News & Notes November 22, 2013

Fifty years ago I was sitting in class (fifth or sixth grade) when news came that President Kennedy had been shot in Dallas.

Why is it that no one taught the millenial generation the magic words?  None of these young people has the capacity to say thank you when I do business with their employers.

Thanks to failed conservative economic policies poverty has been on the rise.  This report tells of it increasing in Pittsburgh’s suburbs.

Saturday Night Live had a hilarious parody of the Patriot-News’ apology for panning the Gettysburg Address 150 years ago.  Even the actor had trouble keeping a straight face.  This is must see.

As the holiday season approaches please remember not to contribute to the rabidly homophobic Salvation Army.

The House and Senate finally concurred on the transportation bill and it now sits on the Governor’s desk.  One good feature in the bill is raising of fines for violations such as running stop signs and red lights.  Now, perhaps, drivers in the Commonwealth might actually learn to drive safely rather than endanger others because the fine was so low ($25).

Voters in Albuquerque voted down an attempt to restrict women’s reproductive rights.  Reminder:  we don’t put basic rights up for vote.  I wonder what right wingers would think if we put measures on the ballot outlawing guns.

Family Dollar is the latest business to be caught in wage theft.  Shop somewhere else.

Our stupid lawmakers in Harrisburg have decided that “In God We Trust” is our national motto and should be in every public school.  Besides being a violation of the separation of church and state it isn’t actually our national motto.  That would be E Pluribus Unum.

Right wingers found another mythical thing to go batshit crazy over this week:  President Obama omitted the words “under God” from his recitation of the Gettysburg Address.  Here’s the reality:  Ken Burns asked him to do a version which didn’t include those words.

Anonymous is calling for a worldwide day of action:…

Katie McGinty has a new website going.  She’s certainly the early surprise among a large field of candidates.

An Arizona family got a lesson in how good socialism is when their home burned down.  A private, for profit fire company billed them $20,000 for responding tot he conflagration.  A public fire company actually doused the fire.

Anthony Weiner really screwed up.  If only he’d gotten arrested for cocaine instead of just doing something stupid he’d still be in Congress.

Wal-Mart got slapped upside the head for violating workers rights.  It’s about time.  An Ohio outlet is actually holding a food drive for employees so they can eat on Thanksgiving.  Hey, here’s a better plan:  pay them a living wage so they can buy their own food.

Rev. Frank Schaefer was convicted by the United Methodist Church for presiding over his son’s wedding six years ago.  He was suspended and has become a leader of parents with LGBT children.  Someone please give him a job.

Elizabeth Hasselbeck, now of Faux News, thinks ObamaCare is hurting elderly pregnant women.  She followed up that brilliant observation by claiming Oprah Winfrey was undermining racism.  I sure hope so.

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