Westmoreland GOP Commissioner Candidate Courtney Sued, Misled Consumers

(Westmoreland GOP Commissioner’s candidate hiding lawsuit – promoted by PA Eagle Eye)

A stunning revelation about Westmoreland County GOP Commissioner candidate R. Tyler Courtney has surfaced and Westmoreland County is one of the key suburban County Commissioner showdowns of the 2011 election cycle in the Keystone State.

An independent group “People Interested in Truth” has revealed a series of troubling facts, which suggest that Courtney has been less than candid with voters about his past business practices.  While Courtney, a favorite of State Sen. Kim Ward who touts his business experience, it appears his unethical business practices led to a substantial lawsuit, followed by Chapter 11 bankruptcy.

Courtney’s firm Financial Services was sued for trademark infringement for incorporating the name A1 Mortgage into his existing firms name, well after being aware of A1 Mortgage Corporation’s existence in Westmoreland County and throughout Pennsylvania.  According to the courts documents, the Court found that Courtney’s firm “acted with bad faith intent to profit” when it registered the domain name in 2003.

As part of the Findings of Fact, Courtney issued a memorandum instructing employees to mislead consumers in western Pennsylvania. It states that Courtney knew which specific radio stations Financial Services advertised on, but he instead instructed employees to tell consumers that they did not know which specific stations.  Courtney then denied issuing such a Memorandum… when his employees confirmed the handwriting was in fact his.

The Finds of Fact went on to characterize that “the testimony of Courtney was not credible in this respect” and that “the Defendant Acted with bad faith and malicious intent to confuse consumers and profit from it.”  Financial Services was ordered by the Court to pay $50,000 in damages for its intentional misconduct to A1 Mortgage Corporation.

A key point here also, is that Mr. Courtney’s termination as an Officer did not occur until 2006, which was the same year as this bankruptcy action.  By the time he withdrew, it appears the firm had already been run into the ground essentially, prior to the same year bankruptcy filing.

The real question is, is this someone who should be a steward of taxpayer dollars and and overseer of county contracts?  ABSOLUTELY NOT. Tyler Courtney is the epitomy of a Wall Street Republican that does and says one thing with respect to his business expertise, but his past dealings suggest that he does not possess a track record of ethical conduct needed to come anywhere near a County Commissioner post.

Neighboring Westmoreland Voters should reject this candidate in November.

Allegheny County’s Fitzgerald misleads voters… Vote Flaherty

(Fitzgerald full of gas – promoted by PA Eagle Eye)

It was a matter of time before the gloves came off in the Allegheny County Chief Executives race to replace Dan Onorato, who is rumored to be running for Auditor General next year.

Rich Fitzgerald, in a series of TV ads, has accused Mark Flaherty of being in bed with the gas industry.  Flaherty’s campaign recently obtained and released an email with some stunning and embarrassing revelations for Fitzgerald, who turned out to be full of gas himself (and not the Marcellus-type).



I forwarded a text to Matt responding to a text he sent to me telling me

he was coming to my event but only buying one ticket.  And oh by the way

my campaign, won’t get the check till later, so we won’t have it for the

filing deadline of Jan. 31.

It is critical for my viability in eyes of the politucal world to have

money in the bank and have it early.

City Councilman Doug Shield’s wife, Bridgit, is making calls to the

energized moratoriom crowd for Mark Flaherty by telling them that Mark

Flaherty will support a moratorium.

The next Chief Executive of Allegheny County will either be me or Mark

Flaherty. If you want the leader of this region to be someone who is

clueless about natural gas and your industry, continue to sit on your

hands that is exactly what will happen.

Only EQT, Mike Hillenbrand and Keith Mangini have remotely gotten behind


My campaign has gotten next to nothing from Range, next to nothing from

CNX/Consol, next to nothing from Atlas, next to nothing from US Steel.

And absolutely nothing from Chespapeake, Cabot, Talisman or anyone else.

