Our Norwegian Sorrow

The death toll in Noway was corrected downward yesterday but the tragedy facing that very civilized country remains great.  Anders Breivik was in court and pled not guilty to the bombing in Oslo which killed eight and a 90 minute shooting rampage in which another 76 people lost their lives.  The Christian Terrorist planned and organized his day of terror so he could gain publicity for his racist, extremist views.  Interestingly many American right wing hate media sites initially blamed the bombing on Muslim terrorists.  

Breivik targeted liberals in a society known for its liberalism.  Fired up by hate rhetoric partially originating here in the U.S. and growing out of the Christian versus Muslim hysteria created by President Bush, VP Cheney and their cohorts used to justify the Iraq War, Breivik was angry at the refugees immigrating to Noway.  Some of them, ironically, were from Iraq, fleeing the death and destruction of Bush’s war.

One of the most heinous reactions since Friday has been that of Glenn Beck who is seemingly excusing or justifying the murderous rampage since its victims were liberals.  He has equated them with the Hitler Youth in saying it was OK to target them for a massacre.  Of course this is like gunning down everyone at a Young Democrats gathering and justifying it by saying they were Hitler Youth.  Beck knows no human decency.  This is yet another example of News Corporation’s high ethical standards.

We feel deep sorrow for our Norwegian friends and apologize for American extremists who incited your Anders Breivik.   We feel your pain and seek to gain an example from you about how to deal with domestic terrorism with dignity and compassion.