McCain is desperate for a wedge issue to change the subject and he needs your help!

John McCain is in Nevada talking about pork-barrel spending. He is scared about the fact that Scott McClellan just came out with a book that will open American eyes about what he and the Bush Administration are trying to pull. And he needs you to help change the subject. He needs Democrats to divide themselves up and attack each other, so that he can have a chance to sneak himself through the process and get into the Oval Office. He doesn’t want you to notice that he is aligning himself with out of the mainstream people like John Hagee, who calls Hitler “the hunter” and celebrates his attack on 6 million Jewish people and called the Catholic Church “The Great Whore” or Rod Parsley, the evangelist who declared that it was America’s mission and “intention” to destroy the Islamic religion. McCain can’t wait to take away your rights, including women’s reproductive rights and right to possess birth control…or employer-based health care, by appointing backwards judges that will laugh at you when you expect the Constitution to protect you. McCain is desperate for any progressive subject to talk about to change the subject and keep progressives and the American people from noticing he’s trying to rob us blind from potential change in the fall. He needs you to bring the smokescreen and fight among each other about all of your differences and not unite behind the Democratic nominee, so that he can have a chance to continue 4 more years of Bush’s policies, continue the war and deny you worker’s rights. McCain needs you to hate the nominee because he is African American, or female, or has a funny name, or big ears, or can be labeled with hollow words like a pin-the-tail-on-the-donkey game. That’s why McCain is seeing Bush in the middle of the night to talk about his need for his support, without any cameras around to catch him red-handed. He needs you to give up your chance at freedom and democracy, so that he can continue the endless occupation of Iraq for 100 years and deny your children college education and send them in Iraq. McCain also does not want you to know that he has voted with Bush 90% of the time, and if you knew that it would interfere with his ‘maverick’ image and style. Can you distract the Democrats from uniting behind their nominee? John McCain and George W. Bush need you to help them distract the American people, like Bush-McCain did during the Iraq War.

The GI Bill passes the House overwhelmingly, beating a Bush veto, and McCain was far away from it.

A few days ago in the Senate, McCain not only did not vote for the GI Bill to provide education opportunity and affordability to our troops he stayed away from its voting session. It passed so overwhelmingly it beat an attempted Bush veto. Obama voted for it and tried to hold McBush accountable to his refusal to vote for our troops’ opportunity towards more affordable education for serving our country. McCain proceeded to attack Obama for not having a military service background, even though our past presidents, Reagan and Abraham Lincoln, have never served in the military. It sounds like a pompous attack to me to judge someone who holds you accountable for not considering the hardships and struggles of our troops by not voting for their education and then to attack a rival for not having a military service background. I think he is too focused on himself to care about anybody, let alone the troops.

Barack Obama is around 46 delegates away from Democratic Nomination

Barack Obama receives endorsements today from Colorado Democratic Party Chair and superdelegate Pat Waak, Meredith Wood Smith, Chair of the Oregon Democratic Party and Guam Senator and Democrat National Committeeman Ben C. Pangelinan. Obama is 46 delegates away from securing the Democratic Nomination.

McClellan explains active coersion between Karl Rove and Dick Cheney in Scooter Libby case

Update: McClellan also explains in his book, What Happened, how Karl Rove and Vice President Cheney worked with Scooter Libby on his story in the outing of the CIA agent Valerie Plame incident.

Former insider/White House Press Secretary Scott McClellan exposes Administration lies in new book

Breakthrough: Former White House Press secretary/Bush insider and inner circle member Scott McClellan exposes and reveals deception by the Administration in his new book, What Happened. He personally accuses and points out that Republican campaign architect Karl Rove and Vice President Dick Cheney forced him to lie on the podium to the press and tried to push a “propaganda war.” This man is a part of the Texas crew of insiders and loyalists closest to the president. He doesn’t accuse President Bush directly, but he says that Bush’s advisors helped push hard for going directly to war with Iraq under false pretenses and no WMDs. He also talks about how Katrina was the most devastating thing to happen to the Bush Administration’s credibility, because he explains how for weeks they were under a state of denial about it. This bombshell will definitely influence what happens during the presidential election. This damages the “Victory” and “Never Surrender” platform Bush-McCain is trying to peddle in the race. This is a history-making event: This book will ultimately define Bush’s legacy in history books in the future. The Administration, Karl Rove specifically, is scrambling to dismiss and label McClellan as a disgruntled ex-employee and sweep this landmark incident under the rug, but this will permanently follow them from now on. Meanwhile, McCain is having secret meetings with Bush hoping the press won’t notice his attachment to him and need to have him push for him.

MCain is positioning himself on a left position?

