News & Notes September 17, 2014

I’ve been busy since my return from New Mexico.  You’d think it was campaign season or something.

The NFL is beset by scandal involving the violent dispositions of several star players.  How is it we’re shocked that a violent game is played by violent men?  Our society celebrates their violence on the field then we’re surprised that they can’t turn it off when they’re at home.  Still, there is no excuse or apology for hitting either a woman or a child and hitting a four year old with a stick is no worse than cold cocking a woman in an elevator.  We shouldn’t need a video to be outraged by someone’s behavior.

It’s easy for misinformed people to jump to conclusions about those receiving entitlements.  The myth, for example, that folks on welfare are all drug addicts has been dispelled by expensive programs requiring them to be drug tested.  Not only do these tests violate their Fourth Amendment rights they show how very few welfare recipients actually use drugs.  Reality check:  people on welfare don’t have the money to buy drugs.  This article is by a woman on food stamps who gets pre-judged.

Tom Wolf’s ad explaining he’d pay for education by imposing an extraction tax on gas companies boils this race down to two key issues that Tom Corbett can’t counter.  One simple ad and it dooms Gov. Gasbag.

Planned Parenthood Pennsylvania PAC endorsed Wolf on Sunday.  It is spending a cool million this year on state races to remind women of Corbett’s dismal record.  Just close your eyes and vote Wolf.

Speaking of the gas industry two recent reports support fracktivists claims.  The first has been misinterpreted to say that fracking isn’t causing ground water contamination.  It says that methane is getting into water due to problems in the actual wells rather than from the explosive hydrofracturing process.  We know that half of all wells will fail at some point allowing methane to migrate into aquifers.  The fact it happens from well casing failures rather than the actual fracking is irrelevant because you cannot separate one from the other.  The other study shows the harmful health effects from fracking on people in close proximity to the gas wells.

The idea that teachers should carry guns was stupid on its face.  As we see guns going off accidentally in schools where the bad policy was enacted I have to wonder how long it’ll be until a child is killed.  This horrible idea has no place in our schools Sen. White.

Seven of the 18 most expensive colleges are here in PA.  Topping the list are Pitt and Penn State.  As state government has slashed spending on higher education year after year this burden has shifted to students saddling them with massive student debt which will cripple our economy.  Adults burdened with tons of student debt will not be buying cars, homes and major appliances.  They are doomed with debt for most of their adult lives.  This issue must be addressed if the Commonwealth is going to have a healthy future.

Misinformd Americans are everywhere.  There’s a guy at my gym who is constantly harassing me with misinformation he gets from Faux News and Rush.  This study informs us about the extent of Fox’s lies.

An example of their outright lies is this one where they blame President Obama for releasing the leader of ISIS.  Unfortunately for Fox the man was released in 2004, long before Barack Obama was President.  I think we all know who was in the Oval Office at the time.  Another is this idiot who thinks marriage equality will lead to man-dog unions.  Instead of channeling Rick Santorum this guy ought to find a brain somewhere which can actually function.  How in the world do you convert “two consenting adults” into the twisted belief that it means bestialty?

The most shameful lies being spread on Fox lately however have been the victim shaming of the young Black man murdered in Ferguson and Janay Rice, wife of football player Ray Rice.  Victim shaming seems to be Fox’s favorite sport.

The Realtor PAC has given Congressional candidate Ryan Costello $320,000 according tot he Trivedi campaign.  Given the Chester County Commissioner’s proclivity for corruption what do the realtors expect to get in return?

If you read my recent articles about pigeon shoots this news is interesting:  Comcast has rejected a commercial paid for and narrated by Bob Barker which was set to run in Harrisburg.  The commercial urging an end to these barbaric animal cruelty events was deemed “too graphic” by the television carrier.  I thought this was the whole point:  these pigeon shoots are inexcusable and all the video evidence is very graphic.

Kevin Strouse has his first commercial on the air in PA-08:

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