News & Notes December 30, 2010

Three months plus after losing my desktop computer Erie Insurance still hasn’t settled the claim.  If you have auto or homeowners through them my advice is this:  switch.  This company has been dragging its feet for so long…

Joe Miller took his sore loser fight in Alaska to federal court after losing in state courts and got his butt handed to him there also.  It is a fundamental right of each voter to have their clear intention counted.  This Tea bagger is undemocratic.  He’s the biggest sore loser since Norm Coleman.

Speaking of big losers NJ Gov. Chris Christie had his political star snuffed out in this week’s blizzard.  How basic a management decision is it not to have both the Governor and Lt. Governor gone at the same time?  It proved a bonanza for Democrats who were left behind to deal with the storm.  Newark Mayor Corey Booker may ride his storm heroism to the Governor’s mansion.

In New York Mayor Bloomberg also saw his political career go down in flames due tot he storm.  How much snow do you need Mayor before declaring a snow emergency?  Six feet?  That’s how far underground your career just went.  Say hello to Christie when you get there.

Yard sings continue to pollute area roadways almost two months after the election.  If you put them up you can take them down folks.  

In another neighboring state Christine O’Donnell is calling Joe Biden out for what she calls “thug” behavior because the FBI is investigating her campaign finances.  This is a good one.  Former staffers accused her of using campaign money to pay personal expenses including her rent.  The FBI has a duty to investigate legitimate complaints such as this.  What made this so legitimate?  O’Donnell herself admitted using funds for her rent.  She claims it was legit because she was running her campaign out of her home.  That doesn’t make it legal only even more unethical.

How is this different from State Sen. Bob Mellow renting state office space for his office from his own company?  This is crooked politics plain and simple.  Christine should just twitch her nose and turn the FBI agents into bats.

Fox News just keeps getting more and more extreme.  Tucker Carlson thinks Michael Vick should have been executed for killing dogs.  As much as we here at TPP have castigated and criticized Vick and the Eagles let’s get real.  We don’t execute people for animal cruelty.  We shouldn’t take any life much less for such an offense.  As much as we hate Vick and what he did the man did do his time and repaid his debt to society.  He didn’t deserve to be hired by the Beagles after what he did but executed?  Going by that rationale every hunter should be on death row.  Stupid is as stupid says.

Bang…I just killed Tucker’s bow tie.  Now there’s an unpardonable offense, someone call the fashion police!

Happy New Year to everyone!

News & Notes November 29, 2010

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving, did some shopping and enjoyed the variety of good football over four days.  Well, except for Eagles fans and us Nittany Lion alumni.  

My high school class met Saturday evening for our 40th reunion.  I was on the committee planning the event (which is why I was really busy the past few weeks) and reconnecting with old friends and having a wonderful time in the process all year was enormously satisfying.  I hadn’t been to a reunion in thirty years due to my medical issues so this was extra special.  Thanks to everyone who attended, especially those who traveled distances.  

Wednesday the President’s Deficit Commission releases its final report if they can come to a super consensus.  That isn’t likely.  These are, for the most part, draconian solutions.  I’ll have more on this over the course of the week.

I must mention how confident I am that the FBI is able to thwart terror attacks of their own making.  How impressive!

Today launches Pennsylvania’s deer hunting season so be aware of frantic does jumping out of the woods if you live in a rural area as I do.  The number of hunters is declining rapidly and soon schools may have to rethink closing the Monday after Thanksgiving.

I began seeing TV commercials from some of the TBTF (too big to fail) banks taking credit for working with homeowners.  What a joke, these institutions aren’t doing much at all.  Millions of homeowners have complained that these leeches won’t work with them all the while they’re creating and submitting fraudulent court documents to evict millions.  Why brag about saving 200,000 when you’ve thrown millions out of their homes?  Meanwhile now these huge financial institutions are attempting to collect on the $200 million they pumped into the year’s elections.  Lobbyists in Washington are working to convince Congress to legalize the MERS system which defrauded homeowners, investors and taxpayers.  I asked Congressman Paul Kanjorski about this at an event shortly before election day:

I got an iPhone a few weeks ago, what are some cool and useful apps?

Gov. Rendell vetoed the radical “castle doctrine” bill over the weekend.  I’m not sure how effective this action will be with Republicans taking over complete control of state government in January but, at least, the legalization of murder will be delayed somewhat.  Under the proposed law a person could shoot anyone they felt threatened by if they were on their property.  Under historic law you could not shoot to kill unless there were no other options available, no means of escape.  This castle doctrine is simply an extension of our national policy of “shoot first, ask questions later” which has made America a rogue nation.  So much for a “civilized” society.  Thank you Governor.

Two months after lightning hit the house and fried my desktop computer we still await settlement of the claim from Erie Insurance.  For some reason they keep delaying paying this claim.  We’re certainly fortunate the house didn’t burn down because its getting awfully cold outside.  Rethink your coverage if you’re with Erie.