Tom Marino Turns Into A Duck

Congressman Tom Marino has been ducking the public and his opponent since voting against Tobyhanna Army Depot jobs and saying he meant to do so.  The Depot is the largest employer in the 10th Congressional District.  As other Defense installations have closed their operations were consolidated with Tobyhanna’s.  Voting to cut its budget by a billion dollars isn’t what residents expect of their Congressman.  Aside from Marino’s questionable ethics both as a U.S. Attorney and then being buddy buddy with an alleged mobster, his recent behaviors are of concern.

Quack:  Marino refused to meet with challenger Phil Scollo for a recent debate after agreeing to the event.  His last minute cancellation may have been related to his unwillingness to answer for his actions.

Quack:  Today Marino refused to appear as scheduled on a radio talk show.  After learning Scollo would be allowed to call in with a question he hastily padded away from the engagement.


Someone get a giant inflatable duck to follow this guy around with to embarrass him.

Remember Government By Extortion?

America was on the verge of default.  The safest investment in the world:  United States Treasury Bonds, were about to fail because the Tea Party led Republican House of Representatives decided to play government by extortion.  The resulting crisis over raising the debt ceiling (which will play out again in January depending on the outcome of the election) resulted in a loss of consumer confidence which hurt the economy and the downgrading of the country’s credit rating.

This wasn’t the first instance of House extremists using extortion to hurt the economy.  Repeatedly since 2010 they held a gun to the President’s head (figuratively) and demanded deep cuts in government spending which wound up slowing down the recovery.  While 5.2 million private sector jobs have been created public sector employment has plummeted.

Guess who participated fully in that extortion?  Pennsylvania’s GOP Congressional delegation:

Jim Gerlach

Joe Pitts

Mike Fitzpatrick

Pat Meehan

Charlie Dent

Lou Barletta

Tom Marino

Tim Murphy

Mike Kelly

Todd Platts

Part of that agreement was the sequestration crisis scheduled to hit the economy early in 2012.  It would slash government spending, including defense, by large amounts.  Most agencies will see a 20% across the board cut meaning essential services will be lost.  Do you enjoy safe food, research into cancer and other life threatening diseases, breathable air, safe ground, pharmaceuticals which are safe to take etc?  Forget it.  These Tea bagger conservatives have put all of it at risk along with the safety net for the poor.  Their failed economic policies crashed the economy and drove many middle class Americans into poverty.  Now they want to take away your food stamps, housing assistance, heating assistance and Medicaid.

Are you really going to vote them back in?

News & Notes August 20, 2012

Congressman Marino keeps getting caught with his pants down.  After admitting he voted to eviscerate Tobyhanna Depot’s budget and jobs he is part of a FBI investigation into an Israeli junket.  A Kansas Congressman went skinny dipping in the Sea of Galilee after everyone got drunk.  So far there aren’t any pictures.

Remember the suburban Philly pool which told Black kids they weren’t welcome?  The lawsuit has been settled and the result is good.

Pennsylvania Republicans are now targeting public employee pensions.  After destroying the retirement security for private sector workers now they want to do the same for public workers.  a 401(k) is NOT a good solution for retirement.  Wall Street corruption and the rigging of the system makes these far too risky.  People who work in the public sector do so at less comparable pay.  Fixed pensions are one of the few carrots we have to entice good, qualified people to take these jobs.  Dissolving their good pensions will end that for good.

Adam Busby, the terrorist who threatened Pitt with 40 bomb threats, is a Scot who resides in Ireland so he may never face prosecution for his crimes.  Pitt gets shut out again.

More state residents have lost the total value of their homes because fracking poisoned their water.  How many more will be devastated in the name of jobs?

Now that state prisoner William DeWeese has been tossed off the ballot Democrats have chosen Pam Snyder to run for the seat in Greene County.  I haven’t heard any rumblings about this selection process.  The PA Democratic Party has a strong history of violating laws and rules in picking candidates for open races and seats.

Pennsylvania Republicans are challenging petitions  submitted by the Constitution and Libertarian Parties.  Ballot access for minor parties continues being a serious issue in Pennsylvania.

Some people say Fox News is nothing but a propaganda tool for the National Republican Committee:

This was one of the best of last week’s presidential hijinks:  Paul Ryan blamed Obama for the closing of the Janesville (WI) auto plant.  It closed under President Bush.  Now ordinarily we wouldn’t expect a Congressman to know when every manufacturing plant closed but Ryan lives in Janesville.

Chris Christie is giving the keynote address at the Republican convention.  I hope the network censors are ready to hit their mute buttons because you never know what nonsense will come from the Jersey Guv’s lips.  Like here in Pennsylvania unemployment is going up do to the failed economic policies of our GOP Governors.  Bet he doesn’t mention that from the podium.