That is funny. McCain is now trying to position himself on a specific vision. The GOP has been trying to find a trench position to stand for to keep themselves from being mopped up by Obamamania and the intense aura of American’s overwhelming feelings of change. He has found last stand position in nuclear proliferation, which was a left position in the 1980’s. People are losing their homes, their credit, their ability to afford gas, and you try to capture votes by talking about nuclear proliferation? Oh, come on. You KNOW that nuclear weapons are lost in Russia, nowhere to be found, you know that Pakistan has nuclear weapons within an eyes-drop of being taken over by anti-occupational forces, you have Osama bin Laden out there not even being sought after for by the Bush Administration, you have Chernobyl, and McBush is talking about nuclear proliferation? Ha Ha! That issue has been fought by progressives since the 1980’s!! I guess he’s showing his lack of judgment. We’re worried about our houses being foreclosed from under us, our credit being unable to be improved upon because of bank closing their pockets, and this man is still searching for a wedge issue to change the subject, so that his party can avoid annihilation in the fall? I can guess that someone isn’t paying attention! Mr. McBush, I mean McCain, we have people losing their jobs and habeas corpus is being thrown out the window. This man isn’t able to find a wedge issue to save his beloved hatchetmen like Linsey Graham and John Coryn, who are seeing their 3rd Republican House seat being taken over by a Democrat. I just want to let people know that this man has voted with Bush and his party 90% of the time. So, I can see who doesn’t have any new solutions other than to continue the old Bush’s tax cuts and blow everything up.

The Hilarity of Presidential Politics

I am tired of the nomination process.

It has become a joke; it’s not even democracy. It’s all about scoring cheap political points, invoking the death of our beloved public officials and depending on possible further assassinations of rivals to continue race’s in your favor, using back-room party insiders to override votes, race-baiting and scaring white people into voting for you. We have been bombarded with the horse race headlines, boxing reference, spin, finger-wagging, angry and belligerent ex-presidents, the “low-blows” and the lack of more vital news to make it worth watch the boob tube. However, this race is one of the most important things in our lifetimes to keep up on, so I digress.

What has happened while The Pennsylvania Progressive has been gone? Not much. We still have more potshots being swung by these candidates. We have our own Ted Kennedy being diagnosed with malignant brain cancer. We have Sen. Hillary Clinton invoking the horrible assassination of RFK to win a nominee battle. We have Barack Obama and McBush attacking each other with name-calling words like “appeaser” and “political posturing.” In a climate where hurricanes, earthquakes and cyclones are growing more and more to be a constantly-occurring phenomenon ripping the country in pieces, where man-made global warming is getting worse, we have an Administration that is so out of control that it is declaring peacemaker and hero Nelson Mandela a terror suspect, where our civil liberties and human rights are openly violated to the point that our Secretary of State, Condolezza Rice, can openly admit to advocating torture as a national policy, that our most unpopular president in history is looking to make our own country into a Brave New World-like police state– we are in trouble, and in a horse race that can determine the very fate and path our country goes on from now on we still have not fully taken the opportunity to get the American public to force our officials to focus on answering the real issues squeezing at our necks.

I am disgusted at our corporate media. They’re not covering the real stories that count- and why do I care this late in the game when they’ve been ignoring the real issues for a while now? Well, things are getting significantly worse and they are feeding into our amnesia as a country about the real challenges that we face. We have U.S. companies that are skirting international law to provide the Chinese government with new ways to suppress its people and all the media talks about is whether or not it is okay to have the Olympics in Beijing. Hey, how about impeaching our aiding and abetting, cronyistic president and stuffing his ‘executive privilege’ to hide and lie and blow stuff up in other people’s countries up his rear-end, and throw him in jail where he belongs? We have a executive branch of government that advocates for violating the Constitution and spying on American civilians and giving government grants, taxpayer money, contracts to telecom and other corporate companies for them to do it. We also have 2 branches of Congress that are allowing them to step on our hard-fought Constitution and ignore the balance of power.

There is so much going wrong now the pot is boiling over. Now is the time to force our candidates to answer the issues IN SPECIFICS that will determine whether the future of not only us but the future of the ones we love will be in jeopardy. Demand more. The real issues are not being talked about. The same partisan politics of attack words, wedge issues and hollow terms will not solve our most neglected problems. Our most immediate, critical problems are- health care, the environment, gas prices going up to $10 a gallon, jobs and opportunity, foreclosures, social mobility, worker’s rights, college affordability, whether our small businesses can be supported over mass consolidation, food inspection oversight, unequal and unfair trade and exploitation, sweatshop labor, bad Chinese products, protection of our ports, our disaffected youth competing with the world’s youth for jobs and their livelihood, the 4,000 dead troops and the brave ones stuck in stop-loss and in their 3rd-4th tours in Iraq in an endless war that McBush advocates continuing for 100 years, etc. The status quo is not acceptable anymore. We should not worry about funny names, skin color and the gender of our officials. We need to hold them up to the real problems, and we need change, now.

Welcome To Our New Home

As our older readers know The Pennsylvania Progressive is moving due to our being a casualty of the Democratic presidential primary season.  Soapblox is our new home and I am working diligently to build a new blog which will be much nicer, safer, and interactive than our previous incarnations.

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