Nevada Broadens Suit Against BoA

The State of Nevada has acted ahead of a proposed settlement agreement allowing crooked bankers to get off with a slap on their wrists and a timeout by broadening its suit against bank of America.  BoA bought Countrywide Financial as the financial meltdown of 2008 took institution after institution to the cleaners.  Unfortunately for BoA it couldn’t cleanse itself of the toxicity of Countrywide’s massive fraud (or its own).

I’ll give you a basic breakdown of some of what was happening in the wild and crazy mortgage market left unregulated.  Countrywide’s mortgage brokers were paid according to how much business they generated.  The toxic mortgage derivative securities developed by investment banks like Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, Lehman Brothers and Merrill Lynch were desperate for more mortgages to package into securities for hungry investors.  Since rating agencies (Standard & Poors and Moody’s) told investors these were AAA buys pension funds seeking higher gains were flooding their portfolios with them.  The banks knew they were toxic and hedged their bets by buying insurance against their collapse with AIG.  Unfortunately AIG didn’t reserve any of the cash they were collecting as premiums to pay off potential losses.

So say, for example, you were purchasing a home.  You went to a Countrywide office and filled out an application.  You had good credit and qualified for a prime rate mortgage.  The Countrywide broker got paid a commission based on selling you a higher rate mortgage and one with flexible terms instead of a fixed rate.  He may have forged your application to inflate your credit credentials (changing your annual income for example, very commonly done) and thereby qualify you for more house.

When you went to closing thinking you had a 30 year fixed rate mortgage for 5.75% interest you signed the papers and got your keys.  Later you discovered you had an adjustable rate mortgage at 5.75% but which increased suddenly to 8% then 10%.  As your mortgage payment kept increasing you could no longer afford your home.  Unable to sell it because it had now lost 30% of its value you chose to walk away.  Then BoA foreclosed on you by filing fraudulent documents at your county courthouse.

This is how the mortgage boom rose and fell.  It was fraught with fraud from start to finish.  Now the major banks involved are negotiating to settle all civil and criminal claims for a measley $20 billion.  That doesn’t even qualify as chump change for these people.  They already gutted all the major reforms from the Dodd-Frank bill and now are using their thousands of lobbyists to walk away from any harm.

It is time to fully prosecute these criminals for the damage they caused through their fraud.  Homeowners cheated by fraudulent mortgages, collapsed pension funds, lost jobs and lost homes deserve justice.

News & Notes April 4, 2011

Raw Story tells the tale about Wisconsin GOP Senator Scott Fitzgerald who ordered State Police to apprehend and arrest any Democratic Senator within the state during the recent standoff and how no cop would obey the illegal order.

Why is at Americans need to go to either BBC or Al Jazeera to get real, hard international news?  Heck, we don’t even have a reliable news organization outside PBS and NPR for American news.  Al Jazeera has a story about Juarez, Mexico and the culture of violence fueled by American guns and ammunition.  Don’t complain about the drug violence both here and there if you’re unwilling to pass common sense gun safety legislation.  Meanwhile Republicans across our nation are hell bent on establishing the same sort of wild west shoot’em up culture here.  The story examines how NAFTA attracted manufacturing across the border and how the two scenarios are colliding.

If you haven’t read The Rolling Stone article about the Kill Team murdering Afghan civilians then posing for pictures with the bodies go read it now.  Support the troops?  These troops?  Be careful about blindly supporting everyone.

Bank of America is terrorizing homeowners through the foreclosure process.  Some people who bought BoA owned properties discovered the bank was sending crews to clean out their new homes months after the closed.  It seems they are unable to ascertain which houses are still theirs.  Meanwhile mortgage servicing companies aren’t cooperating with homeowners to renegotiate mortgages so people can stay in their homes.  The major banks have no interest in you or the rule of law.  Now judges are beginning to dismiss foreclosure suits on the basis of legal standing.  It just happened again in Alabama.  It’s time to break up the banks.  If you think the big banks got their lesson about foreclosing on homes they don’t own think again.  The mess initiated with robo signers continues unabated it seems.

News & Notes February 21, 2011

MoveOn has a good list of the right wing’s attack on women.  A few excerpts:

1) Republicans not only want to reduce women’s access to abortion care, they’re actually trying to redefine rape. After a major backlash, they promised to stop. But they haven’t yet. Shocker.