I love going to the expensive “Captians of Industry” parties in New York

City, but would rather have the “Captians” put their money  behind a

candidate who will promote the growth of industry.

PIOGA has also done nothing.

I need money and I need it fast.

Its great to hear from Dave Spiegelmeyer about how wonderful I am for

the industry, but what I really need from Dave is money. Not “I wish I

could be at your event, but I’m out of town. Just know we’re behind

you.”  Well if you are, put your money where your mouth is and help fund

this campaign.

I love going to your wine and cheese receptions to hear what a great

advocate I am for the natural gas industry, how as an CMU engineer I

understand the benefits of natural gas for the environment, global

warming, national security, jobs, regional growth, our trade deficit,

etc.  You have the courage to take a stand and stand up for what’s

right. Well if you like that, stand up for me now. Because if you don’t

I will be gone in a few months, and the voices you hear won’t be your


Your kind words and “attaboys” won’t win the race. How about if you take

some of the money you spend on these receptions, or a party at the “W”

and invest it in who is going to lead Western Pennsylvania over the next

4 years

This is “The Race”.  The Chief Executive of Allegheny County is the most

influential political office west of the Susquehana. He or she sets the

agenda for all of Western Pennsylvania.  It is more important than a

state senate, state house, or even a congressional race.

I hope you guys realize this before it is too late.


Sent from my Verizon Wireless BlackBerry

Fitzgerald’s email reveals some very disturbing insight about his true motives and what type of a leader he would be.  First, he loves those big gas “Captains of Industry” parties and the wine and cheese, quite a disconnect from who he portends to be to Democratic voters, who care about their rivers and drinking water.  Second, the man is nothing short of a sell out to the Natural Gas Industry, who has been shipping in workers from Texas, Oklahoma, and Colorado to western Pennsylvania.  No one with a straight face could back Fitzgerald as “champion of the working class” after these emails.

There is a lot more to be said about this.  For now, Rich Fitzgerald was exposed for what he is… a grade “A” hypocrite who intentionally tried to mislead voters and thus, should be no where near in the position to “set the agenda” for western Pennsylvania.  That would be quite dangerous for their drinking water.

While Fitzgerald accused Flaherty of spending taxpayers money to subsidize the industry… he was desperately begging for industry money to subsidize his own run for office. For that reason, and for a turn of the page from this debacle and other embarrassments sure to follow, vote MARK PATRICK FLAHERTY for Allegheny County Chief Executive.

Magliocchetti Indicted: Bad news for Critz and PA Dems in PA-12?

The Pennsylvania Progressive has been peering into the way Congressman Mark Critz and his cohorts have been operating for quite sometime. Unfortunately for Congressman Critz, things may get more interesting as we head into the Fall.  Fresh on the heels of Maxine Waters (D-CA) and Charlie Rangel (D-NY) corruption scandals, a former aide to the late Congressman John Murtha was indicted yesterday in an Alexandria, VA courtroom and released on a two million dollar bond.

Paul Magliocchetti, or “Mags” as his golf buddies affectionately called him faces 8 counts of making false campaign contributions and 3 counts of making false statements to federal officials.  In short, I’d predict that Mags won’t be hitting the golf course anytime soon, unless he gets a golf course wall mural painted on the inside of his prison cell.  The indictment contends that Magliocchetti had associates and employees of the now defunct PMA Lobbying Group become straw contributors to powerful Appropriations subcommittee members such as John Murtha, Norm Dicks, James Moran, and Peter Visclosky so that the PMA Group could maintain its prestige and win big time defense contracts for its clients. The contributors were then reimbursed which is a violation of the law. In 2006 alone, more than 60 earmarks went to PMA clients, totaling more than 95 million dollars, while according to the National Review, PMA associates and employees donated between $230,000 to $279,000 annually.

