Revolution In Egypt

Egypt and Tunisia serve as warnings to any government which serves only its elite:  the people have the power and know now how to use it to overthrow repressive regimes.  Hear that Wall Street?  The power of social media to spread information in the information age is toppling governments in Africa.  Who will be next?

Rioting Egyptians have gathered in the main square in Cairo while others protest in Suez and Alexandria.  President Hosni Mubarak who took control following the assassination of Anwar Sadat is beginning to look like a former dictator.  Recent crooked elections spurred unrest then when Egyptians witnessed the takedown of a corrupt regime in neighboring Tunisia they became emboldened enough to topple their own government.  Mubarak’s Cabinet resigned this morning but this will not placate the anti-government rioters.  Al Jazeera is reporting upwards of 90 protesters killed through government action which now means deploying the army on the streets of Cairo.

This can only end when the President flees the country and leaves his people to form a new government.  How long the generals continue to support him in the face of such violent opposition is the key ingredient at this time.  When they abandon Mubarak he needs a ticket out of Cairo.  I’ve been following this on Twitter and its fascinating to see how powerful such media are and how they can transform lives.

After Egypt who is next?  America?