Fellow Americans, I Need Your Help

This is a guest column by Ed Cowan

We Americans are the largest, most-powerful democracy on a fragile planet floating in space with no one in charge, no one in politics or media talking about our most serious problems, and our morning and evening news dominated by the latest shootings, stalemated politics, ebola, and the latest news from G.B’s royal family.

I’m a writer/thinker who has been published in Australia, Europe, and the U.S., and in 2012 as one of 14 candidates, I finished second to Obama in the New Hampshire Democratic Presidential Primary.  I campaigned by passing out 650 copies of my Campaign Speech, asking the recipients to pass it on if they liked what they read, spending $680, mainly gas and copies, and winning 945 votes, an unheard of 1.39 votes per dollar spent.

That tiny slice of Democratic voters exposed to my ideas-650 people-liked what they read because I offer ideas in black and white and proposals that challenge you to come up with something better.  I don’t have the answers; I only have ideas.  Consider this trio:

1. We’re not using media, electronic communication, to it’s full potential.  We begin to do so when we ask every head of state and every national politician in every nation this question, here addressed to President Obama:

2. “Do you agree, Mr. President, that the top five problems of the planet are:

1) the nuclear-tipped arms race, number one because it is the only problem that can destroy us (with ozone coming up quickly on the outside rail) and because by solving it, we can save trillions of dollars,

2) excessive population and population growth,

3) the stagnant, self-cannibalizing, super-wasteful, wholly corporate, global, market economy,

4) disparity between the rich and poor within nations and disparity between nations. and

5) the Environment, the Master of Ceremonies Problem that never leaves us, that we solve only in degree, and if you do not agree Mr. President, what are the top five problems of the planet and where, sir, is your plan to solve them?”  

Obama may delay in answering, but if so, we could quickly find that Congressmen in both houses and other heads of state begin to answer the question, provoking the international debate we desperately need.

3.   The President can also spike the international punch bowl of nonexistence debate with this action.  We wake up one Monday morning soon to find on our TV Obama standing next to a table of 20 nuclear nosecones from American missiles.  He asks the I.A.E.A., the International Atomic Energy Association, to come to verify that they are nukes and to monitor them 24/7 before TV & www cameras until they are dismantled and placed in a repository.  Obama gives the other seven nuclear heads of state 72 hours to match his move with the same conditions and these numbers for each of the nuclear nations: Russia 20, China 6, France 4, Great Britain and Israel 2, and India and Pakistan 1 each.

What next?  I give up; what?  Again, I don’t have the answers; we do!  It’s a mighty big we, folks; the five billion adults who get it done daily-who work, raise a family, vote, and act locally-have the answers.  The professionals, experts, and enlightened politicians will do the heavy lifting, but the rest of us can vote and contribute in our own way.  It begins with you; if you like what you read, visit ed@edcowansgreatideas.com, maybe make a purchase ($5 minimum), and copy and pass on this sheet.  Thank you, Ed Cowan

Fellow Democrats: Late November 2014

Okay, we lost a mid-term election.  Because the GOP offers nothing for the common man, they are setting themselves up for a crash in 2016 if we Democrats offer a candidate with better ideas in black and white that begin to solve America’s problems.  The Democrats of New Hampshire that I handed my single-sheet Campaign Speech liked it so much that 650 copies got me 945 votes.  The American people want our problems SOLVED.  If you like what you read and want to be part of it, pass this sheet!  HAVE SPEECH; WILL TRAVEL.  EC

                                    Obama Places Twenty Nuclear Weapons on the Table

                                                                           Ed Cowan

President Obama could make a huge positive mark on human history if he appeared at dawn on a bright spring morning at Andrews Air Force Base, standing beside a table with twenty nuclear nose cones from U.S. missiles.  The following words are a suggestion of what he might say:

“Good morning.  As we welcome the sunrise of a new dawn, I would like to announce the dawn of a truly new era.  These are nuclear nosecones taken from twenty armed American missiles.   It is time to begin to eliminate the nuclear arsenals that threaten all higher life on the planet, so I ask the International Atomic Energy Agency, the IAEA, to immediately send inspectors to verify, monitor, and provide constant vigilance 24/7 as we move these nukes to Western repositories.

“Second, I respectfully demand that President Putin match my move by putting twenty strategic Russian nosecones before the cameras and request that the IAEA send inspectors to verify and monitor the Russian weapons.  Hopefully, this will be the first step of a process in which the U.S. and Russia will reduce our nuclear stockpiles to twenty nuclear weapons, ten in each nation, within six years.

“Third, China must match the superpowers with four strategic nosecones before their cameras.  France will place three before the cameras, Great Britain and Israel two, and India and Pakistan one.  All of these warheads in the eight nuclear nations musts be monitored by IAEA inspectors 24/7 and be broadcast on TV and internet channels worldwide until we develop well-regulated arms reduction.

“My fourth point: We know North Korea has a handful of nuclear weapons and that Iran wanted nuclear weapons until their 2014 change in Government.  However, as soon as the eight nuclear nations place warheads before the cameras and begin reductions with parity as the guiding principle, humanity is reducing nuclear weapons.  Then, no non-nuclear nation has a need for or right to nuclear weapons.  North Korea will dismantle their weapons, and Iran will allow entry to IAEA inspectors to monitor their nuclear activity.

“I’m confident this is the right move and the non-nuclear world will applaud loudly.  I say to everyone worldwide, ‘Let us hear from you!  The more you applaud, the more you pressure all nuclear nations to match this move by the U.S.’  Thank you; I’ll now take questions.”

    Consider the reaction internationally to Obama’s bold move, or, if he ponders for days as these ideas are discussed nationally, another nuclear head of state could act first and pressure the others to follow.  The non-nuclear world-with everything to lose and nothing to gain from nukes-will applaud loudly, pressuring the reluctant seven to follow.

By coughing up 20 each, Russia and the U.S. will be reducing only a tiny fraction of each superpower’s arsenals, and the other six nuclear nations will be reducing about 1% of their arsenals.  The numbers themselves only become very important once every nation has to reveal the exact nuclear weapons in its arsenal in later stages of disarmament.

This unprecedented step would become the most important positive develop in the sixty-nine years of the nuclear age, for once humanity starts to reduce nuclear arsenals under the watchful eyes of IAEA inspectors, everything changes for the non-nuclear nations that aspire to come nuclear nations, such as North Korea and possibly Iran.  Every nation no Earth has the right to build nuclear weapons as long as the U.S. and Russia have that right.  That is just basic cannon sense and fairness.

However, as soon as the U.S. and Russia put twenty on the table and are followed by the other nuclear nations, reducing nuclear stockpiles becomes the goal of all nuclear powers because nuclear weapons are dangerous, useless in any reasonable sense, and even suicidal.  To use them is to invite massive retaliation.  A limited nuclear war or serious nuclear terrorism is a threat to the well being of the planet, for all major rivers run into the sea.

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