Tom Wolf Versus Tom Corbett in November

Tom Wolf cruised to an easy victory today in the Democratic primary for Governor.  With incumbent Tom Corbett seeing the lowest approval ratings of any Governor in the nation this appears that Mr. Wolf of York will be the Commonwealth’s next Chief Executive.  He began a run for Governor four years ago then withdrew in order to save the family firm as the recession hit it hard.  He bought The Wolf Organization back and expanded it into kitchen cabinets.  He found skilled Amish craftsmen in Indiana to manufacture them and coupled them with the established line of high end stoves and ranges which made Wold famous.

Pouring $10 million of his own and borrowed funds he went on TV early and often and quickly buried his team of rivals.  Getting well over %0% in a four way race is impressive.

State Sen. Mike Stack has a wide lead in the race to share the ticket with Wolf.  Rep. Brendan Boyle has been declared the winner of the 13th CD race.  I’m deeply disappointed that Sen. Daylin Leach ran poorly in this election but the fact he lives outside the District (even if it’s only across the street) probably hurt his chances.  53% of the 13th lies in Northeast Philly, Boyle’s home turf.

Guzzardi to Challenge Corbett in GOP Primary

Philadelphia area businessman Bob Guzzardi is preparing to challenge Gov. Corbett in next May’s GOP primary.  The incumbent Governor has historically low poll numbers and even his fellow Republicans think he doesn’t deserve a second term.  With at least eight Democrats vying for the possibility of toppling him Guzzardi is asking people to circulate his nominating petitions early next year.

Guzzardi has become a major player in the PA GOP after selling his 12th Street Gym in Philadelphia.  That fixture in the City’s Gayborhood became a flash point when gays began boycotting it because of Guzzardi’s conservative politics.  He solved the situation by unloading it and then began using his wealth to support various Republicans statewide.

It’ll be interesting to see if other major players and people of influence abandon the sitting Governor to back the insurgent.  That can be risky but with Corbett’s abysmal approval ratings and inability to work with fellow Republicans in Harrisburg some may decide to take the gamble.  The other sign to watch will be fund raising.  If Guzzarrdi can attract major donors away from Gov. Gasbag it could signal a sea change in support.

Onorato Addresses LGBT Community

Dan Onorato met with about 40 people from the LGBT community in Philadelphia yesterday and took about a dozen questions.  Held at the William Way Community Center the event was moderated by Malcolm Lazin of Equality Forum and seemed focused on HIV issues, especially housing.  This is a significant issue in Philadelphia where less than 7% of those with HIV have adequate housing according to those in attendance.  The Allegheny County Executive began the event by evicting an observer from Tom Corbett’s campaign there tracking the Democrat.  He said it was in retribution for the Corbett campaign ousting an Onorato observer.

Dan Onorato’s positions on LGBT issues run the gamut.  He supports anti-discrimination laws, domestic partnerships and civil unions but not marriage.  None of the “separate but not equal” positions for which he advocates gives me the same rights he enjoys.  That’s sexual apartheid and I cannot accept second class status and cannot and will not vote for anyone who considers himself more equal than me.  I’ll be voting Green again this year.

I asked Mr. Onorato directly why he thinks he’s more deserving of these rights than me and he ducked the question.  I’m waiting for an answer Dan.  Until then Mimi Rogers has my vote.