paris Hilton and Britney Spears, message: unfit to be president. However, the Obama campaign responded hours later to the ad accusing the McShame campaign of taking the low road and practicing the politics of the past.

With McShame’s desperate search for something to attack Obama with, thye are playing with risk. the constract between Obama’s charisma and McBush constant flip-flops and inability to excite his base could become more apparent and finally push Obama over the line of the commander-in-chief race. With all the previous presidents in mind, measure the personalities of John Kennedy through Ronald Reagan it is apparent that the American people do want a good amount of “celebrity” and charisma. However, the McShame campaign has failed to realize that even their own base is nervous about the possibility that the voters they are shooting for could get turned off. McBush campaign has focused so much on Obama (because, let’s face it: this race is a referendum of Obama and whether he is ready to be president) that they have failed to sell their guy. He could risk looking angry and partisan and turn off even Independents. it could further show him to be what he really is: a champion of old and archaic politics and overlooking the nature worries and concerns of the nation- the economy. Plus, cheap shots could just plain make him look juvenile. On the otherhand, it seems like he is taking his notes off the Clinton primary playbook.

However, what this means for the Obama campaign is that they need to get Obama back to making the contrast between him and the failed Bush-McSame policies that have put the American people in such a financial slump now, and that they can trust Obama on the economy because he feels their pain at the pump and the wallet. The McShame campaign have no answers except the tax cuts that have helped drain the country of its money and created a financial vampire of the endless occupation of Iraq to the abandonment of Afghanistan.