Wages to Food Banks to Slaves…the neo-colonial dynamic

It used be Molasses to Rum to Slaves and so on and so forth back in Colonial American days of old, but today we see a new version of a horrid classic.

On my way to work this morning, I happened upon a truck turning onto the street I was driving upon and I gazed upon its decals and noted the following:

It was a Greater Reading Foodbank truck, emblazoned with Sam’s Club & Wal-Mart emblems as well.  

The sign of this truck stirred in me a great pain of deep, sickening irony and anger, for it was plain as day to me what is afoot among our community here and likely elsewhere.  The feifdoms and feudal times of old and the colonial era of slave trade and goods for bodies and cheap labor is upon us once more, but in a more sophisticated and condoned manner.  

You see, Wal-Mart and Sam’s Club love to pay their people low wages, so low that they can’t possibly afford to sustain themselves and their families on them, so they end up on programs like food stamps and using local food pantries to supplement their food to survive on which Sam’s Club & Wal-Mart are all too happy to donate to the local bank that supplies these pantries.

In turn, for their substandard wages and subsistence way of making people live, while affording them little, if any healthcare or job security, with intolerable work conditions, to atone and make their grievous sins somehow mollified in their minds, Sam’s Club and Wal-Mart donate foodstuffs and such.  Of course, all of these acts of largess come at the price of a tax write-off for the donation, so they get to not pay taxes on the wages they don’t pay and on the food they donate to keep their slavish labor and the slavish labor of others like them from starving, but not good enough to actually earn and keep a living for them and their families.

Meanwhile, firms like Sam’s Club and Wal-Mart belong to a group called the American Legislative Exchange Council that pains itself on trying to squeeze even more out of the poor and bring about more poverty while decrying the effect of said poverty upon the wealth tax-payers who don’t really pay a measly fucking dime half the time because they are too busy writing down losses, hiding profits, and taking big chunks of public money to provide jack-squat products and services in return, while still complaining they can’t hire or keep people or raise wages, but oh they can somehow do a little jig and convince you that they have to raise prices again, while passing near none of that onto their workers.  

Are you sick, do you taste the harsh irony as I have, do you see the pathetic, and absurd and cruel jokes for what they are…I sure as hell hope so, because we must work together to put a final stop to this at any and all cost.  To allow this type of conduct to continue will totally ruin our nation and leave us all for want of survival and nothing to show for our hard work but a big fat zero!  

Welcome to the neo-colonial period of American history…King Greed I is on the throne of Wall Street and it is time to dump his TEA into the harbor and east river permanently!

Deming’s an idiot…I endorse Sutton

I hate it when people challenge others for ballot spots at all, period.  I don’t care what party you are, I don’t care what you think of it or not…it is WRONG, ALWAYS WRONG!

Voting, democracy, it is all about access of the people to participate and be involved in their civic affairs…why do we have so many out of touch, smug, idiotic, ignorant political leaders today in all parties?   Because the people are cut off from the process to a very high degree and when people got to step into that arena, they are subjected to rules and principles that do not honor nor affirm our most cherished constitutional and founding values of this nation.  We are frauds to ourselves if we think we are honoring or respecting what is most dear and most cherished to our nation and all that those who have fought and died to establish, protect, and defend this nation have done for it, if we think that keeping the status quo of voting and ballot access for citizens as it is now is the answer.  IT IS NOT!

So, along those lines, I take serious issue with Mr. Deming who is trying to run for Berks County Prothonotary, as the Democratic nominee…he had to take Peter LeVan to court to challenge his nominating petitions, which I think should be invalidated as a matter of the process to allowing people on the ballot.  He didn’t want to have competition for the nomination, so he did the dirty thing and took it to court to challenge his petitions and won, but actually he lost, because I’m now throwing my full endorsement behind Marianne Sutton the Republican or any other person who comes forward to run for that office at this point, BUT NOT Deming.  Hell will freeze over before I lift a finger to help that SOB!

This is what you get for violating the sanctity of the public and access to the ballot for office.  

It is time to get tough, get hard, and work change by whatever reasonable means necesary…I’m not taking anybody’s crap anymore for stuff like this…y’all can kiss my ass and deal…it’s time we made things right and we’re going to, if I have to beat people upside the head with a Frozen Tuna to do so, figuratively speaking.  

The people will be heard, the people will be brought back to the power and position of importance where they belong OR ELSE!

Yes, I’m still here…

…arising out of mist, slush, and cold of winter…hopping mad and tired of the BS that passes for acceptable behavior by our governing, business, and professional leaders in many ways,  I am back from the hibernation from the page…

It’s time to take some hard wood to some real situations and I’m not going to hold back much…because honestly…the time for being kind, and persuasive is pretty much at a useless end, because those who need to get it…DON’T and those who just don’t give a damn are going to keep on being the obstinate tools they are…and deserve to get blasted on their butts for it…

From federal government, to state government, and local government, as well as, corporations, non-profits, PAC’s Super-PAC’s, political parties, and the like…if there’s one rule to go by with me, it’s if there’s an issue to be taken and you’re being a prick or seriously ignorant or harmful to others, I don’t care who you are, what you are to me, or which “side” of the spectrum you fall on, I’m gonna let you have it…becuase at the end of the day…Love is the Law, the principles of DBAD are in effect pretty much 24/7 and ultimately it is the people who matter the most.  