2) A state legislator in Georgia wants to change the legal term for victims of rape, stalking, and domestic violence to “accuser.” But victims of other less gendered crimes, like burglary, would remain “victims.”

State budget cuts will result in fewer campaign finance reports being available online.  The state Department of State lists all reports from campaigns and political committees on its website.  This is what I access when I conduct my research.  reports for PAC’s submitted on paper may not be posted online.  This will be an incentive for political action committees not wanting their contributors names on the internet to attempt to hide the information.  This is just another example that democracy in America is dead.  Anyone who thinks otherwise is a fool.  We have an oligarchy now.

Reuters is reporting that mortgage services may finally face action after being caught committing fraud in the foreclosure process.  To date none of the mortgage brokers who knowingly and willingly defrauded homeowners and those financing them have been prosecuted.  Crooked bankers routinely falsified loan documents submitted for mortgages, defrauded buyers by not disclosing the onerous terms of their mortgages and then sold these as AAA rated securities when they were actually junk bonds.  If you robbed a bank or stole from the people you’d be in jail.

Fred Phelps and his Westboro Baptist Church are being threatened by a group which calls itself ANONYMOUS.  It is a group of sophisticated hackers which emerged from the WikiLeaks controversy.  After major banks refused to transmit payments and contributions to WikiLeaks Anonymous attacked their servers and brought them to their knees.  Now they are targeting Phelps’ band of insane protesters and saying they will shut them down unless they stop protests.  While I love the letter they sent this also makes me nervous.  A single anonymous group of computer experts playing internet vigilante can boomerang on all of us.  What if they chose to come after liberal blogs, for example?  Who is to say they won’t choose their targets carefully and responsibly?

A rogue State Trooper in the Pittsburgh area is costing taxpayers serious money in lawsuits.  Samuel J. Nassan III already shot a 12 year old boy and now is being sued, for the umpteenth time, for allegedly beating a man.  He has cost the Commonwealth $12, 762,930 in legal settlements thus far.  He isn’t the sole rogue Trooper in this state though, only the worst.

The trial of State Sen. Jane Orie resumes today in Allegheny County.  An interesting tidbit emerged last week:  the intern who originally triggered the investigation first went to Attorney General Tom Corbett’s office.  He was supposedly investigating all four legislative caucuses in Harrisburg for exactly this sort of corruption.  The attorneys there told her to go to the Allegheny County DA instead.  This means Corbett’s office willfully neglected their duty and their public position and passed the buck.  It also tosses the Orie claim of political prosecution out the window.

Today is President’s Day.  It was established because Southerners refused to honor Abe Lincoln’s birthday because he ended slavery.

Baseball has begun with spring training.  Rumors that the Phillies have purchased the Pittsburgh Pirates to serve as a farm team are merely satirical.  It will be fun watching the Four Aces all year.

The people of Libya are close to overthrowing Gaddafi after 42 years of brutal dictatorship.  The regime has used artillery and machine guns to mow them down but the protests haven’t stopped.  There were reports last evening that he had fled the country.  Meanwhile in Bahrain the military stopped trying to massacre their own people.  Last week they overran sleeping protesters before dawn and began shooting them as they slept in the square.

A couple years ago a right wing radical named Shawna Ford, a rabid anti-immigrant demagogue, murdered a child and her father in Arizona.  Last week she was convicted of the murder of Brisenia Fiores.  Ford invaded their home and shot them because of their race.  The case received little to no national press.  Why?

Tea bagger exile Mark Williams is leading an effort to infiltrate pro union rallies this week.  He is encouraging his compatriots to disguise themselves as SEIU organizers.  Doe she really think the real ones won’t understand they don’t know the imposters?  Williams was kicked out of the Tea Party for his overt racism.  Here’s what he’s suggesting:

Here is what I am doing in Sacramento, where they are holding a 5:30 PM event this coming Tuesday: (1) I signed up as an organizer (2) with any luck they will contact me and I will have an “in” (3) in or not I will be there and am asking as many other people as can get there to come with, all of us in SEIU shirts (those who don’t have them we can possibly buy some from vendors likely to be there) (4) we are going to target the many TV cameras and reporters looking for comments from the members there (5) we will approach the cameras to make good pictures… signs under our shirts that say things like “screw the taxpayer!” and “you OWE me!” to be pulled out for the camera (timing is important because the signs will be taken away from us) (6) we will echo those slogans in angry sounding tones to the cameras and the reporters. (7) if I do get the ‘in’ I am going to do my darnedest to get podium access and take the mic to do that rant from there…with any luck and if I can manage the moments to build up to it, I can probably get a cheer out of the crowd for something extreme.

