It’s All About the Economy, Period.

I’ve been sitting on the sidelines watching McCain make a raving fool of himself, but I couldn’t stand to sit any longer. The mere fact that after the global stock market has plunged 500 points, and the country has lost 1 trillion in profits over 4 days, he has the audacity to act as if the economy is a meddlesome issue to be ignored in favor of playing the same games and malicious character assaults is totally shameless. Also, the fact that he has tried to make experience his bumper sticker and yet he has put someone, like Gov. Sarah Palin, with: 1) a phobia for speaking to reporters, 2) with NO experience except for being a mayor of a town with less than 8000 people for 2 seconds, 3) that is also busy participating in Cheney and Rovian tactics of ignoring bipartisan state subpoenas, 4) that is trying to declare that the after the Bush Administration has abused and usurpered executive power under the unitary initiative she can feel free to insult the intelligence of the American people, by openly daring to make an anti-American, monarchical statement that the vice president can increase and expand his or her powers over Constitutionally-embedded and long-established balance of power, 5) that she wants to basically ignore our real problems of solving our economic issues in favor of taking our reproductive and health rights away even in the case rape and incest, tax our health insurance benefits and add 5 more million to the list of the uninsured, and privatize social security and making our elderly vulnerable, 6) and has the inability to directly answer questions- to be one beat away from the presidency is not only heinous, but an outrage- even for the most ardent of conservatives.

It shows his present character that he has put the Country Last. People all over the nation are losing their houses, their life savings, their LIVELIHOOD and all he can think about is trashing his opponent in desperation for not doing well in the polls? He’s trying to skirt the issue by trying to do one cheap tactic after another to hide the reality that he has NO ANSWERS for the economic issues we are suffering from and it’s unfathomable. The reality is that he is desperate and he is willing to say and do anything to continue the same, failed policies of the Bush Administration, Big Oil and the other toxic corporate interest groups that have caused this deregulated mess (and are running and funding his campaign)and have allowed and have encouraged CEOs on Wall Street to take advantage of the middle class and get bailed out while hard-working people get their houses foreclosed on and lose their jobs.

McBush has always said that the economy is not his strong suit, but still said in lock-step with the Bush Administration that the “fundamentals of the economy are strong.” Now he’s confused as to why people are rejecting his old, archaic, failed ideology of deregulation that he has stood for his full 26 years in the Senate. The same ideology that he has always pushed, especially when he got in the way of regulators while being given money by Charles Keating, the extortion criminal that he had connections with and narrowly escaped accompanying in jail for the Keating Five savings and loan deregulation scandal during the late 80’s that, like today’s crisis, had cost taxpayers billions. During the past few days, the approval rate for economic optimism has fallen drastically from 24% to single digits.  

The McCain-Palin-Bush team philosophy has failed in its “you’re on your own” bull-headedness. We need to do the patriotic initiative of saving our country that is in trouble right now and at risk of falling into a depression. John McCain, like his economic advisor Phil Gramm who said that we are a “nation of whiners” and that we are suffering from a “mental recession,” is completely out of touch and is too elitist with his 11 houses and countless cars to understand that we have been suffering for a long time before now. Now, it is just more out in the open. The economic crisis has put our families and lives at risk. No bull behind it, we need to reject the character assassination games of the McCain campaign and choose the real candidate that you know feels our pain more and that we trust more to deal with our frightening economic crisis- Senator Barack Obama.