Congressman Mark Critz, of course, was very familiar with PMA Group.  Just how close may yet remain to be seen. Typically in situations such as these, Magliocchetti may face the choice of a much lengthier stay in the slammer, or turning into the consummate rat and snuffing everyone that was involved or had knowledge of what was occurring, if anyone else knew. The big questions are, will the list of people with knowledge of what was going include former Economic Development Director, Mark Critz? And if so, what role did he have in this process?  

If you’ll recall, around the time the 12th Congressional Recommendation Committee was being rigged, Former Pennsylvania State Treasurer and Auditor General Barbara Hafer, in fact, posed these concerns about Critz:

“We want to know what he testified to and what documents did he hand over to the House Ethics Committee when he testified recently,” Ms. Hafer said of Mr. Critz. “We also want him to explain his relationship with Coherent Systems.”

Coherent Systems was a defense company later acquired by Argon ST, a larger defense firm. Both were represented by PMA Associates, a now-defunct defense lobbying firm headed by Pittsburgh native and Murtha and friend Paul Magliocchetti.

Coherent’s former CEO, Rick Ianieri, later pleaded guilty to various fraud charges, including allegations that he received a kickback from officials at another defense firm, Kuchera Defense Systems, located in Windber, Somerset County.

In some ways, what Hafer asked, what was the nature of Critz’s testimony during the ethics hearing, and what was his relationship with Coherent, Argon ST, and PMA? This may turn into the achilles heel for PA-12 Democrats in the Fall for those willing to turn a blind eye to corruption.  Unfortunately for the people involved, a Congressional Ethics hearing being dismissed is one thing, but the Feds are more interested in searching for criminality and investigating as to whether or not a law has been broken. That in itself is a much different standard. To my knowledge, although Critz vowed to release his testimony, he has yet comply with his commitment to do so.

We do know however, that former PMA associates persist to be close donors to Congressman Critz, as former PMA lobbyists recently gave at least $75,000 in personal contributions leading up to the Special Election in May.  Indeed, it would not be surprising if any of those former PMA lobbyists and donors had knowledge of the racket that Magliocchetti orchestrated and if so, they may end up knee deep in it with him.

Ultimately, this should compel Congressman Critz to return their contributions or donate them to charity immediately and of course, release the full transcript of his Congressional Ethics Committee testimony to the press and public regarding PMA Associates and Mr. Magliocchetti.

As for Maglioccetti, he should come forward and reveal anyone else who had knowledge of the process that was occurring and their role, if anyone else knew what was going on.  It may land him a much shorter stay in the slammer.

Correction:  It seems Paul Maglioccetti never worked directly for Congressman Murtha.  We regret the error.  According to a Google search Murtha’s staff, at one time, issued this statement:  “Magliochetti (sic) served as a staff analyst for the Defense Appropriations Subcommittee, Murtha was never Chairman or Ranking Member while Magliochetti (sic) worked for the subcommittee. In fact, Magliochetti (sic) worked for Chairman Bill Chappel and full committee chairman Jamie Whitten.”

Afghanistan: Mineral rich means long term

The McCrystal firing provides quite a distraction from the main point, our stalemate in Afghanistan.  I am glad General Petreus is being put in charge, but this does not change the game we’ve been playing for a decade in Afghanistan.

Afghanistan’s focus should be to change course and to solely focus on training and strengthening the Afghan forces to take over.  Prolonging the war until 2015, or 2020 from a fiscal standpoint is sheer lunacy, particularly in light of the global economic uncertainties we face.  It is also sheer foolishness for our Democratic representatives to support such a long term commitment.  Some of us (particularly Republicans with cut off barn tee shirts) are not too bright to think that “winning” means we’ll kill all the enemy….this is obviously insurgency warfare, but I will say that Gen. Petreus seems to understand that the victory is in the successful transition.  Too bad, they did not have a plan for the first 6 years or so there.

