News & Notes November 14, 2013

Gov. Gasbag is going around the state claiming that Marcellus Shale gas has created 200,000 jobs.  That’s a lie unless you add in the hookers and bartenders taking “care” of all the out of state workers living in seedy motels.  The actual count is about 28,000.  Maybe all that cash flowing into his campaign coffers from gas companies is affecting his brain.  Either that or our idiot Governor can’t do math.

A million people are shopping for health care on and about 106,000 have signed up for plans.  Thirty six states, including Pennsylvania, refused to create their own websites contributing to the overload on the federal website.  Another 400,000 have signed up under the expanded Medicaid plan, again something Gov. Gasbag has refused to set up.  That means that in the first month of ObamaCare half a million people now have coverage.

I’ve never seen Republicans so concerned about folks losing their “health insurance.”  Of course what most of them have are health scams which don’t actually cover anything.  I have Medicare which completely covered my colonoscopy this week.  Perhaps we should cash in on this new found concern and pass Medicare For All.  Catch them in their hypocrisy.

My alma mater Penn State reportedly offered the presidency to war criminal Condoleezza Rice.  Shame.

Kudos to Sen. Toomey for voting for ENDA.  Many thanks to all those who called his office urging him to vote for equality.  This may be the first vote he’s cast in Washington for which I’m supportive.

State Senator Jim Ferlo has announced he won’t run for re-election next year.  Republicans effectively redistricted the liberal lion out of his seat.  Shame on them.

MontCo GOP Chair Robert Kerns is under investigation for sexual assault.

One way to try and overturn our current police state is through the courts.  Occupy Philadelphia is suing now for the unconstitutional arrest of 26 protesters two years ago.  All were acquitted.

CBS is under withering criticism for journalistic ethical lapses.  Not only did they use a phony source for their Benghazi story it turns out they have promoted his and others books on the show without disclosing they were actually promoting books published by their own publishing company.  This and other lapses bring a huge dark cloud over all of CBS’s reporting.

PoliticsPA says Allyson Schwartz is leading the Democratic Gubernatorial field at 22%.  Katie McGinty is second at 15%.  34% remain undecided though so take these numbers with a grain of salt.

Typhoon Haiyan destroyed part of the Philippines as climate change continues wreaking havoc around the world.  It’s time we ignored the morons denying this and move to make changes before we kill ourselves.

Sarah Palin thinks she knows better than African Americans what constitutes slavery.  That’s the most pathetic thing I’ve heard from a conservative in days.

The next time you’re feeling overly self important look at this video from Carl Sagan:

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