Why do we do what we do, why do we have the jobs we do, the things that motivate us, the lives we are given, the opportunities and so on…THE PEOPLE, all of us, each of us, in our own way and collectively…that’s why and if you don’t get this, then welcome to a very bumpy ride for you and a rough day…wear a helmet.  

First order of business…the people who sit there and call out those who are non-heterosexual of any particular kind or type or shade thereof…because they are not normal or they are perverted or immoral or amoral or deviant or sinful or any other such type of label or aspersion…

To those who do this sort of thing to the GLBTQ community or any other habitually and frequently chastised and persecuted group…from what I’ve seen of most of those who are at the forefront of the issue who are doing the calling out…they are some of the most perverted and immoral, fraudulent people I’ve ever seen…because they walk around governing and living a life that seeks to contrive and pervert and defraud and ruin the very foundations of the things they claim to want to protect, defend, and uphold…such as liberty, prosperity, freedom, and opportunity…they hide behind some thin veil of contrived religious nonsense as their reason to explain why they should be allowed to hate and pervert things because apparently their perversion, corruption and contrivance is somehow more pure and divinely guided and therefore allowed…


I’m here to tell those people that you are WRONG! You are always wrong, you are the truly sick perverts and corrupted frauds out there and I’m going to call you out on your crap at every turn that I find…


More than that, I’m going to also push for and tout why we need to pursue certain other policies and strengthening of existing laws and regulations and principles that have been allegedly held dear since our founders in America sought to put them in a little document called the Constitution!  

I’m tired of the “we just have to accept things” lame explanation given by some or the outright indifference and callousness shown by others in the course of their public service and the continued flaunting of laws and regs by big business and financial firms across the board.  Folks, it is time to wake up and get together and truly make the changes we need and want…the basic, everyday, affecting everyone kind of values and needs and things that require serious attention and love.  We’ve gotten too distracted and pulled in every direction and that has been a hallmark of the scheme of those who want to monopolize our time, so we can’t organize, so we can’t get our heads around the circus of crazy and sick things that have come to be accepted and allowed, while we slowly slide down the pipe into the sewer of time and history.  We’ve become comfortably numb, but if we really understood what’s going on, it would become very uncomfortable really fast and it should!  

Enough is enough…

…there will be a formal challenge to Tom Caltigirone next time around, in 2 years from now, so help me.  

It is time that the City and the boroughs his district makes up finally had again, someone who puts the interests of the people ahead of the dirty politics of the “system”.  

Folks, there will be a candidate, a non-partisaned, non-affiliated candidate running.  You will come to learn more of him in the coming months and the next couple years.  

He is someone who will stand up with you and who will work with you and for you and do as much right by you, the people as possible.  

I shall be introducing him to you in the coming months.  Stay tuned.  

It is time to bring the PEOPLE’s business back to the focus of government and address needs and work solutions.  The candidate that I will introduce to you will not be beholden to any party or any group, but be open to working with the people, all people for the better of the district, the state, and the nation.  The only thing that the candidate will be beholden to is making sure that he does right by the people who he seeks to represent and to work openly and honestly and as ethically as possible so that people can once again, regardless of viewpoint, regain some trust in their elected public officials.  

Some of the core values of this candidate, are that all people, regardless of background or situation, have some basic needs and basic desires that they seek to fulfill.  The role of government at a minimum must be to see that the public needs are as met as they can be, in terms of key services and public functions, in an efficient and effective manner and to fix it when that is not happening.  Also, government should provide favorable conditions for opportunities for personal, professional, community, and business growth and sustainable development.  Balance, respect, and understanding are the keys to doing this, and the candidate that I am speaking of, will bring to bear these things at every turn.  

Coordination, collaboration, and communication are also strong key values of the candidate that I am speaking of, for we need to see that public resources are employed as cohesively and efficiently as possible, but not at the expense of quality.  Employing the aforementioned key values will help to make sure that quality is retained and enhanced, while reducing waste, redundancies and keeping to what really matters for the people.  

The candidate I speak of has several years of  professional and management experience in private, non-profit business that has served countless numbers of persons who are within the 126th district and beyond.  He has advanced educational experience and has done primary research and review of state-wide community/economic development programs and understands the importance of what it takes to make a community stronger, more stable and healthy, as well as what must be protected and supported so that strong communities can stay that way, using both tried and tested methods and examining innovative and emerging strategies to address issues and craft solutions.  

I will share more with you in the future about this candidate including an unveiling of who this candidate is, in due time, but for now, know that there is hope, there is an alternative coming and it will be someone and it will be a choice that offers a refreshing new energy and vitality to the district and an enthusiasm for public service in the true sense of the word, in the way that the late, great State Senator Mike O’Pake would identify with and will remind you of.    

