Health Update

I’m sorry I haven’t been writing much lately but I’ve been dealing with various health issues and they must come first.  Two weeks ago I had a tonsillectomy and am now feeling fine following some extreme pain and discomfort.  Having a tonsil removed at my age wasn’t a walk in the park though I did get some good painkillers lol.  My type II diabetes is coming under control as I’m losing weight and changing my diet.  I’ve been going tot he gym most every day (I lost the two weeks after the surgery though) and that’s really cut into my writing time and ability to cover events.  The last two weeks the doctor forbid me from leaving town in case of bleeding so I was unable to cover some important events such as the PA-13 debate last Sunday.  Hopefully as I get in better shape and my health continues to improve things will open up a bit more.

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