Lehigh Valley Officials Endorse Patrick Murphy

A slew of elected Democrats from the Lehigh Valley convened at the Hamilton Family Restaurant to endorse Patrick Murphy for Attorney General.  City Council members, State Representatives, Mayors and Controllers were among the audience there to show support in a contested primary for the office.  Kathleen Kane, a highly qualified prosecutor is also running for the nomination along with former Congressman and Auditor General Don Bailey.

Northampton County Controller Steve Barron emceed the event and speakers included Bob Freeman, Sal Panto and Ed Pawlowski.

Patrick and Steve:

Teaching a toddler to high five:

Mayor Pawlowski:

Mayor Panto:

County Chair Walt Garvin (and my fellow co-host at Democratic Talk Radio) with Rep. Bob Freeman:

Specter Goes After Toomey

Lehigh County Executive Don Cunningham endorsed Arlen Specter this morning along with five County Chairs (Berks, Bucks, Carbon, Lehigh and Northampton Counties) and several area Mayors (Ed Lawlowski, Sal Panto) and Party leaders from T.J. Rooney to Katie Lynch the new President of the Lehigh Valley Young Democrats.  Sestak didn’t mention his opponent in the Democratic primary but did say he’s in “a tough fight.”  He aimed sharp words at his GOP opponent should he survive Joe Sestak’s challenge.  Being in the Lehigh Valley, Toomey’s home turf, Specter went after him hard on his Wall Street ties and votes against every federal appropriations bill except Defense.

Saying “I beat Pat Toomey before and I’ll beat him again” he is discounting numerous polls showing voter discontent putting Toomey ahead of the thirty year incumbent.  The Senator was feisty this morning and made sure to say, maybe for my benefit, that he never asked anyone to “clear the field” for him.  That doesn’t mean the Governor didn’t try as he usually does in these contests.  Ironically Ed Rendell wouldn’t have been Governor for eight years if he hadn’t opposed the Party establishment and ran against Bob Casey Jr. in the primary.  How soon some forget.

Arlen Specter stressed several points which could come back to haunt him.  For example he mentioned his opposition to Robert Bork as a Justice of the Supreme Court without mentioning the right wing extremists like Clarence Thomas, John Roberts and Samuel Alito whom he shepherded through the process.  While condemning last week’s horrendous ruling he failed to mention how he put those Justices on the Court.  He seems to be using his vote for the stimulus bill (ARRA) as the central theme of his campaign but he failed to mention the $40 billion in state fiscal relief he cut out of the legislation in return for his vote.  As usual with Specter there’s good and bad mixed together.  That was always fairly acceptable when he was a Republican but they aren’t good enough to elect him as a Democrat.  Not when a real progressive Democrat is running.

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Don Cunningham:

TJ Rooney said something noteworthy in his segment.  He lauds Arlen Specter for putting the people ahead of Party.  It reminds me of all the attacks I’ve taken from Democratic officials for doing precisely the same thing.  It’s why I’m no longer a Democrat.