Election Results 2012: Open Thread…ongoing

Okay, just to give you all some early returns trends and how things look to be going…

…in PA…

It looks like there will be a Democratic…

-Attorney General (Corbett has no one but himself to blame for that)

-Auditor General

-Treasurer (incumbent winning)

for U.S. Senate:

Tom Smith is getting taken to the woodshed and whacked about the head and shoulders by Bob Casey Jr. with a bag of Anthracite Coal

for PA State Senate:

out of the 25 races being contested, 16 are going Democratic or Independent

For President:

Obama is well out in front of Romney in PA in the hundreds of thousands of votes kind of lead

Over all, nationwide, things are panning out about as most of the poll models for state by state electoral had laid out…but Florida is a tight race to say the least right now and North Carolina and Virginia are still in play.  

For U.S. Congress:

We may finally be saying good-bye to Joe “I stink” Pitts, the years and years of doing nothing finally has caught up to him

(Update: after vote tallies were updated to reflect the full counts this morning, Joe Pitts, unfortunately got re-elected to another term, as did many other malcontents and useless members of Congress, whose goals seem to be to find new and more disgusting ways to undermine the very government and nation that pays their salaries, including: Steve King, Darrell Issa, Eric Cantor, and Michelle Bachmann.  There are others, but I’m not going list every single one. )

Sadly Lou Barletta looks to be on pace for re-election and that’s just a shame and sad that we have that many bitter and hateful people in this state.  

Update: Allen West lost his seat in Florida, when you walk around and spout the kinds of absurd, vitriol and nonsense that he has repeatedly, you are going to get your butt handed to you, because that just turns off even people who might’ve voted for you before.  

Locally, for PA State House:

Mark Rozzi is on pace to handily win against Mr. Bigot Jim Billman, TEA Party did NOT fare well at all this time around and that’s what happens when you let your crazy out of the bag for all to see and people are revolted by it and rightfully so!

Newcomer Karen Mogel is NOT going to be Judy Schwank and Judy looks to be winning that seat handily.  

Don’t let cheaters win!

I know it sounds like a no-brainer for many people and hell, it should be, but sadly in this day and age, cheaters have been given the largely false sense that they can keep prospering at the expense of us all, while at the same time blaming the most poor and destitute among us, for the trifle small amount of help they receive in comparison to the womp loads of hand-outs and free passes given to the cheaters out there today.

It’s so bad that good business has been given a bad name because of the awful, insufferable greed that has run amok amidst the corporate and financial sectors of America these last few years and most of the previous decade.  

It’s so corrupt a good number of federal legislators are up and blaming all the woes that they’ve helped create on one man and only one man, because if they stopped for even one second and took at glimpse of their reflection the obvious ugly truth would hit them so hard it would shatter the glass into tiny shards.  

At the head of the effort to continue the gravy train politics and the scourge upon everyday Americans and the poor and the elderly and the disabled is the Republican nominee, Mitt Romney.  

Mitt Romney, a more demonstrable, con man and cheater I don’t think America has ever seen. 13 years of no taxes, so he could sock his fortune away in the Mormon Church, pulling it back out a bit at a time, in effect robbing his own faith slowly, robbing America blindly, and seeing nothing wrong with this conduct, while attempting to become our country’s foremost executive elected leader. Folks, that’s not someone you can trust, that’s someone who has NO clue of what trust is! It’s amazing that we have finally fleshed out the real Romney positions, because while he can talk his way out of the present moment, the history and past of his deeds and his current and continued actions speak VOLUMES and none of it is anything that any self-respecting American voter should want to support.  

You can hate on Barack all you want, you can gnash your teeth, cling to your Fox News delusions and lies all you want, but the truth, the cold, plain, stark truth at the end of the day is, Mitt Romney is unfit to be President, is criminal in his callousness, is shameless in his way of taking any position 5 minutes from now and changing it 5 minutes later.  He’s had to lie so much because I’m not sure if he even knows what the Truth is anymore.  

Well, folks, I know this much truth…we are a nation of many different people and no, we aren’t always going to agree or like each other, but at the end of the day, we are a nation together and we are a people who do to some extent need each other to keep the great experiment that is America alive and well for generations to come.  Our founders didn’t spend all that time build that for us to come along now and let a bunch of juvenile behaving malcontents who refuse to work with their colleagues to take care of the country’s needs and public business ruin all that.

I also know that Barack Obama and Joe Biden have been working and trying and pressing their efforts every day of their 1st term, even when faced with the daily obstruction and outright hostility of those who simply hate because apparently that’s all they know how to do.  They reached across the aisle so many times, Obama has tennis elbow and tendonitis, along with a bunch of bite marks from the countless times that his hand got mauled for reaching across to the Republicans.  Their insincerity is not something that you should overlook in any small way and clearly that’s what’s more of an issue than the piled on ludicrous claims that one man must be the scapegoat for all their misdeeds and lack of governing.  

