McShame desperate to paint Obama as celebrity narcissist, worrying GOP negativity scaring voters

GOP, with empty pockets, are desperate to paint Obama as a celebrity narcissist, but some in GOP are nervous that McBush is getting too negative and not showing blue collar voters reason to vote for him. The GOP had strategized the maneuver for months and in April launched Audacity Watch. The one-liner of a narcissist celebrity nominee that can’t wait to be president started penetrating the mainstream when David Letterman did his skit “Top Ten Signs Barack Obama Is Overconfident.” That is when this started turning into a potential liability. the McBush stopped trying to hit him so much with the issues and started trying to nail Obama’s character. That is when the McBush campaign played their newest TV ad depicting Obama as nothing but a celebrity- putting his image with the Berlin crowd of 200,000 alongside Paris Hilton and Britney Spears, message: unfit to be president. However, the Obama campaign responded hours later to the ad accusing the McShame campaign of taking the low road and practicing the politics of the past.

With McShame’s desperate search for something to attack Obama with, thye are playing with risk. the constract between Obama’s charisma and McBush constant flip-flops and inability to excite his base could become more apparent and finally push Obama over the line of the commander-in-chief race. With all the previous presidents in mind, measure the personalities of John Kennedy through Ronald Reagan it is apparent that the American people do want a good amount of “celebrity” and charisma. However, the McShame campaign has failed to realize that even their own base is nervous about the possibility that the voters they are shooting for could get turned off. McBush campaign has focused so much on Obama (because, let’s face it: this race is a referendum of Obama and whether he is ready to be president) that they have failed to sell their guy. He could risk looking angry and partisan and turn off even Independents. it could further show him to be what he really is: a champion of old and archaic politics and overlooking the nature worries and concerns of the nation- the economy. Plus, cheap shots could just plain make him look juvenile. On the otherhand, it seems like he is taking his notes off the Clinton primary playbook.

However, what this means for the Obama campaign is that they need to get Obama back to making the contrast between him and the failed Bush-McSame policies that have put the American people in such a financial slump now, and that they can trust Obama on the economy because he feels their pain at the pump and the wallet. The McShame campaign have no answers except the tax cuts that have helped drain the country of its money and created a financial vampire of the endless occupation of Iraq to the abandonment of Afghanistan.