Casey Supporting Nomination of Tea Partier For Federal Bench

Sen. Bob Casey is supporting the nomination of a radical Tea Party member for the federal bench in a secret deal with Sen. Pat Toomey.  David J. Porter is in the mold of a Samuel Alito and has extreme ties to right wing organizations such as The Federalist Society and the Center For Visions and Values.  The nomination would have to be approved and made by President Obama.  This can only be stopped by contacting both the White House and Senator Casey’s office.  The nomination could be announced as early as Thursday.

Keystone Progress has a petition page set up where you can also express your shock at this move.  For some reason the President has been nominating Republicans to the federal bench here in Pennsylvania.  Do you think George W. Bush nominated any liberals?  No.

Why Casey would accede to Toomey’s extreme ideological leanings is a question only he can answer.  Normally federal judicial nominations go through a state’s U.S. Senators for approval before being announced by the White House.  Casey can stop this move.

Porter has written an op ed for the Post Gazette calling for the Supreme Court to strike down the Affordable Care Act which just provided almost 15 million Americans with health care.  The Center calls for the Supreme Court to find for Hobby Lobby in the recent religious discrimination case.  Such a far reaching decision would allow companies to deny you any health care they considered offensive according to their personal religious beliefs.  In fact if you worked for a Christian Scientist you could be denied health care for any conditions at all.

The views expressed on the Center For Vision and Values are far right extremism at its worst.  David J. Porter is an extreme ideologue who isn’t fit to sit on a federal bench.

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