If America is to keep on the path it is on now recovery steadily and to make more strides forward, we need to re-elect Barack Obama and Joe Biden and GIVE THEM A CONGRESS THAT THEY CAN WORK WITH!  It is that simple.  

If you let your hate and your irritation get the better of you tomorrow you will regret it deeply as you watch a Paul Ryan budget strangle the rest of America and most of the people along with it.  As you watch Mitt Romney find new ways to export jobs as he’s done so much so far and is so proud of.  

At the end of day, if you really care about what values your children and you really have and what kind of character you possess, then the choice is clear, vote for Barack Obama and vote out the Republicans who have betrayed American values and who have done nothing while millions have suffered and languished, as they stood by and blamed Obama for everything THEY FAILED TO DO!

At the very least, don’t let the cheaters win!  

Congress: Time to Uncork the Bottleneck

Folks, if there’s been one, singular, significant and decisive force behind why the things that many of you hoped would be better by now and aren’t, it would have to be laid squarely at the feet of the current leadership of our Republican-controlled U.S. Congress, and while Democrats have a majority in the U.S. Senate, the inane and strange rules that they operate under, mean that it is impossible for even a majority of Democrats to get much done, when Republicans filibuster and block almost anything and everything that doesn’t somehow give their corporate, business, and financial allies, another free pass or another tax break or another something to give away that we cannot keep affording.  If you are tired of the “wasteful spending” as some tout in Washington, then it is time you got tired of what is really going on down there or maybe I should say what isn’t going on down there, but needs to.  

Without a Congress that is willing to truly govern and do the peoples’ work and put aside some of the heightened political rhetoric and nonsense, no President, Democrat or Republican can get much done, that’s just the way it is, the curse of a 3 part system of government that our founders blessed us with, and were wise to do so.  However, right now, we have a Congress that most all of us 8 or 9 out of every 10 Americans feel is dysfunctional or doesn’t approve of in some serious ways.  Even some of the things they managed to pass, the Republicans now want to turn around and repeal, as in Obamacare, or pretend that they had nothing to do with, but reaped benefits from it anyway, in the form of the economic stimulus packages.  We spend and send hundreds of billions of dollars every year to fight 2 wars in Iraq & Afghanistan and did so for many years, but spend even a part of that amount here at home and suddenly Republicans want to raise all sorts of hell with  “reckless spending”, when they were drunken sailors spending like fiends on every foreign, military thing they could find in the 6-8 years prior to Obama’s 1st term.   We needed that stimulus but it wasn’t enough because sadly, businesses and financial firms took that money and instead of using it to generate new prosperous investments and other ventures, they hoarded it and gave it away as bonuses to those who are already making hefty salaries and who helped to crash their firms in the 1st place.  Sadly, Congress didn’t hold them much accountable for doing this and for that matter Congress might as well just be run by the entire U.S. Chamber of Business & Industry, for the way they bend over and sideways to do the bidding of business and yet, still they have the nerve to complain that they don’t get enough money or handouts or tax breaks.  You hear ads about the rising cost of welfare support programs, well, let me tell you folks, the real welfare, the real entitled SOB’s out there who don’t need another dime and need to start paying us all back are the business, corporate, and financial firms that have been dodging taxes and fees and writing off fines and settlements into the millions of dollars every year.  

No wonder we’re at the place we are financially.  It isn’t the poor folks, barely scraping by as some would have you believe, use your heads folks, giving a family a few hundred dollars a month compared to giving just 1 bank several BILLION dollars a year to stay afloat is so absurd to compare it isn’t funny.  Yet, there’s the ads telling you that the poor people are dragging us down, when it is the rich, money-soaked, thankless, shameless corporate thugs and their colleagues who are bullying you and me and everyone else so the attention doesn’t shine on them and the roach party they’ve had going on for a long time, sucking us all dry.  We’ve been played, we’ve been had, we’ve been lied to a lot, yes, but where the blame rests is NOT on the least among our fellow citizens, who’d gladly work and support their families and themselves if they could and want to find work.  No, the blame rests with the corporations and political action groups that took money, got bailed out and now are coming back for more and who didn’t want to have added regulation to prevent another collapse, so they retaliated by demanding that the President be defeated by any means necessary and spent billions this year to try and do it.  They got Congress, or at least the Republicans in Congress to mostly fight against anything that would help employment or that would help Obama or anyone else tied to him look good and in the process they kept America back and held back our recovery for the sake of their own greed and selfishness and our Congress worked with them to make it happen.  Yet, in spite of all that the employment did still recover because not all business was evil and willing to sacrifice the country and the poor for their own greed and gains.  

