Evil Socialism

We hear terrible things about Socialism.

The UK is very socialist in it’s culture and yet we find this little gem.

The Boy Scouts of America went to the U.S. Supreme Court to keep gays out of their ranks. But in Britain, it’s a different story: The U.K. version of the Scouts is reaching out to the gay community to get more gays into their uniforms, reported British newspaper the Daily Mail on June 6.

Perhaps because of the policy of the Boy Scouts in the United States, there’s a misunderstanding among some in Britain that gays are barred from joining up or volunteering for the British Scouts. That’s not so, and the Scout Association — the British version of the popular youth group — is taking steps to dispel the misapprehension by creating a promotional video and stepping up recruitment efforts aimed at the gay demographic.

“There was an assumption that being gay meant you couldn’t be part of the movement,” Scouting Association spokesperson Simon Carter told the British press.

“That was never the case and we are keen to make it clear that we accept people of any particular orientation,” Carter continued. “We have had youth members and adults attend Pride events and plan to do so again this year. It shows that we are not just taking about it but are demonstrating our support publicly.”

What a horrible thing that this socialist leaning nation (the UK) is doing.

How dare the Scout organization in the UK treat their children with respect and inclusion.

How dare they allow all kinds of kids join their (clearly hedonistic and Satanic) Boy Scout organization.

How terrible that they are fighting to overcome the (clearly Godly and correct) perception coming from the United States that gay children aren’t worthy of respect and should be excluded from the Boy Scouts.

Why it is I continue to think that the wrong group of people left England all those years ago.

The U.S. leads the world in so many ways and yet we continue to be bound by out-dated social mores based in bigotry and fear. And we force ostracism on kids because we refuse to deal with our own paranoia and hatred.

Sincere Apology

On behalf of the rational people of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania I would like to apologize in advance to the rest of the people of the United States for what you are about to be subjected to in the person of Rick Santorum.

Most of us are very embarrassed by Mr. Santorum and his radical positions.

We are sure that Mr. Santorum and his positions will appeal to a certain segment of our society. That says a great deal about our society. It speaks to our freedom that we allow such inexcusably bigoted ideas and arrogant positions and those who support them remain part of our political process.

Nevertheless, the hatred and vitriol against gay people, freedom of speech, immigrants, Iraq, Iran and the middle east in general, the weather bureau, New Orleans and everything else will reflect poorly upon the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and her people.

Knee Jerk 101

Sorry I’ve been busy and didn’t have time to write about this.

Now comes the result of alarmist knee jerk reactionaries who don’t stop to think about the consequences of their positions.


Germany’s Chancellor Angela Merkel is ordering the immediate shutdown of the countries older nuclear reactors and a general review of energy in Germany with an eye toward disengaging completely from nuclear power by 2022 as a result of the recent incident in Japan, which is not likely to occur anywhere in Germany.

A lot of nuclear power in Germany is used in the south of the country in the big cities and industrial areas. There is a possibility of replacing this loss with wind farms but they are in the north which means having to build lots of high power transmission wires and pylons cutting right through 100 miles of pristine German forest not to mention the effect these tall pylons and lines will have on migrating animals in the area.

In the near-term however the short fall will be made up from coal plants dumping even higher amounts of CO2 into the atmosphere to fuel climate change as well as German cities. They will also need to import more power from neighboring France and Czech Republic raising the cost of power for all Germans.

So in response to a threat that doesn’t exist in Germany the German government is going to destroy it’s pristine forests, increase the cost of power and foul the atmosphere.

This is the stupidity of knee jerk reactions.  

Dear City of Reading PA

Dear Sir/Madam

Upon my return home from work today I found the street in front of my home littered with trash. Clearly the city trash collectors either missed the truck or split open a bag in the street and never bothered to clean up the mess they left behind.

It is for precisely reasons like this that I retain my private trash hauler.

However we are left with a problem. I don’t feel it’s fair for me to have to pay to have my neighbor’s trash taken away which the city’s contract haulers left scattered about the street.

3 potential solutions present themselves:

1. I will have the trash hauled away and send the city a bill for reimbursement.

2. The city can come by and pickup the refuse if you tell me in advance when they will be coming.

3. I can leave the bucket on the steps of city hall for disposal.

In the case of options 2 and 3 I would like my bucket returned to me please.