Obama needs to show his anger

The lies of the McBush-(A)Palin campaign has been shameless. They have tried to display themselves as something other than the complete continuation of the Bush administration. They have persisted in character assassination instead of talking about economic issues that the American people need to hear. They have made fun of community organizers and have used the same old politics to distract and distort. Obama has been clear and concise this whole campaign and has tried to avoid showing emotion in fear of receiving prejudice as an “angry black man.” However, like MLK during the later part of the civil rights struggle in the 60s, it is now time to show righteous anger. What McCain-Palin-Bush have done during these past 8 years is insulting to the intelligence of the American people and they have had enough. Barack Obama should show his righteous anger and say “Enough.” Enough of what the Mccain-Bush Republicans have done to the country and the economy. They have no answers, so now they persist in character assassination and distraction methods. McShame campaign chair Rick Davis has admitted they are not making it about the issues and are trying to make it about character attacks. Now it is time for Obama to say ENOUGH and demand that the issues of the American people are put first. That lies, distortions and dangerous Republican tactics will not take place of real change and the American people’s focus on choosing a different path than the failed policies and corruption of the Bush Administration and the insulting attempts of McCain-Palin trying to continue exactly same policies in a 3rd Bush term. Enough! It is time to end the distractions, smear and 9/11-exploiting scare-tactics of the McCain-Palin campaign and now focus on Obama’s answers to our economic interests.

Obama: get angry about these insulting attempts to distract the public’s attention and focus on our economic issues and ending the failed policies of the McCain-Palin-Bush smear machine.

Obama makes fun of McBush’s tire pressure agenda

ELKHART, Ind. – While campaigning in Indiana, Barack Obama swung right back at McBush’s attacks and called him out on the tire pressure cannon fodder that he tried to use in a character assassination attempt and to move attention away from the economy and American pocketbooks. McBush tried to ridicule Obama for advising the public to make sure that their tires were properly inflated  and that it saves gasoline. I don’t see what’s so comical about Obama mentioning that, considering that the American Automobile Association (AAA) and NASCAR recommends it too. McBush tried to make fun of Obama at the Sturgi’s Bike Rally about mentioning tire pressure saying, “My opponent doesn’t want to drill, he doesn’t want nuclear power, he wants you to inflate your tires.”

Obama struck McBush’s label of being a “maverick.” While there are issues that the Arizona senator has broken with his party on, he “reversed himself on position after position” to secure his party’s nomination, Obama asserted.

“That doesn’t meet my definition of a maverick.”

Evan Bayh joined him during the campaign on 2 spots in the state.

Our innovative, new energy choices

The American people’s environmental and economic interests have been ignored, because of cable media’s misleading, pro-Big Oil, talking head spin and John McCain’s old-style politics. And it doesn’t help when cable media persists to give McCain undeserved, favorable news coverage regarding energy policy. The McCain campaign has tried to muddle the conversation on energy policy. They have engaged in archaic, below the belt politics that have tried to distract from focus on more productive energy initiatives to solve our economic problems. The McCain campaign has engaged in flagrant flip-flopping, character assassination, divide-and-conquer political maneuvers and cannon fodder as an alternative to focusing on the real issues that have caused real pain at the pump and an empty wallet.

John McCain has only talked about oil drilling, reversing his long opposition to it, and more nuclear power. However, he has refused to go into talking about other choices of energy that are cleaner and more useful. The cable news media has also assisted the campaign’s manipulation of dialogue and information by creating a monopoly on what we talk about on the energy subject. Oil drilling is not the be-all, end-all of what we need. In fact, oil drilling is a choice that would take, according to experts, 10 years to come to fruition. Even when it does it would only give a break of only a few cents, and would swiftly be swallowed up by the oil speculation and price gouging of the oil companies. Even if they started tomorrow, it wouldn’t help. Bush’s own Energy Department reports that off shore drilling would produce no relief until about 2030. The McCain campaign needs to be realistic about the real problem and the fact that Americans are truly suffering. I guess we should not expect that much when McCain’s former energy adviser, Phil Gramm,  said a little while ago that America was having a “mental recession” and that we are a “nation of whiners.” That doesn’t sound understanding of our energy problem and needs.

We have more immediate choices by demanding President Bush to release the oil in our strategic national reserves and to demand that Congress discontinue the corporate welfare tax subsidies given to the oil companies that they do not need. John McCain has talked about creating 40 new nuclear power plants when we don’t even know what to do with the nuclear waste created by the ones we have now.