If you want to end this ugly trend and stop the flow of ugly money pouring into Congress from every Super PAC fund out there, then on Tuesday, November 6th, 2012, step up and help change Congress from Red to Blue and bring sanity and progress back to Congress.  We need to work through these problems, and we can’t do that with people who only want to do things one way and the way they want to do it, will gut America and leave it for dead on the side of the road of history.  I love this land and I know you do too, and I am fed up as you are, but be fed up where the blame and responsibility is deserved, in Congress, with people like John Boehner, Eric Cantor, Darrell Issa, Steve King, Louie Gohmert, Allen West, and many others.  In the U.S. Senate, people like Mitch McConnell, who has on numerous occasions been quoted as saying he wanted to do all he could to make Obama a 1 term President, including stalling America’s progress and recovery to this end.  He must GO!  Others, like Rand Paul, Jim DeMint, and Scott Brown to name a few, have stood up and helped to block all the opportunities that could have added to the recovery we’ve seen so far.  Some of these people are not up for election this time, but there are others who are trying to come into the U.S. Senate that would aide these other Senators in continuing to block progress of our nation and they include:

Ted Cruz of Texas,  Deb Fischer of Nebraska, Tommy Thompson of Wisconsin, Richard Mourdouck of Indiana, Rick Berg of North Dakota, Jeff Flake in Arizona, Todd Akin of Missouri, Wendy Long of New York, Linda McMahon of Connecticut, George Allen in Virginia, Josh Mandel in Ohio, Tom Smith in Pennsylvania and Denny Rehberg of Montana

All of these Republican candidates for U.S. Senate cannot win their elections, because if they do, then we will see more of the same juvenile, obstructing, regressive and stifling of America’s recovery and progress forward.  We will see the least among us become even more poor and impoverished, we will see those already more than well off and financially secure given even more, when they don’t need it.  

Instead I endorse and encourage you to vote BLUE, vote DEMOCRAT for all these Senate Seats, for either the incumbent or the challenger who is a Democrat and give Barack Obama a Senate and a House of Representatives, as a whole Congress to work together to finish the recovery of America and to begin building America even stronger and better, to deliver more on what you expected 4 years ago, but others who put their own selfish interests got in the way of that.  Well, you have the power to change that folks, that’s right, you the voters.  Stand up and take the blockade out of the way in Congress and watch what kind of good things and prosperity can return to America in another 4 years.  It will delight you to no end, I assure you.  However, it hinges on us working together to vote out those who don’t want to work together and bringing in those who will work to get things done for us, WE THE PEOPLE!  

So, I endorse the following people for U.S. Senate:

Bob Casey Jr. of Pennsylvania

Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts

Angus King of Maine

Bernie Sanders of Vermont

Sheldon Whitehouse of Rhode Island

Chris Murphy of Connecticut

Bob Menendez of New Jersey

Kirsten Gillibrand of New York

Tom Carper of Delaware

Ben Cardin of Maryland

Joe Manchin of West Virginia

Tim Kaine of Virginia

Sherrod Brown of Ohio

Joe Donnelly of Indiana

Claire McCaskill of Missouri

Debbie Stabenow of Michigan

Bill Nelson of Florida

Richard Carmona of Arizona

Maizie Hirono of Hawaii

Martin Heinrich of New Mexico

Bob Kerrey of Nebraska

Amy Klobuchar of Minnesota

Tammy Baldwin of Wisconsin

Heidi Heitkamp of North Dakota

Jon Tester of Montana

Shelley Berkley of Nevada

Maria Cantwell of Washington State

Diane Feinstein of California

These are the people who will continue to work with President Obama and who will add to that cooperation and build a better nation for all of us and work for the people, not against us.  We are in tough times still and we do need to find some new ways of doing things, but we can’t do that while the polarized petty bickering goes on, we need a more unified and coordinated effort on the part of our policymakers in Congress and that’s why I give my endorsements to those people and caution against any others.  I base this on the behaviors and actions taken and actions refused by the current Congress and the peril that has put our nation in, not laying the blame anywhere but where it should be, at the feet of the Republicans in Congress!  

By the same token, I endorse all Democrat or Independent candidates for the U.S. House of Representatives in Congress, against all Republican incumbents and challengers.  WE need both houses of Congress working together to make this come together for us all or it won’t matter whose President, the outcomes will still be less than what we hope for by a lot.  We need to make support of good Representatives a priority this time around to truly give recovery and prosperity an honest chance.  

Locally in Pennsylvania I specifically endorse:

For U.S. Senate: (D) Bob Casey Jr. over (R) Tom Smith: Tom has run the most false, misleading, negative campaign I’ve seen in a while for Senate in this state.  He’s not even remotely in touch with the facts and has to resort to making half-baked untrue accusations to make it sound like Bob Casey is a horrible Senator and that he hates Coal and jobs…when Casey is from Anthracite Coal Region country, is labor union friendly and doesn’t have the ugly past track record Tom Smith has at the mines and coal operations he has led in the past, with hundreds or thousands of fines and violations that are all documented publicly.  Tom Smith’s plan for PA, would put the state on lifesupport if enacted and leave America’s seniors and other vulnerable groups out in the cold and without medical coverage potentially.

