Random Thoughts

A legislative staffer testified in this week’s BonusGate trial that then House Democratic Whip Mike Veon called him to the floor and told him to drive to Butler and pick up the nominating petitions for another House member.  We’re in the midst of another petition season currently and every candidate understands the timeline involved in getting on the ballot.  Every candidate receives a booklet with the deadlines when they initially file and get their blank petitions.  For some reason one numbskull forgot and a staffer drove from Harrisburg to Butler and back in just 3 1/2 hours.  Interestingly he was more concerned about getting a speeding ticket due to his testimony than the crimes he committed against the taxpayers.

The Sea World drowning of a trainer was tragic.  Why do we attempt to keep wild animals in captivity then fret when do what wild animals do?  It’s time to release them from captivity.  What can you do?  Stop attending these shows.

I thought yesterday’s health summit a tragic waste of time.  Nothing was accomplished other than exposing the lies and misstatements made by Republican after Republican.  Now everyone knows the GOP has no constructive ideas for reform and we can move on.

My article on the State Partnership Program is generating discussion around the blogosphere.  That was my intention.  Chris Bowers at Open Left wonders why the DNC felt it had to duplicate the mission of MoveOn.  Good question Chris.

With all this snow all winter I found myself watching the weather this morning and wondering if the numbers on the screen were for the temperature or the inches of snow due to fall.  That’s what we call a bad winter.

Did you catch Sen. John Barrasso’s out of touch comments at the health care summit?  I’m embarrassed for the fact he’s a Pennsylvania native.   How did anyone this stupid get through medical school?

As the state legislature begins wrestling with this year’s budget I’m not hearing much discussion about saving tons of money in two ways:  single payer healthcare and reforming our criminal justice system.  We keep putting people in prison for non violent crimes, keep hiring more judges, prosecutors, prison guards and building new prisons but we aren’t getting any smarter.

I keep wondering why Canadians are so much smarter than Americans.  Is it the cold weather or better schools?

Mark Singel has dropped out of the race for John Murtha’s Congressional seat.

Steve Wynn is taking over the failed Foxwoods casino operation.  Civic opposition and tough times for the Native American tribe have resulted in nothing being accomplished in getting the casinos built in Philadelphia.  Foxwoods has been in danger of losing its license for failure to perform.

The head of the Marine Corps came out against repealing Don’t Ask Don’t Tell.  So much for that vaunted “integrity” of Marines.  They’d rather require gay and lesbian soldiers to have to live a lie than be honest and open about whom they are.  Why can such tough people be so afraid of a few gays?  If you want to invade America simply march your gay and lesbian soldiers in first and the United States Marines will turn and run.

Congressman Charlie Rangel is being slapped on the wrist for an ethics violation.  I’d forgive him if he’d taken me along on that Caribbean trip.

GM’s deal to sell the Hummer franchise collapsed and they will discontinue the brand.  It goes the way of Oldsmobile, Pontiac and Saturn.  With no Hummers left to hate will we lose any useful function for our middle fingers?