Have we forgotten the problems of nuclear power? It takes 10,000 years for the waste to break down, there is no place to dispose it in, and it is terribly harmful to humans, animals, plants and our food/ecosystems. Have we forgot the horrible disasters that nuclear power has the potential to cause, especially the damage that it has caused to lives and the environment in Chernobyl (genetic mutation to the survivors), in Japan, and what almost happened at Three Mile Island in the 70s? Why go down that road when there is fresh, innovative energy in front of us that can be made fast and easy?

Wind power equipment can be constructed really fast. Nuclear power plants cannot be built as immediately. And wind power has potential to deliver as much power as nuclear power can without the excessive environmental damage and looming threat to our way of life. Then there is geothermal energy for our home.

Geothermal energy is natural energy that can used without damage to the environment. What about titanium solar, hydrogen fuel cell, and plug-in electric energy? They can be made with the fraction of the price of what it would cost to build the older, more wasteful forms of energy. And we can create domestic jobs that can put our American worker back into employment and build our American image as a strong competitor of independent energy that won’t be exported from Saudi Arabia or other nations that support terror with our money. Those are better choices than continuing to feed the Big Oil monster that has the struggling American worker over its knee.

We cannot take at face value information coming from the McCain campaign; when John McCain has recently received campaign contributions from the very same oil industry that is making record profits at our expenses. For example, Exxon has received 11.7 billion dollars in profits over the last 3 months. The Arizona senator has been pocketing more than a million in contributions from oil executives and the money is going into an ad that promises he’s taking on the oil industry. McCain is trying to make a fool of your judgment. What about the Obama energy plan?

The Obama plan will cut U.S. oil consumption of foreign oil by 2.5 million barrels of oil per day, take 50 million cars worth of pollution off the road, and save American consumers more than $50 billion at the gas pump. At a time when Americans are paying record gas prices, John McCain proposes an additional $1.2 billion tax break for big oil companies.

Barack Obama brought together supporters and opponents of gas mileage standards to support bold legislation doubling fuel economy standards in 18 years. Obama’s plan establishes concrete efficiency targets while giving industry the flexibility to meet those targets. The Illinois senator has been one of the strongest proponents in Congress for increasing the national supply of home-grown American renewable fuels. Obama introduced the American Fuels Act with Senator Richard Lugar (R-IN) to increase domestic production, distribution, and use of biofuels. Obama also championed successful legislation to make gas stations eligible for tax credits to install E85 ethanol refueling pumps.

Barack Obama will also establish a 20 percent Renewable Portfolio Standard (RPS) to require that 20 percent of electricity consumed in the U.S. is derived by clean, sustainable energy sources. This requirement will create thousands of new American jobs, especially in rural areas.

We, as a country, need to demand that the talk on our energy policy is as transparent, whole, and as constructive for all of us as possible. In a time when we are facing an environmental crisis, like climate change, we need to be more pragmatic about energy choices that doesn’t destroy our shores, beaches, our national wildlife refuges, or cause more damage to our planet. It is possible to have productive energy choices while protecting our planet for our children and their children.

Bush hails himself and pats himself on the back with “progress” Iraq war rhetoric

This morning, Bush proclaimed alleged gains in the Iraq occupation. He boasted about a downturn of violence, saying that violence has been at its lowest since 2004, that rate is holding and the Iraqis are more capable of keeping the country secure. He also said that he expects further reductions in troops, however progress is still reversible. he also peddled tired old rhetoric with saying that the best way to support the troops is to blindly support their long deployment and stay there. The only thing here that is any different is that he mentions that starting on August 1, troops heading to Iraq will do 12-month shift instead of 15 months- but that doesn’t apply to a soldiers already there.

Obviously, with only 5 months to go of his presidency, Bush is desperate to point anything he can manipulate the American people into thinking is progress. he is eager to feed his cronies, McBush and co, the fabled adventures of the so-called surge and the rise of troops in the Diyala Province as the miracle to the decline in violence–completely ignoring the rise in the millions of displaced refugees, the ignoring of the rise of violence/lack of troops in the real Al Qaeda area of Pakistan/Afganistan, and the recent bombing of 56 people in Iraq by female suicide bombers that killed a large amount of our troops. Don’t let them make you forget this with the lack of media coverage on the numbers: 4125 troops having been killed since 2003. Nouri al-Maliki is taking a pro-active stance at trying to make sure that the Bush Administration doesn’t try to subvert the Iraqi people’s will of wanting the troops to go back home. With his legacy at stake and his buddy McSame hanging on the clothes liner waiting to be washed up by Obama, he is pushing these press statements to distract the American people. It may be just me, but maybe the best way to answer the Bush-McSame tag team is to press the remote’s off button.