For the PA 6th district: (D) Manan Trivedi over (R) Jim Gerlach:  Gerlach is a two-face, who will switch and shift his views on programs and policies if he sees it’s benefiting his voters but when it doesn’t appear that way he’ll turn and run away from it.  He’s supported and then didn’t and then did support again the federal stimulus bills in one form or another, even though he claims he didn’t or assails his opponent for doing so, but Gerlach’s district got money and he touted it of course.  Also, curious, Gerlach only seems to show up and really care much about his seat when it’s close to election time, otherwise, you can’t hardly find Jim Gerlach, except via telephone townhalls, which he could make from just about anywhere.  He’s clearly been in line with the current obstruction Republican leadership and we need to change that badly.  The people PA and the 6th district deserve much better than two-faced Jim Gerlach, whose never met a position he couldn’t take, if it made him look good.  

For the PA 7th district: (D) George Badey over (R) Pat Meehan:  This is an example of why Republican electoral maps that they drew up this year are a horrible outcome for the people of PA.  You have 2 people who are not even local to those in the area and yet, here they are battling it out.  Since Meehan was part of the group that made up the crazy maps of new Congressional districts, it is time to retire Pat Meehan and get someone in there who can make better decisions than Pat Meehan.

For the PA 15th district: (D) Rick Daugherty over (R) Charlie Dent:  Dent has been right there with Boehner and Cantor supporting them all the way these last few years and the Lehigh Valley has really lost out because of it.  Dent subscribes to the failed idea that if you just keep cutting enough business taxes, you’ll create jobs.  Sadly that’s a very false and misleading position he has and studies have shown as has experience in the last 2 years that tax breaks don’t really equal directly to jobs.   Let’s put Charlie Dent and his bad ideas out to pasture, Vote for Rick Daugherty

For the PA 16th district: (D) Aryanna Strader over (R) Joe Pitts:  Additionally there’s two independents in this race that could make it very tight indeed John Murphy & James Bednarski.  Joe is literally the Pitts, his last name fits him all too well.  He almost never sponsors legislation, votes against just about everything, including stuff that should be a no-brainer.  One has to wonder why he’s even in government for as little as he seems to do and yet, the voters haven’t replaced him yet.  It is time to retire that good-for-nothing, do-nothing Congressman and replace him with someone who can bring youthful energy and a fresh perspective and someone who wants to really govern and not just take up space and tax money in Washington DC.  

Keeping Corbett Honest

In addition to restoring a balance of power in Harrisburg, another step we can take as voters to do this is to make sure that Tom Corbett is kept honest by having a few other key positions occupied by Democrats.  

State Treasurer:  (D) Rob McCord has been a good steward of state finances and revenue and is working well with all elements of state government and is a very strong and independent voice for the people and the doing an excellent job.   (R) Diana Irey Vaughan is not a well-known candidate and we need to keep a check on Corbett’s power at this point.  

State Auditor General: The position that helps keep all state agencies and the State Assembly very honest as an auditor of the budget and auditing of other public bodies within the state, including local governments and school districts and such.  They also house the Bureau of State Ethics that all elected and public officials are answerable to in some way or other.    This year we have an open seat being contested by (D) Eugene DePasquale & (R) John Maher & (L) Betsy Summers.  Betsy doesn’t seem to have the requisite skills or understanding of state government to be a good Auditor General.   John is a Republican and a current State Rep., and as we discussed before, we need to flip the State Assembly to Democrat, so selecting John Maher is not a good idea to keep Corbett honest.  Eugene DePasquale is also a current State Rep. and knows all about the tricks and dirty deals of the Republicans in the last 2 years, and will certainly know how to keep Corbett and state government honest.  

State Attorney General:  This position has become so important in light of the Sandusky scandal at Penn State and in light of recent county judicial criminal investigations as well, we need to have a strong, firm individual in this position and clearly when Tom Corbett was Attorney General, there was extreme prosecution of Democrats for violations of state election and ethics laws and abuse of power, but left Republicans off the hook for the same things during that time.  He also ignored the Sandusky matter and now we’re dealing with the enormous fall-out from that situation that finally came to light.  There was also the case of the 2 Lackawanna County judges that were taking kick-backs for sending juveniles to facilities that weren’t even guilty.  Also, we have a current PA Supreme Court justice under criminal investigation who has been suspended from the bench for her conduct and conflict of interest.  We NEED a Democrat to be Attorney General to truly provide a check and balance on the State’s executive power and to be a protector of the citizens and our children and consumers from shady businesses and to protect seniors from scams.  (D) Kathleen Kane, has been a tough prosecutor that helped take down corrupt judges and will stand up to anybody who crosses the law in PA.  She’s running against Cumberland County prosecutor (R) David Freed & (L) Marakay Rogers.  

It is important to keep these public offices in the hands of people and representatives that can keep a check on the continued unbridled policies and dealings of our state executive leaders and local governments as well.  If both houses of the State Assembly can’t be flipped, we need to at least seek to provide some measure of balance and check on Corbett’s agenda and the Republican aims for the coming 2 years and beyond.  

