The Oklahoma City Tragedy

This morning I mourn for the twenty children killed by a massive tornado which swept through the Oklahoma City metropolitan region.  Moore, OK, just south of the City, was the hardest hit area by a twister which was two miles wide and went for twenty miles.

I don’t mourn for the adults.  These are idiots and morons who continue voting for the likes of Tom Coburn, James Inhofe and Dan Boren.  Folks, if you refuse to believe in science, in the facts of global warming then you get what you deserve.  This is classic evolution evolving:  stupid people dying from their own stupidity.

I’ve been in Oklahoma City twice while driving to Santa Fe.  Going through Oklahoma is a challenge when you’re gay and liberal: it is the reddest state in America and these morons just keep voting for men like Inhofe who is owned by the fossil fuel industry and reject the overwhelming science of climate change.  The result are more and more extreme storms and more devastation killing more people.  If you’re too stupid to accept science then you’ll die.  Hopefully before you can reproduce.  That’s simple evolution.

GOD is speaking?

Normally if a hurricane or tornado strikes Jerry Falwall is first out saying how it has something to do with God sending a message about the gay people. However, Jerry got his own message from God so I was expecting Pat Robertson to take his place.

Oddly, nobody seems has anything to say about the message God is sending when he sent the tornado to hit the Boy Scouts. Is God sending them a message?

I have a message for the Boy Scouts, I’ll bet you can guess what it is too.

Nevertheless, regardless of the messages of lack thereof, our condolences to the families of  the boys whom God killed and injured.

What? Too much?

Does God send natural disasters as punishment?

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