Republican Congressman Apologizes to BP

Republican Congressman Joe Barton apologized to BP CEO Tony Hayward today for the “shakedown” by President Obama yesterday in creation of the $20 billion “slush fund.”  This afternoon another Member of Congress asked Hayward directly if he thought he was being “shaken down” yesterday.  The CEO said NO.  Asked if he thought this was a “slush fund” he said NO.  Why are Republicans defending BP, making apologies to them because the President is acting to help and support the people devastated by the reckless conduct of this rogue corporation.  Are Republican Congressmen so owned and operated by corporations they disgrace themselves and their office with such insane accusations?  Barton needs to apologize to those harmed by BP instead of to BP.    

The Health Reform Summit

I’m watching the President’s health summit and I’m hearing Republicans saying we have a fundamental difference of philosophy:  Democrats want government to run health care and Republicans think the free market can.

Here’s the flaw with the GOP position:  the free market has controlled health care for decades and FAILED.

CNN’s coverage has been abysmal.  They allowed Mary Matalin free rein to repeat the term “jam down” in regards to reconciliation repeatedly.  She barely said anything else in between repeating her talking point. Since when is a majority vote jamming something down American’s throats?

No one countered her ridiculous talking point because there was no one on the air at the time representing the other position.  This is why no one takes cable “news” seriously any longer.