I want to see a Commonwealth I can be proud of and one that treats its people fairly and reasonably and keeps opportunities and safety nets in place to keep large groups of my fellow citizens from falling through society and into total abject poverty and indigence.  You can lift people up and give them the tools to succeed and spur them to do so, but it is near impossible to expect that when you’re expecting them to literally operate out of the gutter.  

If Corbett and the Republicans had shown us any measure of true leadership and of looking out for the citizens of PA, then I’d not be so adamant about changing the composition of the State Assembly and other offices.  However, their actions, and their actions alone are the driving reasons behind this and they have no one to blame for that but themselves and their choices in the last 2 years.  

PA State Elections: Time to Play the Blues

I don’t mean 12-bar blues, or southern blues, I mean Democrat Blue.  

It’s been 2 years since PA opted to put Tom Corbett in as Governor and at the same time, pair him with a Republican majority State Assembly and I think I speak for many Pennsylvanians when I say that there’s something very rotten in the City of Harrisburg and it isn’t the smell of the Susquehanna.  

It is the foul odor of the dirty deeds and policies coming from both Corbett and the General Assembly in the last 2 years.  We’ve seen women, children, families, and our state’s environment suffer intensely under the current exclusive Republican regime.  We’ve seen the poor targeted by the very director of the PA Department of Public Welfare and we’ve seen business not just get help, but be given sweetheart deals in exchange for not much in the way of new employment to help PA families and individuals get back to a life that isn’t hanging by a thread.  

We’ve seen the General Assembly refuse to hold even the Governor accountable for his misconduct while he was Attorney General for why it took 3 years to finally investigate, what it took 1 dedicated investigator a few months to piece together, in the form of the Sandusky case.  When you have the level of corruption and dirty deeds that have been done in the capital in Harrisburg over the years, you’re going to end up with some big scandals, like the Penn State debacle, because you’ve got political pets and favorites and they get a free pass while peoples’ lives end up ruined and when it finally comes to light, you suddenly are left with more questions than answers and the answers you get are not going make it any easier to avoid the realization that those who had oversight and those who had direct knowledge of what could’ve been going on didn’t act and now, we’re seeing the typical tactic of hanging out to dry those who you can pin stuff on, but the full measure of accountability is not being taken or sought.  

Aside of that nasty scandal, there’ve been several other measures to keep the public from having their proper and guaranteed right to vote in this state, so that “to enable Mitt Romney to win Pennsylvania”, according to Republican State Rep. Mike Turzai.  This is just one of many off-the-cuff, callous, and scandalous statements made by Republican State Reps. & Senators in the last couple of years.  It should leave most any voter who sees the problems and the disdain for the voters that this represents, mad as hell.  It also should tell any reasonable voter in PA that it is TIME for serious change in our State Assembly.  

We need to give a check and balance to the unbridled power of Tom Corbett and the way to do that is by replacing a lot of the current Republican representatives and senators with Democratic candidates and those who will stand up for us as citizens who don’t forget where they came from and who won’t simply add to the already corrupt and contrived system.  A lot of the current Republican candidates who want to join the Republican “party” in the State Assembly are as bad or worse than the ones there now.  They are more TEA Party based, which again is “I got mine, to hell with you” mentality in action.  

Think about our recent storm and any future disasters and imagine what kind of added disaster we’d see from having those kind of people running our government agencies and directing the funding and policies of our emergency response agencies.  They’d probably turn away FEMA help, because after all they abhor any kind of government spending unless it is to make more war or to help tell you how you can raise your family or have a family or who can vote or who can have babies and still have help if they need it.  Is that the kind of Pennsylvania you want to live in folks?!  I sure as heck don’t and that’s a real possibility if Corbett and his allies in Harrisburg continue to strengthen their grip on power.  

We must take voter action on Tuesday, November 6th, 2012 and send a reality check to Tom Corbett and the reckless behaviors of the Republicans in Harrisburg and begin to set things back on the right track.  When you can fund a $300 million tax credit for business, but you can’t stand up for the least of our citizens and yank the $150 million cash assistance subsistence benefit for 68,000 people in PA, that’s some pretty depraved values in action.  

So, when you step into the voting booth on Tuesday, November 6th, 2012 between the hours of 7am and 8pm, and you don’t let somebody tell you that you have to produce photo ID, unless it is your first time voting, and you don’t let some 3rd party, outside poll watcher give you grief about voting, and try to bully you out of voting, get in that voting booth and find the Democratic column of candidates and hit the “straight ticket” button, that way you know you’ve voted for the right people that will listen to the people, that will stand up and do right by us.  

Specifically, in the local region here I am endorsing:

(D) Mark Rozzi 126th against (R) Jim Billman (head of the Berks County TEA Party Patriots) : Jim’s been at war with the City of Reading over their enforcement and issues with building codes enforcement and such, as the Reading Eagle and wfmz.com noted at one point this year, but seeing a Rozzi ad recently makes me better understand why he might have an issue with the City of Reading, he’s had violations at some of his properties according to the ad.  If he hates dealing with the city now, if he gets elected he’ll really have fits.  Let’s save him the trouble and elect Mark Rozzi, who will do an admirable job for the people of the 126th as Dante Santoni retires from public life after a long, distinguished tenure of service.  

