Black Friday

Today is Black Friday so how many of you got up before dawn to find bargains?  Not me, I was warm in bed.  I had one black week with one of my horrendous cluster headaches.  Others also had black weeks.  State Senator Raphael Musto was indicted by the feds for corruption.  He is alleged to have sold his office for personal profit then failing to disclose the money on his financial disclaimer forms.  Then he is accused of lying about it all to the FBI.

Former House Majority Leader Tom DeLay was hammered by a jury for money laundering after claiming his innocence for years.  The exterminator was accused of laundering illegal corporate funds to Republican candidates in Texas.  He faces a possible life term.

Thanksgiving was a nice low key day for us.  We dined on turkey, ham, scalloped potatoes and the obligatory green bean casserole.  A bit of football and some watching of old Modern Family episodes finished the day.  I’d never seen the series and was shocked at all the gay stereotypes packed into each episode.  It was a funny show in spite of that though.

Fox News began a war on Thanksgiving this holiday season claiming falsely that Pilgrims almost starved because they were socialists.  As usual Fox has its facts backwards.  In historical reality the Mayflower Compact was a corporation and the Plymouth Colony a business enterprise.  There was nothing socialistic about the way Pilgrims came to America or set up their operations.  In fact the American colonies were financed and exploited by British corporations.  You might recall one East India Company.

There was established socialism in America at the time however.  The Native American tribes all practiced a sophisticated form of socialism.  There existed no concept of “private property.”  No one owned anything, everything was shared for the good of all.  Indians lived this way for hundreds of years and thrived until Europeans arrived and almost starved because of their capitalism.

Many native tribes were maternal in that their leaders were the women.  These maternalistic nations were very peaceful and thrived even in the harsh environments of the southwest desert.  White people starved for glory, power and wealth destroyed them in a campaign of genocide in the name of their gods.  Greed destroyed a lush, vibrant and peaceful continent.  Tell that story Fox.