Obama and Virginia Gov. Tim Kaine as VP?

There is buzz around the political blogosphere that Gov. Tim Kane, Virginia Democratic governor, may be on the short-list as a possible VP choice. There is good reasoning behind it. His background is similar to Obama. He’s an ex-civil rights lawyer, a former Spanish-speaking missionary and is a governor in a state that Obama wants to turn blue.  

The governor has been seen being courted by the Obama campaign by many sources and is being very seriously considered for the VP slot.

Tim Kaine’s staff are already preparing for the possible situation if he is picked.

There are questions that come up on the ramifications for if he really is picked:

(1)How are the Clinton supporters going to react? Could there be a voter backlash? Will this put off the Clinton people and risk a further a split in the party come Convention Day? There are still 17% of Democrats that either may stay home or may even ridiculously throw their future away and vote McBush right now, like angry Clintonites in the group PUMass. Would this make that situation worse?

(2)How does Tim Kaine, a governor of 2 years, cover Obama’s criteria of experience?

(3)Why Kaine over Jim Webb? Jim Webb has the military experience that Obama needs to counteract McBush in the foreign policy dept. If you’re going to pick someone from Virginia to attract white voters into the blue column, why not try the strong hand from the state? I don’t personally like Jim Webb, because of his egregious stance against civil rights and his flagrant misogyny, but he has the potential to bring blue-collar whites into the populist and the anti-war realm.

McBush gets away with everything while Obama is knocking home runs

McBush keeps making gaffes over and over again and getting away from it. Meanwhile, overseas, Obama is doing everything from engaging the world to finding agreement with Iraqi government and people over having a 2010 timetable for withdrawal. McBush is falling over himself screwing up, begging for media attention, and he’s getting away with it. He made continuous references to Czechoslovakia, a country that doesn’t even exist anyone, he’s flip flopping on different position, and can barely even talk right on TV, and the media’s giving him a  free pass. If Obama would make these mistakes you would hear the end of it.

For example, During a CBS interview on Tuesday, McBush made a mistake about the “surge” strategy in Iraq. While he was being interviewed by Katie Couric, he said that the “surge” was responsible for the “Anbar Awakening,” where he claimed that  Sunni sheiks turned against Al Qaeda, and that was instrumental in reducing violence in Iraq. BS. That wasn’t true. Was that seen by anyoone watching that interview? No. They edited the error out of their program. MSNBC’s Keith Olbermann exposed the fraud…”…It aired Katie Couric’s question, but in response, it aired part of McCain’s answer to the other question instead.” Of course, on the same day they continued the lie that the media was giving more attention and favored Obama. The Huffington post found the sherade as well. Click link to listen to Keith Olbermann confront the 2-step CBS tried to play on their viewers.…

Click below for video of Olbermann exposing McCain and CBS.  

Obama’s trip overseas has potential to swing race, analysts say.

Obama is making a trip overseas to shine a beacon on America’s interests, and the reporters are following him. By the Illinois statesman going over to Europe and the Middle East, it shows him in a strong light as a possible commander-in-chief . With the extreme interest of other countries in Barack Obama there is a chance he will get mostly good coverage from the 12,000-mile journey. Of course, there are going to be folks that are going to look at this as mostly a stunt, specifically the Bush-McCain associates and European conservatives. However, the most important thing is that Sen. Obama will very likely get a positive response from the Iraqi people from this, because even though American presidents have been unpopular there for decades Obama’s position in taking troops out of there will raise his popularity there and give him more of a commanding resolve and influence over affecting the troubled situation over there and give towards his national security creds. And that position will give him a strong ground to stand on, because if the majority of the American people want the troops home, and a majority of Iraqis, including the Maliki government, want them to leave…to the point that they have refused to sign on to anything from the Bush Administration that would lead the troops to stay a prolonged period of time there, then it is clear the tide is turning in Barack’s favor.

