Prop H8 Case is Rejected on Standing

California’s Proposition 8 case was rejected by the Supreme Court based on standing.  This is an important legal term meaning the man who filed the appeal had no basis for doing so because he wasn’t affected by the law.  The ruling means the Court couldn’t rule on the constitutionality of marriage because the party bringing the action had no legal basis for doing so.

It means also that the Ninth Circuit had no basis for deciding the case so the decision of the state court stands making marriage equality the law in California.  This is a win for the LGBT community in a flawed case which prevented a landmark decision affecting the entire country.

Court: No More H8 in California

The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals has overturned California’s Proposition 8 ban on gay marriage this afternoon.  The 2-1 decision was issued following  a lengthy court battle where the proponents of hatred and bigotry were unable to mount any coherent legal argument for their position.  AFER, the American Foundation for Equal Rights, fought hard for this landmark civil rights action.

There is no longer any foundation for inequality in California.  The fight against Proposition 8 has been long and those against equal rights for all are bound to appeal this to the U.S. Supreme Court.  For now, however, all Californians will be equal in the eyes of the law when it comes to marriage.  Gays, lesbians and transgenders can now wed the person they love and enjoy the fruits of equality in more than just the taxes they pay.  

Arnold Is A Rat

Arnold Schwarzenegger admitted this morning to having a ten year old child born out of wedlock to a member of his household staff.  This explains last week’s announcement that he and wife Maria Shriver had split.  When running for California Governor he was dogged by claims from sixteen women that he had engaged in improper sexual conduct around them but voters elected him anyway.  Now we learn he kept this secret even from his wife until last week, after he left office.

If a spouse cannot trust someone how can the public?

Arnold to Fire 20,000 State Workers

California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger announced he will lay off 20,000 state workers as a result of the economic meltdown and his failure as Governor.  I bet Gray Davis looks pretty good right now.  Californians recalled their previous Governor due to a state financial crisis which was nothing compared with the one Arnold is in.  Is it time to recall Arnold too?

How will California’s Republican Congress members explain their delays and votes to Californians who lose their jobs or cannot obtain state services because there’s no one left to mind the store?  20,000 state employees is a serious number.  This means prison guards, state police, prosecutors, mental health workers, youth counselors, motor vehicle centers, parks and recreation, all the services residents rely on can be cut.

California has been hit hard by the housing and foreclosure crisis spawned by Wall Street speculation, lack of regulation by a Republican Administration and Congress and through criminal and/or unscrupulous actions by those in the real estate industry.  Whole neighborhoods have become ghost towns filled with empty homes.  Now 20,000 more workers are losing their jobs.

Explain why you delayed the stimulus package then voted against it Republican Congressional people.  Tell it to these 20,000 and the millions who will suffer because they are no longer on the job.  Explain to someone why there are no more parole officers checking on past criminals.  Explain why there aren’t enough prosecutors or courts to jail the inevitable increase in people committing crimes.  Explain why parks will close, highways won’t get repaved and bridges collapse from lack of maintenance.

Republican fiddled while California and the rest of the country burned.  Is it too late to save us?  Why was nothing done for 13 months under a Republican President?

The Sky is Falling, the Sky is Falling

Word has it the first same sex marriages will take place in California today and major news organization are scattered around the state waiting for the sky to fall or for California to crack off and float out to sea and sink or some other horrific event to take place that the anti-gay religious nut jobs keep insisting will happen. The end of civilization is upon us!!!

OK maybe not so much, but to hear these people that is what you would think is going to happen.

Unfortunately for the anti-gay marriage forces, today is likely to be different in California (from any other day) only for those people who now gain the recognition and equal treatment under law they have long deserved.

What I’m waiting to see is how many heterosexual marriages fall apart in Cali starting tomorrow simply because gay people started getting married in Cali today…I bet we all know the answer (hint…it’s less than 1).

The Last Desperate Measure…well maybe not the Last…

The Campaign for California Families today filed with the California Court of Appeal a motion to stay the California Supreme Court’s May 15 ruling striking down state Family Code provisions that discriminate against gay and lesbian partners as unconstitutional. CCF filed a similar motion with the California Supreme Court on May 30, which was rejected by the high court on June 4.

As wacky as California can be sometimes, even in Cali, a lower court cannot reverse or stay the decision of a higher court…which is what these desperate people are asking the Court of Appeals to do. The Court of Appeals is a lesser court than the Supreme Court. Oddly the word ‘Supreme’ in the name of the court would be, to any rational person, a dead giveaway. But then again, for these people, ‘rational’ seems to have gone out the door.

How much do these people hate and fear gay folks that they are willing to try this absurd path? And more importantly…why?

Someone needs to help me understand please…Government controls marriage licenses, citizens pay taxes, government is supposed to imposed laws on all citizens equally….so why aren’t ALL citizens entitled to the same rights and benefits ofcitizenship? Why MUST it be one rules for gay folk and one rule for non-gay folk….I just don’t understand.