But, no… the US does not seem to realize that much like Vietnam, Afghanistan is a rogue nation that has been the doom of armies since Alexander the Great.  Instead, we drop billions into “nation-building” mode, a strategy which takes billions of tax dollars and spends them as global welfare to try to civilize a completely different society.  Those billions get doled out, alot of which go to Contracting companies.  It makes me sick and should you too, to know that Xe Services (formerly Blackwater) got a $120 million contract to perform private security services in Afghanistan.  


This is the same Blackwater mercenary army that was banned from Iraq for its brutality against civilians, the same private army that we as Democrats have railed so hard against and now that we are in charge, we are still awarding them contracts.  Of course, like the Beverly Hillbillies… the Xe mercenaries have struck it rich.  There have been massive mineral discoveries in Afghanistan… which means that the US will not be leaving anytime soon.  


All the while, it has been discovered that our combat troops face a new challenge besides terrorists and snipers.  Toxic sand has been discovered to cause soldiers severe respiratory and cognitive function disorders.  


Just imagine what it does to someone who has been on their third, fourth, and fifth deployment over there.  Its time to bring our soldiers home, and if it cannot be done within the near future, we need to not waste our most valuable resources, our brave troops, in a country baby sitting, while private companies make billions in contracts and mineral farming.

Rendell affair rumors to surface in Philly Magazine Friday???

In the soon-to-be-released issue of “Philadelphia Magazine,” Gov. Rendell said that there is no truth to rumors of an affair with a former Miss Pennsylvania who is now a state employee.

Rendell has done alot of things this year that have made people cringe, like seeing elections fixed and people disenfranchised (and not doing anything about it, busting up the Dem Party over the PA Senate race, and so forth.  There are a lot of women attracted to power as the Guv says, but he just does not strike me as the type who would engage in this type of adultery behavior so this, without any type of a credible source or substanital evidence (as we have on the 12th Congressional) is little more than a political National Inquirer story.


In fact, I certainly believe Rendell did not engage in an affair.  I would look into Snow’s record about how she was hired, etc. who made the decisions as an investigative blogger, but this seems a far flung.  Typically, there are some in politics who flock to be close those who have control.  My advice is… do not ever run for office if you are caught sleeping around in the sack with someone.  If you came up against someone like me, you’d get ravaged with it and end up like John Edwards or the countless list of others who sold their integrity down the tubes for their 5 minutes in the sack.  

And for god sakes… if you do do it… don’t tell anyone you’ve gone hiking like Sanford… or you’re off to New Mexico :) or one of those lame excuses.  We know whats going on here!!!

PA Dem Party: “Insisted” on 12th Congressional rigged process for Critz

(PA Dem Employee Shannon’s latest contradiction and good ol boy Fred Lebder knows how to fix a party – promoted by PA Eagle Eye)

I have discovered a very disturbing piece of evidence further that substantiates John Morgan’s investigative discovery that the 12th Congressional Special Election process was rigged by the PA Dem party in favor of Mark Critz.  

The 12th Congressional rigging throw the nomination to Mark Critz has set off a fire storm because of the massive dis-enfrachisement of thousands of voters, and on the party level committee members.  Shannon Bilger cleverly makes reference to their role in the process:

The only real difference is that we insisted the number of delegates be no more than 100.  Jack proposed 200, 157 of which would have been appointed.  We thought it was wrong to have more appointed than elected Delegates.  I think we were much fairer than you give us credit

Shannon Bilger reveals evidence that the PA State Party under TJ Rooney and Ed Rendell played a key role in rigging the Congressional election in favor of Mark Critz. The truth of the matter is, if the nomination process would have had closer to the 200 delegates, a majority of those on the Democratic county committee members…. ALL LOCAL ELECTED COMMITTEEMEN AND WOMEN voted for by the people in their local precincts and certified by the PA Board of Elections would have been able to vote.  These were not “appointed delegates” Shannon… these would have been elected county committee members chosen by the people with no “selective” tampering.  You made sure the opposite occurred, and even thought you claim you thought it was wrong to select more appointed than elected, the Governor insisted on that “selective amount of appointees”… just enough to overwhelm the state committee voters.

