Freed to Violate Penn State Rules at Fundraiser

David Freed, GOP candidate for Attorney General is showing a shocking disregard for rules.  He will have a tailgate fundraiser this Saturday at the Penn State/Temple football game.  Penn State does not allow its facilities to be used for political events like these.  Greenlee Partners is hosting it for him in violation of PSU’s rules and regulations.  Suggested donations are $500/couple.

How does violating the rules and regulations of  a public institution qualify one to be Attorney General?  I think it disqualifies Mr. Freed.

News & Notes August 18, 2011

Pennsylvania AFL-CIO President Rick Bloomingdale was arrested yesterday at a sit-in against Hershey Foods.  As Keystone Progress reported yesterday the food manufacturer misled foreign students who paid $3-6,000 apiece to come and work at Hershey Park for the summer.  Instead they were to put to labor filling boxes of chocolates at the candy factory.

Michele Bachmann is promising a return to under $2/gallon gasoline if elected president.   She intends to do this by expanding drilling (more Deepwater Horizons) and reducing regulations on oil companies (more poisoned air, ground and water).  The actual cause of the spike in gas prices is the deregulation of commodities markets under George W. Bush.  Speculators were allowed unrestricted access and huge pension funds and other investors flooded into these markets driving up prices.  How Bachmann, who advocates deregulation and free markets, intends to lower prices caused by those exact conditions illustrates she either doesn’t understand the problem or is pandering to voters.

Manan Trivedi announced last month he is running for Jim Gerlach’s Congressional seat again.  I hope he finds an issue to run on this time.  In 2010, with all of the horrid votes cast by Gerlach over the years, all Trivedi could find for a message was the Congressional pay raise.  With all the issues and problems facing this country voters didn’t care about how much Gerlach made.

The Murdochs have been caught lying again about the News Corporation phone hacking scandal.  Surprise, surprise.  Now what will Parliament do about it?

President Obama will call for Syrian President Assad to step down following violent clashes with protesters.  I hope the American and British leaders remember this when austerity riots break out in both countries.