Blog Update

I’ve been dealing with several health issues for the past few months.  I apologize for not keeping the blog as updated as in the past but these are taxing my time.  I was diagnosed with Type II Diabetes in early December and am now on an intensive exercise/nutrition program.  The good news there is I’ve lost 15 pounds and I’m hitting the gym almost every afternoon.

The bad news is in my throat where it appears I have tonsil cancer.  I see that doctor again on Tuesday.  The worst case scenario there is having to undergo a tonsillectomy.  That’s no picnic at my age but it certainly is better than what other cancers require.  I might be laid up for a few weeks after that.

As for long term plans I’m considering ending the blog later this year following the Gubernatorial election.  This May will be ten years of doing this and that seems enough.  Perhaps I’ll dive back in for the 2016 presidential race but that would depend on the circumstances.  I do plan on keeping the blog up and active and if anyone is interested in taking it over as the primary editor/writer please contact me.

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