Primary Election Endorsements

My endorsements for Tuesday’s primary election are as follows:

Supreme Court:

Ann Lazarus

Christine Donohue

David Wecht

Let’s not further politicize the court with another Seamus MCafferry type from Philly (Kevin Dougherty).

Commonwealth Court:

Mike Wojcik

I like Todd Eagen and think it’s time for a labor/worker rights attorney on this Court which hears Workmans Compensation cases but I feel Eagen is damaged goods due to his obvious campaigning before it was allowed.  The attacks upon him for that in the general election will make him unelectable.

Superior Court:

Robert Colville

I like Dubow too but voters must pick just one.

Berks County:

Commissioner:  Don Vymazal

Controller:  Sandy Graffius (Republican)

Recorder of Deeds:  Fred Sheeler

Philadelphia Mayor:  Jim Kenney

Magisterial District Judge:

(My home district in Berks County)

BK McDonough

Berks County Court of Common Pleas:

Kelly Kline

Jonathon Kurland

Montgomery County Commissioner:

Josh Shapiro

Val Arkoosh

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