McBush was the one urging him to go overseas, and now he’s flip flopped about it and calling it a “photo-op.” The McBush campaign is trying to stain Obama’s resolve by trying to say that Obama’s long-standing position of pulling the troops out in 16 months is a premature stand before going over to Iraq. And cronies in the corporate press are trying to peddle the false reasoning like greasy door salesmen pushing broken product on you on your day off at home. Congress’s approval rating is lower than Bush’s, their ratings are between 9%-14%, just because they have rolled over and played lapdog to the Crony-In-Chief over ending the war by giving him a blank check with billions borrowed from China when they could have cut the funding.

Analysts say that this could swing race either way. This could swing it positively towards his way in influencing perception to the world and the American people that he’s ready to lead, or the other way if he does a significant gaffe.

McBush is also unhappy that it will take away from all the attention and oratory snuggling that he’s been getting from the sycophantic pet press. Surprisingly, with all the attention he was getting from them in their yearning to sit on the lap of Good ol’ McDonald McBush, it’s amazing how they’re not able to share the warm, fireside stories to us, the American public, of all the flip-flopping he’s done on issue after issue- oil drilling, economy, environment, Far-Right evangelists, the Bush tax cuts, abortion, campaign finance reform, on torture, ethanol, the Confederate Flag, and on having any principled belief whatsoever. They’re exciting stories too, of all the times when he was for all these different issues before he was against these different issues- and how he’ll say anything to get elected. And how fun it would be for him to nominate a Massachusetts governor who also flip-flops on everything and how Mitt Romney would fit that mold.

In effort to help his buddy McSame, Bush takes ban off off-shore drilling in the Wildlife Refuge.

In an effort to help his buddy, McSame and destroy the environment, Bush has taken the ban off Off-shore Drilling. This does not come as a surprise in a time where Bush-McCain and Co. have nothing to lose in showing their affection for each other while destroying the Wildlife Refuge and environment to our detriment. Beautiful. And Congress still refuses to put impeachment back on the table. Of course, we are forced to see the world’s biggest tantric sex session between Bush-Mcsame and the rest of the Neo-Cons over off-shore drilling and destroying the future of the American people. It’s time to throw the snakes back in the pit and vote for change.

Gen. Wesley Clark goes for the jugular on the specifics of McSame’s military record

4-star General and NATO Commander Wesley Clark questioned McSame’s war experience this weekend on whether he was really qualified to run for the presidency. So McBush chickens out on answering the American people about his lack of judgment and recruits Bud Day of 2004 Swift Boat deception infamy to assault the military veteran (I’ve heard he’s creating a new group called “Truth Squad”). And you bet Day would politicize Vietnam in his attack. “General Clark spent a month in Vietnam, got badly wounded and was evacuated, that was his experience. I say let’s hold the two of them up and compare them.” Well, Clark realizes something McSame has failed to and it is that his compassion is so great that he understands how damaging war is to the psyche of the American trooper. 3-4 endless tours to Iraq to perpetuate an endless invasion for the Administration’s evil deception and greed for oil. Not to mention that McBush wants to continue the failed policy of sending lawless, Wild West-oriented mercenaries and contractors, Blackwater USA, to murder Iraqi families on the streets and McBush wants to continue the Administration’s policy of paying the contractors 3x more than our soldiers- to the detriment and neglect of our homeland and our ports (which are being sold to foreign countries)in a 3rd Bush term. All while the neo-cons totally ignored the war in Afghanistan and lied to the American people about who really attacked us on 9-11, which wasn’t Saddam, it was Osama bin-Laden. And did Bush capture bin Laden? No, he doesn’t even talk about it. He’s a liar with flawed and corrupt judgment, and so is his cabana boy, John McSame! Keep fighting and putting the heat on him for the American people, General Clark!