Marino, Barletta Vote to Cut Tobyhanna

Tobyhanna Army Depot is the largest employer in northeastern PA.  As other military facilities have been closed many of their operations were moved to Tobyhanna and it has become a major base.  For some strange reason both Congressmen in the area voted to cut its funding by $2 billion.  Tom Marino and Lou Barletta claim they didn’t know what was in the defense authorization bill for which they both voted “aye” but what does that say about their competence?  Congressmen have staffs to examine bills for important clauses which could adversely affect their Districts.  These men both need to take a page from Harry Truman and admit full culpability, after all the buck stops with them.

Today’s SOPA Strike

As you attempt to peruse the internet today you’ll find some of the 10,000 websites striking to protest SOPA.  the Stop Online Piracy Act is being pushed by giant corporations like NBC/Comcast and others to destroy the internet as we know it.  It would allow these huge content organizations to sue any website owner if anyone uploaded their copyrighted material.  In other words if someone put a picture or video in a comment thread here, or in a diary, even without my knowledge, Comcast could sue me personally.

Internet sites like Google, Wikipedia, Craigslist and others are going black today in protest.  Imagine YouTube not being there anymore or any of the websites where you upload pictures or video.  No blogs could allow any interaction because of the danger someone might upload a copyrighted picture.

We already have laws protecting copyrights.  If someone uses any of my pictures or video without permission (other than what I post on YouTube which have creative commons licensing) I have legal recourse against them.  I don’t need SOPA to protect my work and neither do they.  If this law passes however I and other web owners will severely restrict what you can do on our websites.

Congressmen Tim Holden and Tom Marino are co-sponsors of this horrendous legislation.

Anne Covey (Hearts) Karl Rove

Commonwealth Court candidate Anne Covey is seen chatting it up with Karl Rove in this picture from a dinner in Franklin County.  Rove, of course, is infamous for politicizing the justice system while serving as “Bush’s Brain.”  While in the White House as President Bush’s political director he oversaw the firing of eight U.S. Attorneys because they weren’t using their prosecutorial powers to jail enough Democrats.

Alberto Gonzales, Attorney General at the time, was eventually forced out of office for implementing Karl Rove’s mandate to politicize the Department of Justice.  Only “Loyal Bushies” such as Chris Christie, Tom Marino, Pat Meehan and Marybeth Buchanan kept their jobs and the Governor of Alabama was imprisoned on trumped up charges by Rove’s henchman.

Cozying up to the likes of Rove while running for one of our high courts doesn’t show very good judgment.  Would Covey use him as an example for corrupting our justice system here in Pennsylvania?  This picture scares the dickens out of me.

News & Notes August 27, 2011

As the east coast braces for Hurricane Irene I’m monitoring things as well as I can from Santa Fe.  The advantage of being here is my power won’t go out and I can monitor FEMA and news sources for the latest information.  I’ll do my best over the weekend to provide information.  If you have news and information let me know and I’ll get it out there.

It’s rained every day since I arrived in northern New Mexico which is very unusual.  This is the high desert and climate change has been effecting the southwest quite significantly.  These storms break a severe drought and are quite welcome to the residents and Native Americans.  

I met a couple from Los Alamos yesterday whom I knew from our Democratic Talk Radio facebook group.  It’s so nice to put faces with names and actually get to know people.  I’m trying to do some work while here on shale gas fracking.  It’s been going on out west for years and I’d like to learn what the longer term effects are on the environment.  Larry and Shirley Jeffreys are steering me to some people in Santa Fe with whom I can meet.

FEMA seems to be managing preparations for Irene pretty well. They have been conducting news conferences and sent people into the projected path of the storm ahead of time to deal with the aftereffects.  Following just days after the 5.8 earthquake this is a double whammy for the region.  Meanwhile Eric Cantor is insisting on more federal cuts in exchange for disaster aid.  Since the epicenter of the quake was in his own district there is no larger evidence of the need for him to go.  Government exists to provide disaster aid in the event of major events and if he cannot even support disaster aid for his own District his constituents need to elect a new Congressman.

Speaking of weather, drought and climate change Texas Governor Rick Perry said this in New Hampshire this week:

“I think there are a substantial number of scientists who have manipulated data, so that they will have dollars rolling into their, to their projects,”

Al Gore responded back saying most scientists have no financial gain by calling for action about the issue.  He’s correct as most of them are academics.  If they owned companies who stood to gain financially from their work that would be a conflict of interest and cloud anything they said.  Sort of like the climate change deniers who are funded by ExxonMobil (to the tune of $18 billion) and other energy companies who do actually have a financial interest in denying the science.  They do have a conflict of interest and Perry apparently is too stupid top comprehend this fact just like he’s too stupid to understand the science.

The more we learn about Perry the more radical he is and we don’t need another radical Texas Governor in the White House.  Texas is being hit with severe high temperatures and drought this year due to climate change yet he thinks the solution is a prayer meeting.