I hope they show up in Philadelphia this week.  I’ll gladly expose them with videos.

Kanjorski Responds On Foreclosure Fraud Crisis

I asked Congressman Kanjorski about the foreclosure fraud crisis and what Congress might due to avert another financial meltdown, whether the Kanjorski Amendment might be invoked and whether “all options will be on the table means legalizing MERS.  His response was that Congress must address the crisis when it reconvenes after the election and that “all options will be on the table.”

Only Suckers Still Pay Their Mortgages

Pretty soon that will be America’s mantra.  As news about the foreclosure fraud mess spreads and people realize the scope of the disaster and the illegal use of something called MERS they will stop paying their mortgages.  I’m seeing people Googling this already:  how do I determine if my mortgage was assigned to MERS?  If so their bank breached the legal terms of their mortgage and turned it into an unsecured loan.  Unsecured mortgages mean the lenders cannot foreclose and you can get clear title (if it still exists) to your home.

I think this is what is scaring the bejesus out of the financial industry.  They are terrified people will discover what they did, the extent of what they did and bring down every major bank.  The people are actually in position to incite a bloodless revolution which would collapse capitalism as we know it.  Seven major banks control over 99% of mortgages and they’re carrying these at full value on their balance sheets.  Of course we all know the values of those homes have dropped precipitously and the value of those assets is actually a fraction of the fraudulent numbers appearing on these balance sheets.  In reality every major bank in America is insolvent.

The banks built a house of cards with exotic loans, exotic securities and exotic accounting.  The Federal Reserve has already absorbed $1.5 trillion in these toxic mortgages and another $40+ trillion remains spread around the financial markets.  Now that the veil has been lifted from their fraudulent practices we’re learning about the illegal entity created by these banks to defraud taxpayers and break the chain of titles.  The issue of title integrity has the capacity to completely collapse what remains of the real estate market.  Here’s what happened…

Banks decided to offer “no doc” mortgages to anyone with a pulse and Wall Street bundled them into risky securities which were then misrated by the ratings companies terrified of losing their business.  Investors were defrauded on a wholesale basis and now trillions of dollars of these securities are threatening to collapse the entire economy.  Everyone did this on the assumption that real estate prices would continue escalating and that the bubble would never burst.  It did, home prices collapsed, unemployment spread and with it the rate of foreclosures.  This year over a million homes will be foreclosed.

Now we’ve learned the major banks hired former hair stylists, Wal-Mart employees and other immensely qualified minimum wage workers to process the legal paperwork for these court actions.  It was done fraudulently and people were tossed from their homes who shouldn’t have been subjected to this horror.  Worse we found out about MERS.  MERS was created by the seven banks to more easily and cheaply transfer ownership of mortgages.  Instead of filing each sale of a loan through individual county deed offices (and pay a fee for each transaction) they decided to create a virtual market and keep the records themselves.  Unfortunately the law in every state requires that both key loan documents, the original ink signed ones created at a home closing, be transferred every time a loan is sold.  The banks didn’t do this because it was all done electronically by emailing spreadsheets with the information about each loan.  

What MERS did, because it was illegal, was to break the chain of title.  In other words the title didn’t follow the loan because the paperwork wasn’t done.  If you go to your county deeds office and look up your mortgage it likely says “MERS.”  This means you have a ticket to a free house if you hire a good lawyer and file for your title at your courthouse.  Because the banks broke the laws they have no standing now to foreclose on your home.  If they can produce the notes in court they then have to establish “standing.”  This means they, and only they, are the holders of the note and have proper legal basis for foreclosing.  Except for the fact they broke the law and broke the chain of title this can be almost impossible to do depending on the judge.  A good lawyer can probably beat every one of these foreclosures and that began happening which is what opened this can of worms.