Shannon reveals the state party absolutely “INSISTED” that the number of delegates be NO MORE than 100, this was on purpose to fix the process.  Thus, they dis-enfranchised all the local elected county committee members because they knew that Mark Critz (the bag man) was unknown and did not stand a chance, particularly in bigger counties like Washington and Westmoreland, which would have made the lions share of the voting.

Shannon Bilger, in turn comes back to try to criticize Jack Hanna for trying to “rig” the election.  Reality is that Jack Hanna wanted it to be a true “grassroots sentiment” of the local democrats (your county committee members).  The PA Democratic Party shut out and dis-enfrachised elected county committee members and the county chairs did a good ol’ boy job, refusing to appoint at-large delegates that would not vote for Mark Critz.

One member said those appointed delegates are at the heart of the split by Washington County.

“What this is, it’s the party bosses trying to pick someone to run,” said Clifton Cochran, one of the elected Washington committee members.

Read more: http://www.post-gazette.com/pg…

The smoking gun proof is Shannon’s admission that they insisted on dis-enfrachising local elected committee members. They said they thought it was “wrong to have more appointed that elected members” What is a County Committee member Shannon? So which one is it??? You’re obviously contradicting yourself.  

Fayette Co. is an interesting case study because Fred Lebder, the county chair dis-enfrachised all of the local county committee members.  Learned from someone that went to state committee that in the hallway when making rounds, that she heard there are now rumors that have developed that Lebder, who was exposed as an immediate 4800 Critz donor less than a week after the Special is rumored to be stepping down quietly and all of a sudden as County Chair.  We know something is definitely up as Lebder would never resign.  There has to be some reason to.  Im guessing one is that the furor over being dis-enfranchised is mounting.  The other is with the crooked nature of the process that occurred, its probably best to get out of the public eye.

The Lebder timeline suggests exactly that these delegates were “bought and paid for” so to speak.  The day Joyce Murtha would not run, Lebder voiced his support for Mark Critz, a candidate that resigned that day.  It would be interesting for someone to line up the timing to see the actual time of Critz resigning, Joyce Murtha announcing should would not run, and Lebder announcing his support for Critz all on the same day February 22. Lebder’s news article comment appeared on the 22nd and when he refers to “how it gets done”… we’re talking the lowest form of politics that makes people sick. The fix was in right from the get-go and it was obviously coordinated even before Feb 22.

“[Mr. Critz is] the best person to keep it, because he has the knowledge about how it all gets done,” said Fred Lebder, the Fayette County Democratic Party chairman.

Read more: http://www.pittsburghpostgazet…

For curiosity’s sake, I would love to see Lebder’s telephone records someday and would love if someone took a look at these.  Who he received calls from and made calls to during the time period from Congressman Murtha’s passing until the day of the 12th Special Recommendation Committee selection in Delmont (what time a day; etc).  I believe those telephone records would be very telling and confirm what we already know.  I suppose it may be possible those types of records may reveal possible violations of the Hatch Act law too.  With imminent knowledge of Lebder’s disenfranchisement of the Fayette Co. Committee. State Democratic Party Spokesman/ functionary Patrick McKenna was not candid, stating that “we want citizens to have a voice”.

“The recommendation process in the 12th District is transparent, representative, and fair,” said Patrick McKenna, spokesman for the state Democratic Party. “The recommendation convention rules are broadly inclusive and designed so that as many citizens . . . as possible can have their voices heard.”

They flat out ignored that many were dis-enfranchised by good ol boys greasing the pig. Unfortunately for them all, we’ve been working diligently and will be coming forward with new details soon.

