Independents are abandoning President Obama and the Democrats in droves.  The Tea Party folks are the same old right wing militia, anti-government, white supremacists who have feasted on conspiracy theories for decades.  They simply are getting more media attention from the cable networks who like the nice visuals provided.

Barack Obama has actually done a great deal as President.  He gets no credit for forestalling an economic catastrophe brought on by failed Republican economic policies, guaranteed equal pay for equal work for women,  saved the auto industry, restored the regulatory role of government to protect our food, water, children and safety, appointed people at the Justice Department who do not prosecute based on political affiliation, ended the War in Iraq and repaired the country’s reputation and standing in the world.

Perhaps we need to reminisce about the “good old days” of Republican control of government.  Big business got away with whatever they wished.  Mines collapsed on workers, China shipped poisoned dog food to us, Toyota cars weren’t scrutinized for defects, etc.  The biggest sin of all though was lying the nation into war.  Obama may not be willing to drag us into recriminations, prosecutions and such but let us not forget what George W. Bush and his Republican cronies did to this country.  You may not be entirely happy with Barack Obama but compared with Bush he’s a godsend.

9/11 Truth: How Think Tanks Took Control of U.S. Government @ Yahoo! Video