Homeowners normally don’t contest foreclosures.  That’s too bad because millions of them probably would be living free and clear in their homes had they done so.  A movement to “show the note” began and gradually unraveled the fraud in which these banks engaged.  Now the major networks, most of them) and major newspapers are sitting on this explosive news.  If people found out what was done they’d stop paying their mortgages.  Banks which, in reality, are already insolvent see their loan portfolios decrease to nothing will have no legal alternative but declare bankruptcy.  All seven major American banks would fail spectacularly in this scenario and our entire financial system would collapse.  This is President Obama’s nightmare scenario and why TARP and the other bailouts were necessary.  The Fed has been engaged in a massive cover up of the mess while they try sorting it out and mitigating possible damage.  

Are you fed up with the out of control banks and the way wall Street has taken over our country for their own greed at your expense?  You can end it now by ceasing payments on your MERS mortgage.  Now that’s a revolutionary idea.

Bad Time to be a Realtor, Great Time to be a Lawyer

The real estate business has been mired in the doldrums since the housing bubble burst and markets collapsed.  As the Bush Recession expanded more and more workers lost their jobs sending foreclosures soaring.  In order to maximize their greed banks and law firms created foreclosure mills to process paperwork and engaged in massive fraud.  Courts began seeing homeowners hiring lawyers who demanded the bank foreclosing produce the original mortgage note to prove their standing to bring the cases before judges.  It turned out they couldn’t do so and foreclosures began being thrown out of court.  As word of the mess got around the giant foreclosure fraud scandal grew and grew.  Today fifty states joined forces to investigate and prosecute the fraud and forgeries which forced some homeowners out of their abodes illegally, some by mistake.

It isn’t a good time to be a real estate agent.  The three largest mortgage servicing companies, all subsidiaries of major banks, have frozen foreclosures and now have frozen the sale of foreclosed homes.  This means that perhaps half of all homes on the market cannot be sold.  Banks want to review the paperwork on each deal to insure the integrity of the process.  If a homeowner was ousted illegally they could have recourse to go to court and prove fraud.  That could reverse the foreclosure decision.  Judges tend not to look kindly on fraudulent documents and evidence being brandished in their courts and tend to act definitively when faced with such activity.

As if this weren’t bad enough the questionable legality surrounding the transfers of mortgages through a service called MERS (Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems) without registering the sale of the loans through county deed offices.  Here in Pennsylvania we have 67 county Recorder of Deed offices where every property title and mortgage transfer must be recorded.  This ensures the integrity of land titles.  Who wants to expend thirty years or more making mortgage payments then discover they still don’t have title to their home and/or land?  This is the new nightmare scenario facing the majority of American homeowners because of MERS.

MERS was created to cheat all those county deed offices of their revenues.  As the mortgage market heated up and Wall Street began creating new, exotic securities from them banks decided they didn’t want to pay those pesky fees.  They banded together and created MERS and began trading mortgages electronically using spreadsheets.  Unfortunately state laws, designed to preserve the integrity of land titles, require all original documents move with every mortgage transfer.  This way every county can tell you who owns every bit of property and who holds the loan for each parcel.  Without the integrity of the title process who would buy property?  Homes are too expensive to pay for for 30 years only to learn no one knows who the title belongs to.  This is what we now face because of MERS.  

Because the documents never followed the mortgages no one can locate the original loan documents for most mortgages.  This means the 60% of all homes whose mortgages are officially listed as being held by MERS may not be able to get clean titles.  The chain of title was broken when the loans were sold without the required documents.

If you are a homeowner you may not be able to ever get a clean title for your property.  If you’re selling you may not be able to convey a title to the buyer or their mortgage holder.  Without clean titles no bank will provide a mortgage as the title is their security for the loan.  Who would buy property without a title?  While most of the attention thus far is being paid to “robosigners,” false notarizations and other abuses the threat to titles is, by far, the most destabilizing facet of this issue.  

How does a realtor work in this atmosphere?  Half of all listings are now off limits.  It may take months for banks to sort out each one, if ever.  Mortgages were sliced and diced and sold off in derivatives and credit default swaps.  Few banks or investors hold entire loans.  Who actually holds a mortgage and therefore has legal standing to foreclose?  No one knows…  Therefore no one knows who holds legal title.  Since the banks decided to bypass the established legal process, county deed offices, the trails went cold and taxpayers were defrauded.  State Attorneys General, way too late, are now after the banks for this fraud.

