Barletta Linked to Nativists/Neo-Nazis

Congressman Lou Barletta who rode immigrant bashing to Washington has linked himself to Jim Gilchrest of Minuteman infamy and through that relationship, to Neo-Nazi groups surrounding Gilchrest.  The heated rhetoric created by Barletta resulted in the beating murder of an undocumented Mexican in Shenandoah, not far from Lou’s home in Hazleton.  Words do have consequences and besides using his inflamed rhetoric to get to DC the Congressman got there by attaching his coattails to some very unsavory souls.

Jim Gilchrest formed the Nativist, racist group Minutemen and eventually was forced out when he was accused of stealing donations.  He then formed a webiste largely devoted to promoting himself and has appeared at rallies and events supporting Congressional candidates.  Everywhere he goes he is surrounded by Neo-Nazis.  He also was a strong supporter of murderer Shawna Forde who conducted a brutal home invasion in Arizona and killed a 9 year old Hispanic girl and her father.

Congressman Barletta received an award from Gilchrest while attending the CPAC conference.  Why would a Pennsylvania Congressman associate himself with someone who defends racist murderers, is surrounded by Neo-Nazis in full regalia, and who constantly demeans minorities?  Attending the presentation were several virulent white nationalists:

William Johnson

Jared Taylor

The Council of Conservative Citizens

Timothy P. Dionisopoulos

Lou Barletta is openly associating with white supremacists and accepting an award from nativist Jim Gilchrest.  Is this what we as Pennsylvanians want associated with our Commonwealth?  What this says about Congressman Barletta is obvious.