Ostrowski to Challenge Barletta

Dauphin County attorney Andrew Ostrowski announced he is running for Congress in PA-11 against incumbent Lou Barletta.  This District was held by Democrat Paul Kanjorski for many years.  Barletta is the former Mayor of Hazleton who gained national infamy for his bigotry against immigrants.

Harrisburg, PA –  Andrew “Andy” Ostrowski (D) has announced his candidacy for the United States Congress in the Pennsylvania 11th District.

           Ostrowski is a graduate of Millersville University and the Widener University School of Law where he graduated magna cum laude. After graduation, Mr. Ostrowski entered private law practice. Today, he has over 20 years of experience, primarily in the civil rights field, and has worked on a wide range of cases protecting the rights of American citizens. In 2010, he established the Pennsylvania Civil Rights Law Network (PCRLN), which is an organization devoted to providing equal access to justice for all.

           “I established this organization as the cornerstone for the development of a nationwide advocacy system, dedicated to upholding the United States Constitution in our courts. This network has provided support for victims of judicial misconduct and court deficiencies all over the country that have violated their civil rights.”

           Mr. Ostrowski has pursued cases involving race discrimination, sex discrimination, and whistle blowing against government misconduct. In the past, Mr. Ostrowski has handled cases against Penn State University, warning of the culture of secrecy that originated with then-president Graham Spanier.

           Mr. Ostrowski said that his top priorities in Congress would be job creation and judicial and government reform.

“I want to make sure that every Pennsylvanian has the opportunity to pursue their dreams, whether that means raising a family, opening their own business, or working for one of the many great employers in Pennsylvania in a free and open system where their rights are fully protected”

           Mr. Ostrowski is a resident of Dauphin County.

Sons of Immigrants in NEPA

Northeastern Pennsylvania was settled by immigrants who came principally from Ireland, wales and Poland.  You can travel through coal country and see pierogi restaurants, Irish bars and bakeries selling Welsh cookies.  The Wilkes-Barre area is a hub of what once was a formidable coal mining industry.  Once upon a time though the Irish, Welsh and Polish immigrants competed for jobs and settled within their own ethnic neighborhoods and competed in everything.  Welsh boys fought Irish boys while their fathers fought for jobs in the mines.

Today I’m reminded of those days as I traveled back to Nanticoke Monday for a Kanjorski for Congress event.  I was actually wishing for a Joe Biden appearance because we three represent the sons of those three groups.  Joe Biden is descended from Irish immigrants in the Scranton area, Kanjorski from Polish immigrants in Nanticoke and me from Welsh immigrants in Plymouth.  Nanticoke and Plymouth were (and I assume, still are) archrivals.  As three sons of area immigrants Joe Biden, Paul Kanjorski and I are on the same side these days.  We three are fighting collectively for worker’s rights, freedoms and welfare.  There are no divisions from those old days when the three groups fought each other rather than the business elites who kept everyone down.

We also represent the success of several generations of our immigrant families.  Biden has risen to be Vice President of the nation, Kanjorski a powerful and influential Congressman bringing sorely needed jobs to a depressed area and me, I humbly write and cover their successes.  We all are united in one goal:  not allowing immigrant basher Lou Barletta take all of this away.

Lou made himself famous by regular appearances on the infamous Lou Dobbs show on CNN where together they bashed immigrants and warned Americans of the threat these people posed to the American Dream.  Well Wall Street killed the American Dream under Ronald Reagan and anyone who thinks it still exists is either a gifted athlete or a fantastical dreamer divorced from reality.  These two wound up with blood on their hands when three high school football players in Shenandoah took their words to heart and beat a Mexican man to death for being Mexican.

Lou Dobbs and Lou Barletta are the worst sort of demagogues who prey on immigrants for their own political and financial fortunes.  They care not for whom they hurt.  Now Lou Barletta wants Paul Kanjorski’s House seat.  The son of Polish immigrants who has risen to such heights is being threatened by someone who has forsaken his own immigrant past to condemn others.  Are we going to allow this?  Are we going to look at all those sons and daughters of Welsh, Irish and Polish ancestry whose grandparents dared cross the ocean in search of a better life to fall to the fear mongering of a devilish demagogue?  Not if Joe, Paul and I have anything to say about it.  We’re proud we’re from Northeastern Pennsylvania, proud of what we’ve accomplished and proud to hold the flag we share together regardless of our origins.  Send Paul Kanjorski back to Congress where he can finish his fine work.