John said in Jim Burn Jr’s acceptance speech, the new chair said “I will make sure that no one is ever dis-enfranchised”.  That was obviously in response to the massive rigging and fury that has continued to spread after Rooney ‘aided and abetted” in dis-enfranchising local Democrats. Now, these local Democrats are stuck with an illegitimate Congressman for likely 2 years.

As for Shannon, I think its clear Jim Burn has to let him go.  He needs to bring in his own team that we can respect and work with and I encourage him to do so.

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PA Dems employee defends Party Corruption and attacks blog owner

You know you’ve struck a nerve when someone purposely sets out to attack you personally after posting an article.  That’s precisely what has happened here as Shannon Bilger, an employee of the Pennsylvania Democratic Party has set out to attack John Morgan for his investigative reporting and writing on the 12th Congressional Special nomination process and the subsequent discovery that the process was rigged from the get go by insiders to “shepherd” the nomination to Mark Critz, a relatively unknown person at the time outside of your Fred Lebders of the area.

Of course, referencing the PA Progressive’s past coverage of the 12th Congressional scandal and dis-enfranchisement of County Committee members and thousands of voters was part of Morgan’s larger point that the Pennsylvania Democratic Party needs leadership that would neither engage in nor tolerate this type of behavior.

However, it was rather entertaining for Shannon to come on and try to promote their half-assed cover up of a rigged selection process as the epitomy of pristine integrity. The Governor is the one who set the process to award the nomination to Critz.  County chairs were under undue influence to only appoint at large delegates that would support a particular candidate, that being Critz.  

Of course, when we mean undue influence, we’re referring to tales we’ve heard and phone calls received concerning appropriations already in the works, which say for example, just might not make it to certain counties in the 12th (like Greene) if a certain candidate was not supported. There’s also been leads that some delegates were falsified and checked in, saying they were a person, when… in fact they were not. Oops, Don’t forget that one!

The fingerprints on the weapon, and the real “doozie” of a rope hanger is the smoking gun confession from Critz that he already had 50 delegates wrapped up the week before their identities were to be submitted to the state party that Thursday.  Patrick McKenna, repeated, “each candidate will have a fair and equal opportunity to contact the delegates once we post the list.”  Hafer, Cernic, and Bucchianeri should have just got it off of Critz since it was already rigged.

PA Dem Party henchmen like Shannon quip, “You don’t like the outcome, so your criticizing the process.”  Of course, TJ and Shannon know we’ve been covering the 12th Congressional long before there was any outcome.  Shannon, we don’t like the corruption and unethical means of the process and therefore we recognize the outcome as tainted and illegitimate.  The process TJ is referring to is the corruption.

If Rooney had any character, he would have apologized to both Joe Sestak and Barbara Hafer for his personal attacks that have risked tearing the party apart. No one wants to be affiliated with these types of people who prey on people for their next move. They make people hate the party/ not want to participate not because of outcomes, but because of unethical conduct that is designed to produce certain outcomes.  As for Shannon, if I were chair, I’d can him the first day on the job.  In fact, in my acceptance speech in front of the committee, Id have him stand up in front of everyone and tell him to pack his stuff.


Happy Tax Day Mark Critz!

(Happy Tax Day! – promoted by PA Eagle Eye)

In lieu of Vice President Biden’s April 23 visit to Pittsburgh to fundraise for 12th Congressional candidate Mark Critz, where tickets will be selling for $250.00 a pop and photo reception opportunities for $4800.00, according to Politico and pa2010, we at the Pennsylvania Progressive would like to wish Mark Critz and the folks involved at closely held Parkins entities who profited handsomely from Penn Dot contracts at the expense of defrauded Pennsylvania taxpayers a happy Tax Day!


Wishing the Parkins gang, of which Critz was listed as Treasurer and Secretary of two of these entities, however, I guess is not very fitting on tax day, seeing as how Parkins never paid any (or very few) state or federal income taxes according to the litany of lawsuits discovered by here by the Pennsylvania Progressive.  Don’t worry though, rest assured… that is not anything a bookkeeper or a Treasurer would have any knowledge about.  