If you want or need to sell your home establishing clear conveyance of the title might make that impossible.  If I were in the home market right now I wouldn’t even look at a home without first establishing the integrity of its title.  Why waste your time and your investment to have some bank come in later and claim the property?  Without a title you have nothing for your money.  Would you buy a car from someone on a corner and not get any paperwork?  Of course not and neither would you buy property that way.  Unfortunately that is the new reality in real estate.

This will push real estate firms teetering on the brink over the edge.  Realtors dependent on a healthy, stable property market will be unable to sell homes as the public demands clear titles.  With only 40% of U.S. real estate loans untouched by MERS (think of MERS as the kiss of death for a title) that leaves few parcels of land available for sale.  I predict very few real estate companies will see 2011.  Any current deals pending closing are now frozen.  The prospect of new buyers coming into this market is dismal until everything gets sorted out and buyers can be assured they are getting titles to their acquisitions.

What will emerge from this mess?  Lots of lawsuits, tons of lawsuits.  The banks are going to be sued by every state for bypassing the legal requirements and fees.  Buyers of foreclosed homes who now cannot get clear titles will sue, homeowners foreclosed on illegally will sue the banks and their lawyers.  MERS is the biggest potential target but the entity doesn’t really exist.  It has no employees, no offices, no assets.  It exists only as a forum for the transfer of mortgage loans vis Excel spreadsheets.  It is owned by the seven sisters of American banking however and their assets will be the target of countless lawyers.

If you want a flourishing new career in this recession my advice is to become a real estate lawyer.  These lawsuits will sprout like dandelions in the spring and will spread like wildfire.  I don’t see how the major banks can survive this debacle.  Already the major assets tied up in foreclosed homes are frozen.  None of these properties can be sold at this time freezing that cash flow.  As angry homeowners realize there may not be a clear title at the end of their mortgage period many may decide to stop paying their mortgages ending that cash flow.  The fines, penalties, legal judgments and legal fees may well deplete their remaining assets.

The integrity of the land process is fundamental to a healthy market.  The days of con men selling Florida swampland or oceanfront property in Arizona, tracts of land in the old west which didn’t exist and other innumerable cons devised over centuries to separate honest people from their money developed into governmental supervision to insure the integrity of land titles.  This is one of those areas in which government is not just useful but mandatory.  Wall Street decided to meddle with this ancient system establishing clear lines of ownership when they allowed sheer greed to overwhelm judgment.  Banks seeking to satisfy 24 hour financial television network expectations for short term profits forged ahead with new practices which destroyed the integrity of the deal.  The coming collapse will devastate the American economy and it is imperative that Washington devise some rescue to save us from a massive financial meltdown.  If it were me I wouldn’t leave a dime in any of the major banks.  Law school is looking like a really good bet however.

Bank of America Halts All Foreclosure Sales

Bank of America announced it is stopping the sale of foreclosed homes until the extent of the foreclosure fraud scandal is realized and “best policies” developed to insure the bank has proper legal standing to foreclose and all documents submitted to courts are legally and properly prepared.  Since the Bush Recession melted the real estate industry and collapsed the global economy foreclosed homes have been a bargain for buyers.  We bought one about a year and a half ago and since have sunk a considerable sum doing repairs and upgrades.  We were able to do so because we purchased the house at a distressed price.  Is the house really ours now or could the previous owner go to court and prove fraud was committed against him by his mortgage lender?  This has become a nightmare for millions of Americans.

The issue goes to who has title to property.  Once upon a time we had actual title companies who tracked and researched titles every time property was transferred.  Counties document every transfer and are supposed to be the final determinent as to whom has proper title to a property.  More and more title companies became title insurers.  What they do now is guarantee to you that the property you are buying is actually yours.

Unfortunately Wall Stret, in its frenzy of unregulated greed saw an opportunity to make billions of yours and others mortgages.  They bought and sold them so quickly many homeowners couldn’t keep track of where to send their monthly mortgage payment.  Mortgage service companies then came along to handle the transactions and forward the payments to those investors who bought these securitized loans and owned them, piece by piece.  We first began realizing the unintended consequences of Wall Street’s folly when the financial system collapsed and one major financial institution after another failed.  While TARP bailed out these misfits all of us on Main Street were left out in the cold while banks foreclosed right and left.