(D) Erik Saar 129th against (R) Jim Cox (protégé and close friend of Sam Rohrer, the man who thinks being a sovereign citizen makes you exempt from most laws and driver’s licenses and such):  Erik has not just leadership experience, he counsels the Joint Chiefs of Staff in Washington DC, you can’t get much more leadership experience than that.  He’ll be a great asset for the district and PA!  

(D) Russ Diesinger 130th against (R) Dave Maloney:   Dave is a TEA Party darling that hates the idea of government, so let’s help him overcome that problem by retiring him from the State Assembly and restoring sanity to Harrisburg with the election of Russ Diesinger, a school teacher who can help reshape the education policy with firsthand knowledge and experience from having been there and done that.  

(D) Joe Haas against 187th against (R) Gary Day: Northeast Berks really needs better representation and Joe Haas can help provide that.  Gary has pretty much gone along with all the Republican platform of shenanigans that they’ve done in the last 2 years.  We need change in Harrisburg, Gary has to go!

(I) Dante Picciano 124th against (R) Jerry Knowles: Again, it is important to bring new voices and more sensible people to Harrisburg, and Jerry Knowles pretty much followed in the shoes of David Argall and we don’t need more of the that same type of mindset in Harrisburg.  

(D) Vicki Harman 125th against (R) Mike Tobash:  Mike has been pretty much following lock step with the Republican agenda in Harrisburg and turned his back on the least of Pennsylvania by voting for the budget and bills that ended general cash assistance for the poorest Pennsylvanians.  We don’t need to support those who can’t stand up for the least among us.

(D) John Reynard 134th against (R) Ryan Mackenzie: Ryan has pretty much just been another hack for the Republican party leadership since he got elected in a special election to fill out Doug Reichley’s term.  

It is a shame that nobody is running against (D) Tom Caltigirone  or (R) Mark Gillen for their seats, because both of them more than deserve to be replaced for the shameful things they have both supported in the last few years, neither of them have earned a vote as far as I am concerned.  There aren’t many Democrats that I would single out, but Tom is one of them for how he has abandoned even his own City constituents and is willing to buy into the drastic measures introduced by the Republicans, he might as well change his registration.  

For State Senate…

(D) Judy Schwank 11th against (R) Karen Mogel: Judy is an experienced leader and knows what matters to the people of the 11th district.  She has proudly continued the legacy of the late great State Senator Mike O’Pake and it would be horrible to lose that kind of energy and enthusiasm in Harrisburg that Judy brings to the position.  Karen is a newcomer and I’m not even sure she knows where her district is, because I’ve seen signs for her scattered into Mike Folmer’s district area and he’s not even up for re-election this time around.  She was thrown into the race at the last minute somewhat and seems to be propped up by TEA Party groups and sounds like she’d support that kind of agenda from what I know thus far of her, which sadly isn’t much.  Again, we need more Democrats in Harrisburg right now to balance out Corbett’s power and Judy being there does that.

(D) Tim Seip 29th against (R) David Argall:  Argall has made a career out of politics and in some things he’s done, in the past, have been worthy goals and aims, but alas he’s tended to fall more into line with the prevailing Republican party agenda in Harrisburg and quite frankly we just can’t afford that kind of continued influence upon our state.   It is time for change and Tim Seip will bring that because he has been a state rep before and hasn’t forgotten what is important and can work to take care of the issues that really matter to us in PA as well as the district.

For those State Reps and State Senators who are in other areas, check your local paper or news websites for voter guides on who is running for each race and please strongly consider voting for the Democratic candidate, so that we can begin to bring sanity and balance back to Harrisburg.  We have to deal with Corbett for 2 more years, but we can help make that easier to bear, if we balance and check his power with a State Assembly that is solidly Democratic and can bring about more sane compromise and solutions.  

To Democrats…From Romney…With Love…

…okay, can I make it any more clear to Democrats and Democratic strategists out there…Mitt gave you all the best present possible, short of picking Sarah Palin as VP for a 2nd go-around.  

Paul Ryan = current GOP House member…already lightening rod of criticism and expresser of extreme and unpopular views…part of a failed Congress that has been doing everything it can to block America’s progress  NOW he’s also the current GOP VP running to Mittens Romney.  

It is the BEST of both worlds…Ryan the poor choice for VP because of his views, Ryan the example of the failed GOP-led House that needs flipping to put things right.  

Go after Ryan with 100% reckless abandon!  Romney put his foot finally in it and now we need to step up and make sure that it sticks!  Don’t balk at this, don’t gaffe it, just go with it and stop embracing the stupid choices of previous campaigns…go for this and it will pay huge dividends come November.  Use Paul Ryan completely against the GOP, make him the point of the spear or the battering ram.