The Republican Wave That Isn’t

Guest Column by Nick Sones

The Republican wave of 2014 is not a wave at all, and if it, which I do not believe it is, it will only help the Democratic Party in 2016. Regardless of whom the nominee is, this will ensure that a Democrat is in the Whitehouse for another eight years.  The Republican Party will do anything and everything it can to ensure that President Obama’s agenda is derailed even though his agenda has kept America safe, and the unemployment rate in September of 2014 was 5.9% (new data is unavailable from the Bureau of Labor Statistics).  That is a significant improvement since the days of George W. Bush. Going back to how this will help the Democrats in 2016, it will help the Democrats because the Republicans will try to repeal the same law that they have tried to repeal, the Affordable Health Care Act (ACA), or to Republicans, Obamacare, 50 times in the United States House. According to CNN, as of March 5 of this year, the House will now try to repeal it for a 51st time, and then the bill will go to the Senate, the Senate will do the same and it will then be sent to the President Obama where it will be vetoed. They will try to undo everything this administration has done. This helps Democrats in 2016 because it allows for the Democratic candidate to tell the American people that everything they have worked for, Obamacare, goes away if you elect a republican president. Let’s not give the GOP what they want. Let’s work to strengthen America without going into another endless war. The Democrats will play the long game, which will allow us to win in 2016 regardless of whom the candidate may be. Mark my words; there will be a Democrat in the Whitehouse come 2016, for another eight years.  

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