The major populist revolt manifested itself in the Tea Party movement.  Average Americans enraged that their tax dollars were being used to rescue the bastards who created the mess while little was being done for them has created such a toxic political atmosphere that a second TARP, if needed to rescue these banks once again, will be impossible to pass.  Efforts to help those on Main Street have failed because of the sheer impossibility of recreating these fractured mortgage loans.  If you’re behind because you lost your job and want to try and renegotiate your mortgage you go to one of these government sponsored advisers who have to attempt to reassemble the pieces of your mortgage.  How many times your loan was sold and resold, often without proper documentation, clouded who actually owns the title to your property.  If you want renegotiated terms everyone holding your mortgage must be notified and agree to the new terms.

Say, for example, I’m an investor who bought some of these toxic securities.  Now largely worthless they remain my personal investment.  Now someone calls and says you wish to renegotiate your small part of my bond.  I’m getting little for it now in return for my sizable investment and you want to move your interest payment from, say 8% to 5% to remain in your home.  I have to agree to this along with everyone else who owns a piece of your mortgage.  I wouldn’t allow anyone else to make such a decision, especially after being conned by those same people into buying these toxic securities.  I, as one of the loan owners, have the right to veto any changes.  On one hand half a loaf is better than none though, perhaps, on the other this is the only such security I have which is still performing at all.  I cannot sell it because the market has collapsed and the security is worthless.

These are the complications making renegotiating mortgages a nightmare.  This is why few have been accomplished.  Wall Street really screwed us on this one.  No one ever thought this out, never considered the legal consequences of slicing and dicing millions of mortgages and transferring ownership via spreadsheet via MERS.  No one filed all these transactions through county recorders of deeds and now no one really knows who owns the titles.  You can go to court and lose your home only to have another bank come along and sue you again for the same mortgage.  You can own your home outright, owe no one and be sued for foreclosure as happened in Florida.  You can be behind in your loan and be sued fraudulently by your bank.  In fact it turns out most of the foreclosures happened fraudulently simply because the sheer volume of defaults overwhelmed the banks and law firms.  There is no excuse for denying anyone their right to due process however.  The legal fallout from this will be great for lawyers, hard hit by the recession, drain banks and title companies and possibly require another TARP program.  Try getting the votes for that in this political environment.  The result will be another huge round of bank collapses.  Good luck, keeping your house may be the worst of your problems when that happens.  Instead, perhaps, invest in some mattresses to keep your money.  This isn’t going to be a soft landing for anyone but the lawyers.

Why Was Corbett AWOL On Foreclosure Fraud?

Our Attorney General has been strangely silent on the scandals emerging from the widespread foreclosure fraud.  Thousands of Pennsylvanians were evicted from their homes through court supervised proceedings which were fraught with fraud and forgeries.  Most homeowners never engaged legal counsel to fight these actions in court and so may have been cheated.  Without proper legal documentation foreclosure mills and banks threw people into the street without proper due process.  Every bank seeking repossession of a home must go to court and prove they are the owner of that mortgage and have full authority to seek redress.  They must establish this via affadavit including the amount owed and the amount in arrears.  Unfortunately they filed these affadavits fraudulently leaving recourse for those on whom they foreclosed.  The legal nightmare coming from this is going to be huge and may collapse title insurance companies and major banks.  

Where was Tom Corbett while all these fraudulent foreclosures were happening?  While bankers signed thousands of foreclosure documents without ever reading them, while staff employees signed manager’s signatures on legal documents the managers never even saw and threw Pennsylvanians into situations where they were living in tents under bridges in Harrisburg?  I bet Mr. Corbett saw them.  Of course homelessness was then criminalized and the homeless flushed out.  I’m not saying people who didn’t or couldn’t pay their mortgages shouldn’t have been taken to court by their creditors, I’m saying that in this dysfunctional market who knows who the creditors are?  Some people have been sued for foreclosure by multiple banks.  No one really knows who holds these mortgages.  No one can come into our courts and falsely swear they are when they may not be.  No one can come into our courts and throw Pennsylvanians into the streets without due process.  Tom Corbett missed this, all of it.  He was AWOL while all of this happened and is, only now, asking people for information through his website.

The Office of the Attorney General is supposed to protect consumers.  Tom Corbett failed.

Update:  According to the OAG website it released this press release on October 6th.  Interestingly there is no mention of it in the press anywhere in Pennsylvania.  Was it sent out or was it created after the fact to make it appear Corbett was being proactive?  That should be a question of interest to Dan Onorato.