Hansen on the State Senate Ballot

Write-in candidate Jack Hansen received 1506 votes for the 24th State Senate District in the election may 20th.  Now certified by all three counties (Bucks, Berks and Montgomery) encompassing the District, he is an official candidate.  Obtaining ballot status this way is more difficult than going through the normal nominating petition process.  It requires 500 write-in votes instead of going door to door (in freezing weather) and simply obtaining signatures.

Bob Mensch is the incumbent Senator there and he’s a right wing mess.  Arrested a couple years ago for flashing a gun at another motorist on I-78 in Berks County in a road rage incident he showed his temper.  He didn’t think the other driver was going fast enough.  The only thing which can be fast enough about Bob mensch is the thought of him out of office.

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