News & Notes December 30, 2010

Three months plus after losing my desktop computer Erie Insurance still hasn’t settled the claim.  If you have auto or homeowners through them my advice is this:  switch.  This company has been dragging its feet for so long…

Joe Miller took his sore loser fight in Alaska to federal court after losing in state courts and got his butt handed to him there also.  It is a fundamental right of each voter to have their clear intention counted.  This Tea bagger is undemocratic.  He’s the biggest sore loser since Norm Coleman.

Speaking of big losers NJ Gov. Chris Christie had his political star snuffed out in this week’s blizzard.  How basic a management decision is it not to have both the Governor and Lt. Governor gone at the same time?  It proved a bonanza for Democrats who were left behind to deal with the storm.  Newark Mayor Corey Booker may ride his storm heroism to the Governor’s mansion.

In New York Mayor Bloomberg also saw his political career go down in flames due tot he storm.  How much snow do you need Mayor before declaring a snow emergency?  Six feet?  That’s how far underground your career just went.  Say hello to Christie when you get there.

Yard sings continue to pollute area roadways almost two months after the election.  If you put them up you can take them down folks.  

In another neighboring state Christine O’Donnell is calling Joe Biden out for what she calls “thug” behavior because the FBI is investigating her campaign finances.  This is a good one.  Former staffers accused her of using campaign money to pay personal expenses including her rent.  The FBI has a duty to investigate legitimate complaints such as this.  What made this so legitimate?  O’Donnell herself admitted using funds for her rent.  She claims it was legit because she was running her campaign out of her home.  That doesn’t make it legal only even more unethical.

How is this different from State Sen. Bob Mellow renting state office space for his office from his own company?  This is crooked politics plain and simple.  Christine should just twitch her nose and turn the FBI agents into bats.

Fox News just keeps getting more and more extreme.  Tucker Carlson thinks Michael Vick should have been executed for killing dogs.  As much as we here at TPP have castigated and criticized Vick and the Eagles let’s get real.  We don’t execute people for animal cruelty.  We shouldn’t take any life much less for such an offense.  As much as we hate Vick and what he did the man did do his time and repaid his debt to society.  He didn’t deserve to be hired by the Beagles after what he did but executed?  Going by that rationale every hunter should be on death row.  Stupid is as stupid says.

Bang…I just killed Tucker’s bow tie.  Now there’s an unpardonable offense, someone call the fashion police!

Happy New Year to everyone!

News & Notes October 14, 2010

The closely watched Delaware Senatorial race held a debate last evening and Christine O’Donnell illustrated why Tea Party candidates are going to lose big this year:  she’s good at reciting talking points and clever slogans but none of these candidates offers a clear policy agenda designed to move the country forward.  There has to be more than lip service by Mama Grizzlies, with no substance behind the facade voters will smell the rats.  O’Donnell, like her GOP cohorts, is accusing Democrats of unemployment, low wages, loss of the middle class and all the other ills THEY caused.  How stupid do they think we are?  I suppose we’ll see in a few weeks.

Keystone Progress has an ad out attacking Tom Corbett for failing to obey the law.  Its pretty bad when your state Attorney General is a crook:

Republican independent groups like the Chamber of Commerce, the Koch brothers Americans for Prosperity and Karl Rove’s American Crossroads are outspending Democratic groups by 9-1.  This is all the result of the Citizens United decision (one Ms. O’Donnell couldn’t think of during last night’s debate) releasing limits on corporate and union spending in campaigns.  Remember when I said this dwarfing would happen and one of our ignorant right wing commenters challenged me?  The proof is in the pudding and we’re all drowning in ads sponsored by who knows who and funded from foreign sources.  If you’d like to get back at them we could use your contributions at Planned Parenthood Pennsylvania PAC.

Another independent group is spending a cool million going after Pat Toomey and Mike Fitzpatrick in eastern Pennsylvania for their bad records supporting veterans.  Toomey’s numbers are falling as Joe Sestak has yet another devastating ad where his opponent is his own worst enemy.  Here’s an example:

Education Voters PA has endorsed Dan Onorato for Governor.  The race for the Governor’s Mansion seems to be down to a virtual tie three weeks out.  Unions especially have been organizing and out knocking on thousands of doors every weekend.  Other organizations are also out there and conducting phone banks, canvasses and doing direct mail.  I can’t get into exact details since I sit on the Boards of one of them.  A lot is happening however.

I like how Jim Gerlach is running on jobs after he voted to destroy our jobs and against every single jobs bill.  One of the things I admire about Dr. Trivedi is his willingness to expose Gerlach’s duplicity:

News & Notes September 18, 2010

Joe Sestak has a new ad up comparing his life of service to Pat Toomey’s.  This commercial should prove to be very decisive in the Senate race.  

