Christie Caught With His Hand in the Bully Jar

Fort Lee, New Jersey lies across the river from New York City and is a bedroom community for many who work in the Big Apple.  I was born and lived in Bergen County until I was eight so I have some knowledge of Jowsey.  It is home to many people of attitude and Gov. Chris Christie is just an example of that side of the Garden State.  Of course Tony Soprano was also but no one would consider electing him to statewide office.  Christie has always reminded me of the HBO gangster character.

While running for re-election last year the popular Guv was soliciting endorsements from Democratic officials.  The Mayor Fort Lee, a Dem, refused to do so.  Christie apparently retaliated by closing several lanes onto the George Washington Bridge at rush hour.  An elderly woman whose ambulance was delayed as a result of the traffic jam died when EMT’s couldn’t treat her symptoms in time.  Christie has denied all knowledge and involvement in the scandal.

Oops, now the AP has released emails and texts implicating his Deputy Chief of Staff.  Of course this scandal has had Christie’s fingerprints all over it from the start.  It’s exactly the type of political revenge in which he revels.  He also denied any of his staffers involvement in the affair until yesterday when he finally came clean when the evidence went public.  So who in the world would believe anything he says about his own involvement?

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