Another closeted gay Republican surfaced this week when Puerto Rican Senator Roberto Arango. was outed by Gawker for explicit pictures he posted on the smartphone gay hookup site Grindr.  I love the sarcastic commentary in their article.

Congressman Tom Marino was targeted with a mock funeral in Williamsport over the death of jobs:

Republican Members of Congress are now charging the public to attend their events in a total effort to keep the people from expressing their concern and outrage over recent votes.  If you can’t stand the heat get out of the kitchen.

The White House is moving towards approving the controversial tar sands pipeline in the face of a continuous protest about running an oil line straight down the country from Canada to Texas.  With a straight face they are saying there’s minimal environmental risk.  One more reason not to vote for Barack Obama next year.

W-B Airport Project Halted by Congress

A stop work order was issued by the FAA for an $18 million air traffic control tower at Wilkes-Barre/Scranton International Airport because of inaction by Congress.  Funds weren’t renewed and on Saturday all FAA projects around the nation came to an abrupt halt.  The country’s air traffic control facilities are extremely outdated and efforts to rebuild this critical infrastructure have now been halted.  4,000 FAA employees are now without pay in 35 states though the Agency says the safety of the flying public will not be compromised.  

“Construction workers across America will lose their jobs and local communities will be hurt the longer this goes on. Congress needs to pass an FAA bill to prevent further economic damage,” said Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood. “This is no way to run the best aviation system in the world.”

“Unless Congress acts quickly, more work on projects critical to our nation’s aviation system will come to a halt. Work is stopping on construction and planning projects, NextGen system testing, and airport certification.  The list goes on and on and this is just the beginning,” said FAA Administrator Randy Babbitt.

The Wilkes-Barre/Scranton facility serves both the 10th and 11th Congressional Districts represented by Tea Party newcomers Lou Barletta and Tom Marino respectively.  These two are also blocking funding the federal government and driving powerful cuts in vital services.  Both voted for the radical and extreme Cut, Cap and Destroy Act last week which would slash Medicare and Social Security and put our national security in jeopardy.  I suppose, compared with that, an $18 million air traffic control tower is nothing.  The people of their Districts might disagree however.

Marino, Barletta Set to Violate Pennsylvania Law

Pennsylvania Congressmen Lou Barletta and Tom Marino have announced a policy prohibiting non media from recording their public town halls.  This is a violation of Pennsylvania law.  A case brought here in Berks County determined that no public official conducting a public meeting can prohibit the recording of such an event.  The Amity Township Supervisors were successfully sued and Marino and Barletta would be violating that law by preventing any person from recording their public meetings.

Republicans are desperately trying to stifle public comment and the distribution of those comments following a controversial vote to end Medicare as we know it.  A special election yesterday in New York’s normally safe GOP 26th CD resulted in a landslide win for the Democrat in a contest fueled by dissatisfaction with that vote.  Public outrage against Members of Congress (both Marino and Barletta voted to cut off Medicare) is palpable and they have the right to voice their concerns at public meetings.  In Pennsylvania they also have the right to record those meetings.

News & Notes April 14, 2010

Tom Marino, one of the three “Loyal Bushie” Ashcroft prosecutors (Pat Meehan and Mary Beth Buchanan are the others) running for Congress here, lied about his income on a required financial disclosure statement.  As if standing up for alleged mobster Louie DeNaples on his gaming application weren’t bad enough, as if going to work for him after having to resign over the embarrassment wasn’t bad enough now we know Marino actually earned $249,999 working for the former casino owner and not the $24,999 he put on his form.  Oops, maybe he simply pulled the wrong lever.  Voters should pull the proper one this fall and insure they don’t vote for this crook.

It appears Patrick Murphy will get Jack Murtha’s open seat on the House Appropriations Committee.  The seat is sought after because the Committee has enormous influence.  Murtha used it to bring gobs of pork to his District.  Chris Carney is livid over the decision but if he were more of a Democrat he’d have had more of a chance.

A lot of people are clamoring for the prosecution of Don Blankenship, CEO of Massey Energy Co. for the killings of the 29 miners killed at their mine in West Virginia last week.  The company has had a sordid and extensive history of safety violations like most non union coal mines across the country.  At what point do we hold the miners responsible for failing to unionize?  The United Mine Workers wouldn’t have tolerated the conditions at Massey and these men would be alive today.  Unions protect their workers which is why we don’t see tragedies such as this at their work sites.

Republicans are now trying to scare and mislead the country about Wall Street reform and regulation.  Instead of being honest they are trying to protect those who crashed the economy by telling the country the new regulations, the very ones which would have prevented the economic collapse, would trigger more bailouts.  These are the same economic experts who brought us the repeal of regulations, the catastrophic financial collapse and TARP and now we’re supposed to back off moderate new (these aren’t actually very tough regulations) reforms so they can continue getting millions of dollars from their Wall Street fat cat friends?  

I’m seriously considering shaving off my beard.  What does everyone think?  It’s been ten years and I’m ready to get rid of it.