Delaware’s newest Tea bagger phenom Christine O’Donnell once “dabbled in witchcraft.”  That might explain her position that we’re trying to put human brains in mice.  At first I thought she’d just been watching too much Tom and Jerry but now I understand.  This woman also doesn’t believe anyone should masturbate.  If you ever masturbated this is reason enough to vote against this extremist.  How many voters does that leave?

President Obama has appointed former Steeler Hines Ward to the President’s Advisory Commission on Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders.  Another nice reception.

The President also lauded the Senate for passing the latest START Treaty.  The amazing thing is that the Senate actually voted on something.  There are 372 bills which have passed the House and not come up for a vote by Senators due to GOP holds and filibusters.  Forty four of them passed the House unanimously.  Our government is broken by Republican obstructionism and is grinding to a halt and people are blaming Democrats.  This is what you call a complete failure of communications by a President for whom communicating with the public was an art form as a candidate.

I saw a Tweet yesterday which was on the mark:  President Obama should be charged with political malpractice because he gave 95% of Americans a tax cut and none of them know it.

Meanwhile Republicans who created the economic crisis by voting for Bush tax cuts, unpaid for wars, deregulation of markets and such are now running on platforms of blaming Democrats for their own misdeeds and Democrats aren’t calling them out for it except Patrick Murphy:

Lack of access to credit has been strangling small businesses since the Bush Recession began and the White House bill seeking to ease these stresses and make money more available was being blocked by supposedly pro-business Republicans until last week.  These people will even vote against one of their core constituencies and against all job creation efforts then go on the campaign trail and cry about the lack of jobs being created.  The bad news?  Gullible, ignorant voters eat it up.

State Representative Jennifer Mann was named as the “other woman” in a divorce action filed in Lehigh County.

Some progressive activists are getting serious, credible threats from Tea Party members and other extremists to the point where some have had to move and others gone into hiding.  This country is quickly descending into literal class warfare and its folks like Glenn Beck fomenting the violence.  These attacks began after he said “progressives are a cancer.”  I know of at least one online group which was disbanded in order to protect its members.  I have a bumper sticker on my car now which says “Pennsylvania Progressive” and since I got it I’ve noticed much more aggressive driving by men in pick-up trucks and such, typical Tea Party profiles.

Tea Party Claims Another Moderate Republican

Delaware tends to vote for moderates of both parties so yesterday’s ouster of Congressman Mike Castle from a lifetime of public service sent a jolt through the nation.  I lived in Delaware for 18 years and understand the political climate there well.  The Diamond State has a history of elevating dedicated public servants up the line from Lt. Governor, to Governor, to Congress and the Senate.  Joe Biden was an anomaly who went directly from New Castle County Council to the Senate.  Party affiliation isn’t the sole determining factor as Biden and Bill Roth, a Republican, were regularly re-elected tot he Senate with large pluralities.  Once Delawareans entrust someone with their representation they tend to stick with them for decades.  Mike Castle was the next in line for this succession.

Castle climbed the ladder of offices and the vacated Senate seat should have been his for the taking.  A moderate Republican, Congressman and former Governor, his loss to Tea Party fringe lunatic Christine O’Donnell last night was shocking.  O’Donnell has lied about her past, took a free ride using campaign contributions for her personal bills (against FEC rules by the way) and taking fringe positions on key issues.  A moderate electorate such as The First State’s will never elevate her to the U.S. Senate clearing the way for Chris Coons to win Biden’s old seat.  One has to wonder what Beau Biden is thinking this morning.  Speculation is he bowed out of the race thinking Castle was unbeatable.  Such are the vagaries of politics.

Is there any place in the modern GOP for moderates?  It appears not, especially in the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic.  Arlen Specter and Mike Castle are simply the latest examples.  More and more the Republican Party is a party of extremists with extreme positions.  How they imagine they can win with this slate of candidates is interesting.  Should rank and file Democrats awaken to the opportunity which awaits in November and vote against candidates openly saying they will repeal Social Security and the rest of the New Deal, who want to repeal several constitutional amendments including the Fourteenth, who want to reduce government to only a role in the nation’s defense, eliminate several Cabinet departments and return to the gold standard, a clean sweep and super majorities can be had.

Sharron Angle, Joe Miller, Pat Toomey, Paul LePage, Rand Paul and now Christine O’Donnell are all so outside the mainstream that they pose a serious risk to our freedoms and way of life.  Democrats must awaken to the threat from such fringe lunatics and turn out and insure their defeats.  Sending a message by remaining home and allowing our country to be hijacked by racist elements like these is foolish and irresponsible.  On the other hand handing them serious, lopsided defeats will send a message to the Tea baggers that they are simply a vocal minority.  Democrats have a chance hear against such extremists to solidify their majorities to the point where even the Ben Nelsons cannot derail progress.  This is a once in a lifetime chance to capture the electorate for several electoral cycles.  Vote.