Guzzardi to Challenge Corbett in GOP Primary

Philadelphia area businessman Bob Guzzardi is preparing to challenge Gov. Corbett in next May’s GOP primary.  The incumbent Governor has historically low poll numbers and even his fellow Republicans think he doesn’t deserve a second term.  With at least eight Democrats vying for the possibility of toppling him Guzzardi is asking people to circulate his nominating petitions early next year.

Guzzardi has become a major player in the PA GOP after selling his 12th Street Gym in Philadelphia.  That fixture in the City’s Gayborhood became a flash point when gays began boycotting it because of Guzzardi’s conservative politics.  He solved the situation by unloading it and then began using his wealth to support various Republicans statewide.

It’ll be interesting to see if other major players and people of influence abandon the sitting Governor to back the insurgent.  That can be risky but with Corbett’s abysmal approval ratings and inability to work with fellow Republicans in Harrisburg some may decide to take the gamble.  The other sign to watch will be fund raising.  If Guzzarrdi can attract major donors away from Gov. Gasbag it could signal a sea change in support.

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