News & Notes August 24, 2010

For those who missed my little Facebook announcement earlier today I will be covering three state Congressional races for The Huffington Post this fall.  Gerlach/Trivedi, Lentz/Meehan and Critz/Burns in the 6th, 7th and 12th Districts respectively.

Dan Onorato is hitting Tom Corbett’s no tax increase pledge since his only experience in such a position saw him vote for a 20% tax increase as a township commissioner.  I hate these tax ads.  I’m sorry but sometimes you simply have to raise taxes.  I’ve seen where rampant GOP mismanagement left Dems with no choices but to raise taxes to balance budgets due to accounting smoke and mirror games.  Too much of what government does and provides are essential services and must be financed.  Taxes are the only method and if you don’t want bridges collapsing under your car, your grandparents out on the streets selling pencils, your kids homeless, hungry and uneducated then we must invest in our communities.  Taxes aren’t evil, they aren’t poison and Americans actually pay few taxes.  Taxes are a necessary evil but without them we aren’t a civilized society.

I’m fed up with all the mosque nonsense.  Its a non issue.  Our constitution says we have freedom of and from religion folks, what part of that don’t you understand?  Three months ago you were all screaming that President Obama wasn’t abiding by the constitution and now you aren’t.  Get over it.  This is nothing more than the right wing finding another fear based wedge issue to distract voters from their failings.  Actually it is but one more.

If any Democratic candidate gets questions about it the smart answer is to say “there’s no real issue here, I refuse to be sucked into the right wing’s fear mongering.  Let’s talk about the real issues, jobs, stimulus, jobs, Republican obstructionism and jobs.  Did you see where Republicans have voted against every single jobs bill?  Keep it simple people, its the economy stupid.

20% of Pakistan is under water, a third of Russia’s wheat crop has been burned by wildfires, floods are ravaging China and every day CNN’s severe weather station is reporting more extreme weather.  No global warming though folks, nothing to see here, just stick your head back in the sand and pretend everything is alright.  Just hope when you take it back out you aren’t drowning.

Today’s history lesson is a visit to deja vu.  The right wing fringe, neo Nazis, KKK’ers and assorted bigots have been obstructing progress in our country forever.  The Tea Party movement is simply their newest incarnation.  This great and humorous look back reminds us of their sordid history:

Pat Toomey is now denying he ever said he supported Social Security privatization.  Has he forgotten all the newspaper, video and speeches out there proving otherwise?  Does he think Pennsylvanians are that stupid to forget his past?  Well, some are.

Manan Trivedi has been endorsed by Democracy For America in the 6th Congressional District.  Tomorrow he is rolling out his jobs program and I’ll cover his Pottstown event.

As far as scheduling into next month goes I’ll be in Santa Fe, New Mexico again from September 25 through October 5th.  If I responded “no’ to attending your events during that time period it’s because I’ll be away.  

Lois Herr has been endorsed by the Pennsylvania AFL-CIO and the Sierra Club.  She is running to unseat Joe “The” Pitts in PA-16.