The Pennsylvania Republican Party split

The latest shake up within the Pennsylvania Republican Party leadership in the legislature shows just how fragile the party is, and that there is a splintering of Republican politicos. I am talking about Jake Corman defeating Dominic Pileggi for the Senate Majority Leader position in the state Senate.

Corman’s win shows that the Republican Party is going to become harder lined. Now I can hear those going on about how the PA GOP won the Senate and the House here in Pennsylvania, and to some Republicans they may feel that the party has a right to take a hardline conservative approach to policymaking. However, the state GOP should also factor in that they no longer have a rubber stamp within the Governor’s mansion.

The fracturing of the Republican Party in Pennsylvania can be seen as good for Democrats and bad for Republicans. It shows that the state GOP is vulnerable and that not everyone is willing to get along and play nice when it comes to state Republican Party leadership wishes, which further shows that the state GOP is vulnerable and that Governor elect Wolf has a chance to get victories on certain policy agenda points since not everyone is on the Senate Majority Leader Corman band wagon. So it may be that Senator Pileggi becomes a quick ally to Governor Elect Tom Wolf.  

One thought on “The Pennsylvania Republican Party split”

  1. this split has been there for some time.  It was fortunate during the Corbett years because it helped prevent them from passing even more repressive laws than they did.  Coupled with Gov. Corbett’s inability to work with the leaders of his own Party we were spared the sort of legislation passed in places like North Carolina and Kansas.

    Corman will not have a rubber stamp in the Governors mansion after January 20th.  The question is how much might they try to pass between now and then.  He is saying that liquor “reform” and pension “reform” are off the table but who knows.  Beware when conservatives use the word “reform.”  to them it means “remove.”

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