News & Notes April 27, 2011

There has been a lot of news this morning.  An Afghan military officer opened fire and killed nine Americans in Kabul.  Isn’t it time we cut our losses and left this war ravaged nation?  Trying to instill democracy has never worked and it is failing there.  Democracy is something which must come from the people in a grassroots effort as we’re witnessing in many Arab lands.  It cannot be imposed.

The Federal Reserve announced it will not change the rate of interest.  The more I see of unfettered capitalism the more I like socialism.  The best thing for socialists is to simply sit back and watch capitalism implode.

2012 will be yet another change election now that voters have seen the GOP agenda.  No jobs, just extremism in its naked form.  The tax cuts for the rich combined with program cuts for everyone else highlighted by the recent attacks on Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid, should be game changers.  Leave it to Democrats though to drop the ball.

The International union of Fire Fighters has announced it will no longer contribute to national Democrats.  Unhappy with doing so and then getting screwed they will focus on state races.  Smart.

Gov. Corbett is coming out against forced pooling as his poll numbers plummet.  He has to do something to placate angry Pennsylvanians.  The well blowout in Bradford County has people pissed.  The reaction times for notifying authorities and then capping the well were unacceptable.  People are asking why a team had to come from Oklahoma to stop the leakage.  With thousands of wells already drilled here why are their no response teams on the ground here?  The energy industry knows they own Corbett and other key lawmakers so felt they could do whatever they wished.  Corbett’s forced pooling decision is a warning he still has to answer to the people.

The five freshmen Republicans in Pennsylvania’s Congressional delegation plus swing district veterans such as Dent and Gerlach could be in trouble over their votes for RyanCare.  It is incumbent on Democrats to field strong candidates in these areas and support them well.  The opportunity exists to hang them with their votes.  Having Patrick Murphy running for AG takes one strong contender out of PA-08 however.  Who will step up?  

Rep. Gabrielle Giffords will travel to Florida to witness her husband shoot into space on the shuttle.  This is an amazing recovery thus far for the heroic woman shot in the head not long ago.  Why can’t we pack Sarah Palin on the shuttle and take her where she rightly belongs-space?

I’m not really worried about the debt ceiling vote.  The real masters of Washington (Wall Sreet) will never allow a default vote to happen.

Leon Panetta will succeed Robert Gates at the Pentagon.  General David Petraeus will succeed him at CIA.  Panetta should be a good fit at the Pentagon but I have serious misgivings about the CIA.  It has never worked well putting a military person in Langley.  This CIA is already too caught up and involved in paramilitary operations and putting a General in charge is a recipe for disaster.

Donald Trump has some serious baggage trying to carry the GOP nomination.  First of all his voting record is awful and The WaPo reports he has given more money to Democrats than Republicans over the years.  That should play well in Iowa…for the rest of the field.

Why are the feds going after internet gaming operators while allowing Wall Street criminals a walk?