Obviously, they were not a “struggling business” with the contracts they secured.  Which leads me to wonder, when looking at the Pennsylvania Department of Corporations page, why are Parkins, Inc. and Parkins Contracting Corp. still active entities today?  What type of businesses are they engaged in today?  Seeing as how it is tax day, as a taxpayer who’s been defrauded, I feel there’s a “right to know” in light of their past behavior.

It is my guess perhaps and I could be wrong that you cannot do a bankruptcy on a fraud, but if these corporations are still active, I hope they are not continuing their past bad behavior.  The Hill recently reported the Dems hit Burns over corporate taxes.  


Anyone above a 5th grader can realize that at least their company paid some.  Parkins, Inc. and entities got the biggest tax break… they engaged in employer tax evasion during Critz’s tenure.


Today is a reminder, that despite Parkins, of which Critz was a corporate officer and others that Joe Biden is right…


Its time to be patriotic and pay your taxes!  But if not… its okay, you can always run for congress.

Happy Birthday Bucks for Bob?

I got an email from Therese Casey, the wife of Senator Bob Casey:

Dear ****,

Today is my husband Bob’s 50th birthday. It is a big milestone for the Casey family and we would like you to participate.

Bob’s party is this weekend and we are going to present him with a huge card signed by people that helped him make it to the U.S. Senate – people like you. Would you take just a moment to sign?

As you know, Bob takes his commitment to serve seriously and this year that commitment demanded a lot. Bob worked harder than ever, but he never complained and never took for granted how lucky he is to have a job that is so fulfilling. He knows, and repeats often, that he has this opportunity because of his supporters.

Your support means so much to Bob, so please join me in saying thank you and happy birthday to a great husband, a great father and a great friend.


Terese Casey

P.S. If you would like to join us on Saturday for Bob’s birthday celebration in Clarks Summit, please get details and RSVP here.


I’m kind of not sure about how if feel about using the wife to fundraise.  Of course, Congressional candidate Mark Critz (PA-12) uses his wife to respond to John’s articles.  The thing that concerns me in all of this is where’s the candidate? Typically in these rings, you find alot of over priced and under performing henchmen, who basically got a job because of the people they know, but they are little more than functionaries with big egos.

As for Bob Casey, a mild mannered fellow who almost sent a lady drowning in a pile of mashed potatoes when speaking at a dinner in Pittsburgh last summer, I’ll be as eager donating to him for his 50th birthday as he was in expressing his stance on the Afghanistan surge.

When others came out for or against the “surge” and nation-building from a policy perspective in Afghanistan, Bob Casey after all the campaigning against the Iraq war and such, took a “wait and see approach.”  So much for being a leader as opposed to a follower. Don’t worry, Casey will come up with something by the time the war is about over.

Until any birthday donations can roll in… we’ll have to “wait and see” on Afghanistan and Bob Casey.

Altmire votes No on HRC… Vote No on Altmire this November

(Jason Altmire sells out – promoted by PA Eagle Eye)

Jason Altmire just sealed the deal on his re-election prospects against Mary Beth Buchanan.  Actually, if I lived in his district, Id vote for Mary Beth as joke… you know how you vote for the class dork as the prom queen as a prank, because Jason Altmire has been a complete and utter failure to Pennsylvania Democrats. Obviously the former UPMC Executive has put the needs of Big Insurance ahead of the poor people and working class that were counting on him.


For Altmire and also Tim Holden, it is not doing the right thing, but much more about job security and winning re-election.  That being said, I urge all Pennsylvania Democrats to stand down when it is time to decide on whether or not to vote for Jason Altmire or Tim Holden.  When they question the silliness of doing so, tell them simply, “I’ve learned by watching you.”

A tip for Jason and Tim.  Next time you want volunteers for phone banking or canvassing, go beg someone from the Republican party.