Where’s Judy?

We’re now over a month since State Senator Mike O’Pake died and the only tangible evidence a special election is happening is Larry Medaglia’s new website.  Remember the children’s game “Where’s Waldo?”  I feel like that is what both candidates are doing in this short time span to March 15th.  Larry and Judy Schwank both do understand the election is then don’t they?  Why have they wasted so much valuable time doing…what???

The selection processes for both parties took agonizingly long costing both of them critical time.  Regardless there was much they both could have done:  organize staff and volunteers, print basic materials, schedule fund raisers and public events and build websites.  I’m dumbfounded Judy didn’t have her campaign ready to roll out on the 22nd.  It isn’t as if she had to raise money, she had $24,000 in the bank.  Where were the volunteer sign up sheets, buttons (not ones someone else made at their expense) and website?

Both Schwank and Medaglia stumbled out of the gate and fumbled the ball.  Luckily for them the other was just as incompetent.  The chance to bury the other under a flurry of initial radio spots defining the opponent was golden but missed.    Larry’s website is awfully basic but at least he is up.  Where’s Judy?  She wasn’t at Drinking Liberally last week and the next one isn’t for several weeks.  In a short campaign window time is of the essence but one wouldn’t know it watching this mess.  Does Judy even have any staff or an office yet?  Why wasn’t she at DL for crying out loud?