Please let me know which option you would like to pursue to resolve this situation.

My thanks in advance for your kind attention and anticipated assistance.


Yes this is the exact text of an email sent via the City’s Action Center website.

How long for a reply? When’s the next Rapture?

Harold…we have a problem.

Well it seems I have a bit of egg on my face (and I won’t say what’s on the butt plug) today.

After preparing so well and taking every possible precaution so as to not inconvenience others with my rapturization, it seems the Rapture did not happen. Bumsy!!

Nobody, in excess of those people who vanish daily anyway, did so on 21 May. The worldwide death rate was within the boundaries of what it normally is on a daily basis. None of Mr. Camping followers were spirited away unless some of them took their own lives which I haven’t heard about yet.

Meanwhile, Harold Camping is nowhere to be seen, or heard. The 89 year old charlatan leader of the world’s officially looniest church has locked himself away and isn’t even bothering to talk to his flock. No doubt he’s trying to figure our what calculative error he made this time around. He’s surely trying to figure out a way not to have give all that money back.

Meanwhile his Family Radio website still says the world is ending but is playing Bible verses and devotion music…not a word on the non-event of the season. Odd that.

Of course, every other news point on the planet is talking about it so they don’t really need to.

I will however tell you all that I had a very interesting dream last night. In it, God’s press officer, The Metatron, called a press meeting to explain that God has received an extremely high number of praises and requests to be Raptured. While God appreciates the attention there was no Rapture scheduled for 21 May and the date for Judgement Day is still in committee and has not been decided upon yet.

In a related note The Metatron also commented that God and Allah had talked and while Osama bin Laden did get virgins he did not get 42 of them and the ones he got were all men. In exchange God agreed that the Israelite people would continue to confound all attempts at Middle East peace.

It was an interesting dream and the timing of it was most fortuitous.

Apparently the Wall Street bankers that were Raptured by Satan according to John where not actually Raptured. Satan just took them on a training holiday….they’ll all be back on Monday new ideas in hand.

Harold Camping and his church of the prancing loonies have succeeded in doing one thing. They have done more damage to Christianity than the Pope and his minions and that’s saying something.

Meanwhile after my day of frantic blogging live from the Rapture (that didn’t happen) I now have a headache and I’m really tired.


Blogging live from Reality…

A Little Late

It seems the Rapture is running a little behind schedule.

It’s 11:00 p.m. EDT and both me and my butt plug are still here. I have to admit I’m a little annoyed because I’m really big on punctuality.

But there’s still a few hours left until 6:00 p.m. passes everywhere…we’ll have to continue to hope.

It can’t be easy arranging the Rapture of 200,000 people so I’m willing to give God a few extra hours.

Blogging live from the Rapture…

30 Minutes to go.

I have mt depends on and my butt plug in place.

The house is closed up and Riley is fed and watered.

I’m all ready to be called home in half an hour.

Clearly that’s when my live blogging will end since I won’t be here anymore.

I wish you all the best in the tribulation. I’ll be thinking of you while learning to play the harp.

I’m truly sorry that you all can’t come along.

Good Luck and Goodbye

Blogging live from the Rapture….

600 People missing in Britain today

Approximately 600 people are missing today in Britain.

They have simply vanished. Is this evidence of the Rapture happening?

210,000 people go missing in Britain every year…but the question is did the 600 who vanished today just run away or were they gathered unto God?

More news as it happens.

The Rapture is now occurring in the Cape Verde Islands. Greenland is next and then the Canadian maritime provinces and Brazil.

Blogging live from the Rapture…

John:  for those souls who are missing, here’s your going away music:

The earth continues shaking

Even as I write this more quakes have been recorded in the northern Atlantic. As the 6:00 p.m. hour approaches the quakes are getting closer and closer.

There was a pre-cursor quake in Baja California which I’m sure makes our leader Harold Camping feel emboldened.

Still no reports of anyone actually being raptured but remember the souls of the dead will be taken as well and the event has been moving over areas of the planet where other non-Christian religions are dominant so we wouldn’t expect to see a lot a people Raptured from those areas.

Only now is the Rapture approaching Europe and the seat of Christendom.

In a few hours my life will be paradise…I cannot wait.

Blogging live from the Rapture…